Charitable Donations Are At The Heart Of Highland Capital Management

When most individuals think of Highland Capital Management, they envision a highly efficient investment advisor registered with the SEC with an impeccable reputation. The company combined with their affiliates have management assets totaling roughly $15.4 billion. Many people do not realize how much time and donations have been committed to charity by Highland Capital Management. Read this article at Dallas News.

James Dondero and Mark Okada were the founders of Highland Capital Management in 1993. Since then the company has earned the status of one of the most experienced, and largest alternatives to credit managers in the world. The specialty of the company is in credit strategies, and this encompasses credit hedge funds, special-situation and distressed private equity, separate accounts regarding long-only funds, and CLO’s, or collateralized loan obligations.

Highland Capital Management additionally offers a wide variety of alternate investments including natural resources, long and short equities, and emerging markets. The company has built a diversified client base, and includes foundations, financial institutions, public pension plans, governments, corporations, endowments, high net-worth individuals, and fund of funds. Although the headquarters of Highland Capital Management have remained in Dallas, Texas, they maintain additional offices in numerous locations.


The community is of high importance to Highland Capital Management, and the company has invested in so much more than the financial markets. The company is proud to have invested in the communities their employees work and live in. They have made a firm commitment to make a substantial difference. This is accomplished through involvement in the advisory board, volunteering, and making financial donations to both the national nonprofit organizations and the community organizations. Since 2005, Highland Capital Management and their partners have made commitments totaling well over $10 million to organizations all across the globe. This is partially where their reputation has been established. From finances to charity, Highland Capital Management has become successful. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

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