Chemical Technology for Treating Cancer

Innovative technology disrupts the treatment of cancer. What happens, in this potent therapy for cancer, is that a chemical technology destroys malevolent proteins in tumor cells rather than disables them. It is absolutely amazing how this new treatment method uses the tumor cells’ own protein to destroy the targeted proteins that drive cancer growth.

With traditional treatment, resistance results from the tumors developing ways to circumvent the drug’s effects. The tumors then continue to grow and the patient becomes sicker. Another reason for cells developing resistance with conventional drug treatment is that cancer proteins have multiple function within the cell, and traditional drugs allow protein to adapt to the drug. Cancer cells find alternate methods to continue growth.

The critical innovation in treatment is to target proteins that grow cancer cells to disintegrate. Conventional treatments target cancer proteins to be inhibited. Drugs that merely inhibit cancer growth can be replaced with drugs that degrade cancer cells, as Stephen Murray CCMP Capital points out.

Cancer is a deadly disease. Often the treatments are toxic and the patients suffer through the treatments. Those individuals who survive cancer are very lucky. It is often that the cancer was caught and treated at an early stage. Unfortunately, there are many cancer patients suffer through toxic treatments, and in the end, they die of the cancer. This innovative treatment disrupts, in a good way, the treatment and prognosis for cancer patients. There is hope on the horizon for cancer patients.

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