Child Poisoning As A Result Of Detergent

Detergent pods have quickly become a convenience that many of us cannot do without. Although they re posing a threat to the health and safety of young children. The pods, and the packages that they come in are brightly colored and very attractive to young children.

Children have obviously mistaken the pods for candy or toys and have tried to ingest them. These accidental poisonings have led to mouth and throat burns, as well as seizures, and in some cases coma.

The product manufacturers have made every attempt to make the pods less prone to breaking open. Thus far, these attempts have resulted in fewer incidences of poisoning, although some cases still persist. Overall it seems that maybe the manufacturers should maybe make the containers the pods are held in less able to be open by a child, at least according to consumer Flavio and his personal use.

Consumers should be aware of this happening and take every step to aid in preventing any case of poisoning as a result of this product in their home. Convenience is one thing, but the safety of the children in the home is a more important factor than have a simple way to add detergent to the laundry.

Making sure that they are handled correctly and kept out of the reach of children is the responsibility of the consumer.

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  1. Many of the children have come out of the poisoning incident withou much harm, although some have resulted in blindness because the detergent got in their eyes. Pods are a simple and easy way to do the laundry. I would like to say that writing services can have as much of this information for them as possible.

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