ClassDojo Gets Parents into the World of the Students

The student stories is a new feature that has managed to captivate tons of fans of the ClassDojo app. This is one of the most interesting apps around, and millions of people have become fans of this type of virtual environment. The communication barrier has been broken down as more people download this app. The ClassDojo app has managed to help many parents build better relationships with teachers.

The majority of people that are using these types of apps are trying to maximize their time. They may not have the opportunity to visit schools on a regular basis, but the ClassDojo has leveled the playing field. People that would not be able to visit the schools have the same opportunity to see what room mothers see when they come to the school or visits. This is the power of the ClassDojo app. It brings people together for the sake of the children.

There are a lot of features on the app that have made people look to this app as an important communications tool. When people are managing their accounts they have the ability to remove a child’s old class account. They can also change the email address for the parent accounts. Many people like to use the messaging feature to communicate in real time. This is great for parents that may have the desire to send a secure note to a teacher. People that have used Facebook messaging will not have any problems using this type of app feature to communicate. Parents really like this because the messages can only be viewed by the teachers. No other parents can view the messages.

Parents also like the fact that they can change the student’s avatar. People can also use the Friday Student Reports to view how their children are doing over the course of the week. There are things that parents are able to do without contacting the teacher directly. Feedback points can also be given to students. These are things that make the app a lot of fun for all parties that are using the app. The ClassDojo app has managed to provide the best place for parents and teachers to unite. They don’t have to worry about making time for a physical meeting. Assignments, messages and videos can be sent to the parents. This gives parents a front row city into their child’s world.
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