Contributions made by Attorney Dan Newlin in Providing Justice for Injury Victims

Dan Newlin is an American Lawyer who practices injury law. He is based in Orlando Florida. The personal injury lawyer is the head of Dan Newlin & Partners law firm that he co founded. Currently, the law firm has over 75 employees that constitute of experienced attorneys, former state prosecutors, certified surgeons and other employees. The firm recently set up new offices in Chicago.

Dan Newlin started his career at young age of 20 years as a law enforcement officer. He worked for the New Chicago, Indiana Fire and Police Department. He later accepted an offer from the Orange County Sherriff’s office in Orland Florida. He served there for a period of ten years and was promoted to the summit to become a Sherriff’s detective.
At Orange County, Dan Newlin worked under several police details displaying exemplary performance. He worked under the Narcotics, auto theft and fugitive divisions as a detective. Due to his dedication and commitment to his work, he was recognized by the United States Marshalls Office. He also received several other awards while working at the Orange County as a detective. Check out Dan Newlin’s page on Facebook.

The Florida State College of law accepted Dan Newlin into undertaking a law degree in the year 1997. His acceptance to law school marked the start of his journey to becoming a successful lawyer. He graduated in the year 2000. Having previous experience in law enforcement, Dan Newlin chose to pursue the category of tort law that focuses on personal injury. It is an area of law that focuses on ensuring that injured individuals get the justice that they deserve. It also ensures that the perpetrators of different wrong doings are made responsible for their actions. Injuries can be either psychological or physical and can be caused by a person, government agency or company.
Over the years that he has been in practice, Dan Newlin has won over $150 million worth of compensation to injury victims. One such case is the $100 million verdict on November 2014 in a case tried in Orange County in front of Judge Donald Myers. The verdict was made on behalf of Danielle Simpson, a 15-year-old teen who had remained in a coma since 2012 due to brain damage. She was a victim of a stray bullet from a member of a gang fleeing after a home invasion.

Dan Newlin has always been passionate in providing services to injury victims. He has made access to his firm’s services easier by starting the famous hash tag, #DAN. The hash tag is a short code that victims of injuries and accidents can call to get his services at any given time. The lawyer has acquired massive experience in representing different clients and has built a name for himself as a personal injury lawyer.

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