Classdojo: A Charismatic Communication App

ClassDojo is a communication application which provides a classroom based environment. The main aim of its development is to connect tutors, students, and parents who make use of the app to share information, pictures, and videos during school hours. By using ClassDojo, there is teamwork involved in expounding of ideas both in the classroom and in homes. Many students term ClassDojo as a cool app since the many things learned at school can be seen by their parents. The application has spread around the United States to at least 90 percent of the population in more than 180 countries. Each kid in every three has developed through this app enhancing their mindset.

The ClassDojo app primary development target was for the transformation of education in every child around the globe. For one to achieve it, the app has been developed using a plan that connects students, their parents and any tutor that is present in the class. ClassDojo believes that parents and students have the strength to create a class which is incredible. By giving people many natural, unusual ways to do things, one will experience the best results at the end. It was the relationship that was taken for its development.

ClassDojo contains more than 35 translated languages meaning it can be efficiently used for knowledge exchange in many countries. It has been of influence because 20 percent of the team is composed of teachers. ClassDojo is seen as a building palace. It is where a student gains skills and values. Through messaging using the app, it enhances communication between the management and parents at home to know about their kids’ progress.

The ClassDojo app was developed by Sam and Liam. At least 80 teachers signed up for it when the first version of the app was brought to market. After five weeks the figure raised to 12000.The process became significant when a good percentage of teachers in us were conversant with the app. ClassDojo welcomes people whose minds are education oriented to put classroom work at scale enhancing studies.


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