CFO Kevin Seawright Involves His Company In Youth Outreach Program

Kevin Seawright, CFO of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, has teamed up with NewarkWorks and a few other big name organizations and public city figures to aid in a youth outreach program designed to help students gain employment over the summer. The goal of the Summer Youth Employment Plan is to provide students with a paid job over the course of six weeks. It offers on-the-job training, college readiness classes, financial literacy lessons, and empowerment lectures Seawright and his team aim to increase college graduation rates. By giving students needed information and training they hope it will help them remain in school and successfully handle their finances during their college years. This year applicants can apply online which is the first time in the program’s history this has been available, and Seawright feels this feature was a needed improvement.

Seawright’s goal is to increase the number of student jobs from the previous year. Along with the addition of opportunities Seawright dedicated much of his time to creating a tight-knit partnership with Santandar Bank and TD Bank in order to solidify well-taught and helpful classes on financial management. The program is set to run from July 5th till August 16th and all participating employers are required to pay their student employees minimum wage.

In an interview Seawright revealed he formally worked for Maryland’s largest Parks and Recreation department. During his time with Parks and Recreation he managed to distribute upwards of $50 million in city, state, and federal funding. He was then promoted to the education arena as their fiscal manager. While working for the educational sector he oversaw the building and development of schools, dealt with related infrastructure problems, and created budgets for up to $200 million annually. Seawright also worked in community development at Collington Life Care Community. There he oversaw contract agreements, managed over 500 residents, and helped collect funding for added developments and improvements to the community.

Seawright joined the Newark CECD in the summer of 2015 and was eager to help the city of Newark as best he could. Over the past 13 years Seawright’s financial expertise has benefited a variety of communities on the East Coast, and the Newark CECD will be on the receiving end of his strategic financial planning. The New Jersey based company itself steps in to accelerate the economic development of Newark by gaining, growing, and maintaining businesses in the city, and by augmenting small businesses to create more jobs. The CECD also helps create real estate developments, both residential and commercial, in order to give residents updated housing and attract new residents. By providing commercial real estate to budding businesses the CECD create a revolving circle which continues the increase in revenue for the city.  WorldClassMagazines has a cool interview with Kevin that really sheds some light on the situation.

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