Charles Koch Is A Champion Of Conservative Initiatives And Worthy Causes

Koch Industries is big, and it is privately owned by two brothers. Charles and David Koch are each worth more than $34 billion and that numbers grows every year in spite of the fact that both men donate millions to causes they believe in. The Charles Koch Foundation donates millions to more than 245 universities and colleges every year. But one university seems to be the Koch favorite. George Mason University has received more than $58 million in Koch donation over the last four years, according to an article published by finance.

So why is George Mason University such a sweet spot for Charles Koch? Koch is an MIT graduate, so it’s not school spirit that motivates Koch. Some people say Koch donates big sums to George Mason because he has a say where the money goes, and that is important to him. Koch is no spring chicken, so funding a conservative institution that values what Koch values is his prime motivator.

A good example is the $10 million donation this year that went to the George Mason Law School. Koch wants the school renamed after deceased Supreme Court Justice Scalia. Another $20 million was anonymously donated to the same cause. The fat check also appeared in the George Mason bank account, and some people believe that money also came from Charles Koch.

Charles Koch is known for his pro-industry, libertarian and conservative causes. Koch has his hands in all facets of the political process, so donating to universities is another way for Mr. Koch to promote his way of thinking. But there is always someone objecting to the process that Koch uses to get his political views across to the main stream public.

Koch and his brother are known for funding conservative think tanks. Charles not only plays a part in funding think tanks, but he also creates and runs them as well. The Cato Institute, and the Mercatus Center on the campus of George Mason University are good examples of how Koch gets his messages in front of the public. His main objective is to influence and change public opinion about certain issues that may not conform to his thinking process. Americans for Prosperity is another example of Koch’s work.

But given the fact that Charles Koch donates millions every year to institutions of higher learning is enough for some people to call Koch a champion. He is a champion of education and a champion of the causes he believes in.

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