Doe Deere: Creator Lime Crime Cosmetics, a Business Success Story

Beauty products are something you see in the world of advertising all the time, and not often do you see a new brand hit the shelves and become popular. However, Doe Deere, a New York model and makeup artist, bucked the system a few years ago by introducing Lime Crime Cosmetics in 2008 and becoming an Internet sensation.

Deere brings business, beauty talent to women everywhere

Deere is not just another pretty face, as she is a very talented business woman, as well as being an entrepreneur and technology expert. She put together a unique and interesting product that brought women a new, more sophisticated line of makeup in a rare mix of shades and colors.

These cosmetics are created with the mission of expressing beauty, which they do remarkably well with the line of cosmetics that features rainbow colored liquid eye liners, eye shadow palettes, glitter lip gloss, loose pigments, as well as lipstick, and pastel nail polish. All of her products are considered as being trendy and fashionable.

Deere has had experience in doing many things

Deere has been a part of several industries. For instance, she recorded several songs in a band, has been a beautician, clothing designer, and is a talented business person. She has even used her cosmetics in the film industry in movies like “The Dark Crystal,” as well as the “Last Unicorn,” and the popular “The Labyrinth.” These films earned her the name of the “Unicorn Queen” for her abilities.

Her Lime Crime cosmetics are a cruelty free product line too, as she says she has low tolerance for such things. She says that the Lime Crime line of products embraces her real identity and that it stands for fantasy and romance. It has been featured in publications such as Nylon Magazine, as well as many online beauty blogs. Her product comes in pretty pink and purple packaging decorated with sparkling

Lime Crime for the young at heart

Lime Crime is a line of cosmetics for the young at heart, for the women who are still little girls at heart and who love the bright colors, and still care about unicorns, fairy tales, Rainbow Brite and Punky Brewster. In the future, Deere says she plans to expand the line of lipsticks in the Lime Crime offerings and bring women some tantalizing and unusual shades.

It will add things like sheen or perhaps a double tone for something different that may not be as loud, but will still be different and innovative for women who are daring and willing to take a fashion chance. It’s also wearable for women of multiple ethnicities too, so everyone gets the chance to experiment with Lime Crime products.

Deere says to all those aspiring beauty entrepreneurs out there that the world of beauty is a exceedingly competitive business, but that there is always lots of opportunities, and that you just have to find your own niche to be successful.

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