Chris Linkas: Understanding Markets & Investing Young

The advantages to investing in your early years are practically innumerable and can be analyzed from a number of vantage points. Key points of consideration include the ability to learn a style of technical analysis which feeds into the fact that younger generations are traditionally more tech savvy and have a world of investment information at their fingertips, not to mention the ability to undertake a higher level of risk and the magic of compounding over decades of time.

Chris Linkas, European Head of Credit since 2012, has a significant background in financial investments. He is currently based in London and heads a 20 person European Credit Group, but prior to that was based in New York City. Linkas has concentrated knowledge in the areas of commercial real estate investment and is a proponent of well-researched investing.

Young adults are at a distinct advantage when it comes to well-researched investing. Despite the notoriously existent learning curve that accompanies the practice of investing, there has never been a time in history where more knowledge was available to interested parties. Young investors can make full use of this capability (Spoke).

Trading platforms online offer an opportunity and a simultaneous source of risk for young investors. Fortunately, the younger generation has the ability to assume a higher level of risk and offset this risk with their own human capital. The term human capital is the conceptualization of the present value of wages that are expected to be earned in the future.

At the end of the road many individuals simply want to focus on the goal of retirement, but there are other reasons for saving and investing, as well mentioned by Linkas. Investing in the 20-something age range can help provide a stream of supplemental income as the years go by which can offset the inevitable twists and turns in life. Dividends and revenue streams can be a fantastic way to build in padding for such events.


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