Christanna Bevin’s Impressive Career as a Project Management Specialist

Christanna Bevin Tubman is a certified project services manager in Brisbane Australia. She has 13 years of experience providing onsite project management services to renown Australian companies as well as private clients.

Her first project was in 2004 when she took a 6-month contract as site administrator for Stork. She facilitated the successful shutdown of Pasminco site which was under Stork. In 2004, she took the role of Cost Engineer and Contracts Administrator while contracting for UGL limited. She facilitated the shutdown of WMC Phosphate hill and also oversaw the construction of Woodside LNG4. Her specific role in Woodside was in facilitating the installation of Pipe racks, TOT, power generation and covering Sulfinol.

The big break in her career was when she went into consultation full time. This was around 2006 when her first consultancy role was that of project controls, contract support and commercial specialist. She streamlined the running of client projects through contractor reporting, change control, procurement and engineering control, client management reporting, schedule support, schedule improvements and contracting strategies. Christina also provided site recommendations to clients like Allegiance Metals and United Group Resources to the South of Australia.

Ms. Bevin has also worked for clients like Oakajee Port & Rail, Universal Energy Services, and Phu Bia Mining. At Oakajee, she was instrumental in ensuring control of cost and schedule systems, creating efficient control systems for OPR projects and ensuring these laid down controls are adhered to by liaising with the respective contractors and engineers on site.

At Universal Energy Services, she established project service functions, reviewed and updated implementation studies to ensure the design and process flow are above par; managed estimation and scheduling of contracts; and managed commissioning and construction sites in different environments. Phu Bia Mining is one of Christina’s recent clients to work on a fixed term contract. She trained and mentored the availed staff on processes, governance and system compliance. She helped identify the right raw material suppliers from China, Vietnam and Thailand. She also played an important role in selecting and deploying cost control software to site for proper costing.

Christina Bevin currently works as a project specialist consultant for clients like CS Energy and Kogan Creek Power Station. She helped formulate cost analysis procedures for coal projects run by CS Energy in Queensland. At Kogan Creek, she was the lead manager who facilitated a complete overhaul of the Power Station.


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