Child Homelessness Rises

Homelessness is a bug problem throughout the world. What many do not realize though is that this problem is real and alive and well in America as well. The rates of homeless men and women have surged over the period of the last decade.

Many don’t realize that many of these homeless men and women also have children. In the past year, one of every 30 children experienced homelessness. That means that these children did not have a warm place to sleep, good food to eat, or shelter from the cold and rain.

The issue also goes a lot farther than these children simply being homeless. Some like Lee worry about many other things as well. Health issues and long term detriment to their psychological health can occur when they are exposed to these extreme conditions. Homeless children often do not have the means to get the right kinds of foods, and they do not usually have the proper clothing.

A key aspect that needs to be addressed when dealing with child homelessness is domestic violence. Many of the children are under the age of 6 and their mothers are typically single moms who are fleeing dangerous situations. It is not simply the aspect of domestic violence here that is alarming, it is also the human toll it take on the psyche of the child.


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