Darius Fisher Makes Status Labs A Success

Darius Fisher once worked at a copywriter and a political consultant. Now, he is turning his attention towards a very interesting wing of digital marketing and public relations. Fisher is the president and co-founder of the Austin, TX-based global reputation management firm Status Labs. Anyone whose good name has been ruined and wants to clean up the search engine results will find the type of service Fisher offers to be extremely helpful.

Not too long ago, Fisher made headlines when he presented and opportunity for free damage control and crisis counseling to those who had suffered brutally via the Ashley Madison hack. When details about the members of the extra-marital affair dating site were leaked online, Fisher provided “free crisis communications advice” to people harmed by the hack. In doing so, the profile of Status Labs was raised significantly. People from all over the world were contacting Status Labs requesting services. Roughly 1,500 people in over three dozen countries have been represented by the firm.

No matter what type of reputation crisis a client suffers from, the staff at Status Labs will work tirelessly to reverse the problem. A number of careful and deliberate steps might be more than enough to help bury negative information and keep it from haunting a person’s name.

The success of Status Labs owes a great deal to the hard work of Darius Fisher. His deep understanding of how search engine optimization, public relations, image management, and digital marketing all fuse together have allowed him to make Status Labs such a solid company.

Fisher’s work has not been ignored by his contemporaries. Recently, Fisher’s name was placed on the “Innovation 50” list by PR Week. This prestigious list reflects the up and coming stars in the world of digital marketing. Considering the success of Status Labs so far, Fisher strongly deserves a place on the list.

Prophetically, Fisher has warned people not to assume that bad news, reviews, or reports published online are going to go away. None of that info is going anywhere. Only by adding new, engaging, and serious content to the web are any Google result going to change. Social media profiles and websites have to be built. Really, a lot of work must be done and the work should be handled by experts.

Darius Fisher is definitely an expert at what he does. The achievements of his company is a testament to that fact.

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