Donata Meirelles and Style Concepts

Vogue is a prominent fashion publication that has a massive audience in all different parts of the planet. It welcomed all sorts of global fashion brands to a social gathering recently, too. It threw a dinner at the home of Donata Meirelles. Who is Donata Meirelles? She’s none other than the magazine’s acclaimed style director as of now. This thrilling event took place on bustling Sao Paulo in Brazil on a pleasant Thursday evening in the springtime. Read more Donata Meirelles at

Donata Meirelles not too long ago went for a cruise in the company of another fashion power player. That power player is an individual by the name of Victor Sotocoror. Although Meirelles is at the helm of style matters for renowned Vogue magazine, Sotocoror has a position in the sector that’s just as enviable. He takes on fashion components for Vogue. The two individuals understandably have a lot to say to each other all of the time. Meirelles and Sotocoror went for a spin inside of a capacious Vogue XC60. Why exactly did they do this? The primary goal was to travel to an upcoming editorial for the magazine. The metropolis’ action-packed traffic was a major obstacle for Meirelles and Sotocoror. That didn’t stop the pair, however. They were set on enjoying a ride that was 100 percent cozy and straightforward. They had no choice but to go in the vehicle, either. That’s because their aim was to complete any and all matters that related to images for their editorial. These are two consummate professionals who are enthusiastic about getting their work done the right way no matter what.

Meirelles and Sotocoror were en route to their destination. They encountered a setback, however. There was some confusion that pertained to the ins and the outs of the vehicle. That didn’t keep them down for long. The vehicle was a sight for sore eyes. It was equipped with seats that were made out of leather that was smooth. It had a panel that was composed of wood that was straight from Scandinavia in picturesque Northern Europe. The Volvo had a contemporary touch screen that spanned nine full inches in size. It was associated with all kinds of state of the art technological elements that made it a piece of cake to utilize on a daily basis. Other things that made the Volvo stand out were pleasant design, a sizable sunroof and a large and practical trunk.


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