Diet Advice from YouTuber and Lifestyle Guru Wengie

Australian Chinese YouTuber Wengie offers some quick tips on how to easily stay on a diet with her video on diet hacks which can be seen here

Wengie emphasizes that staying on track with healthy eating will make a huge difference in making a person feel good. Wengie’s 7 Day Diet Food Plan eBook will help you stay on your diet. It has easy recipes that are quick to make with only a little preparation. In fact, this plan helped Wengie’s boyfriend lose 12 KG. The sale of the eBook donates $1.00 to charity and has currently contributed a total of $462 to Save the Children.

Are you munching on junk food because you are too lazy to cook and instead you grabbed the nearest available junk food? A quick tip for those who are lazy and are having trouble sticking to their diet is to not have junk food in the house. If you are tired or lazy and want something quick to eat then make sure to have a lot of healthy snack alternatives. In fact, the best way to stick to your diet is to not have any junk food in your house. Make sure to replace junk food in your pantry and fridge with healthy options. If you are the type of person who when tired or lazy won’t go out of their way to search for junk food outside of your house. Then you will naturally eat the healthy food and snacks that you have stocked up on. Preparing a quick snack can be as easy as cutting up some carrots and eating them with a little humus.

Wengie points out that dieters may be tempted to stock up on junk food simply because it’s on special. Try to avoid buying discounted junk food. The money you save will end up costing you when the pounds creep up.


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