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Hussain Sajwani Success Journey

Hussain Sajwani has been featured in the Forbes magazine as top ten wealthiest men in the world. He has been branded as the Donald Trump of the Middle East. And all these are attributed to his real estate business DAMAC properties. Hussain Sajwani is the founder of DAMAC properties one for the most successful development firm in Arab as well as across the globe.

The company has established luxurious hotels, residential homes as well as business rooms in Dubai, London, Kuwait, and Beirut. Hussain is always looking to expand his business and is currently working on projects to establish about 10 000 units in the DAMAC hills.

Hussain’s skills in business have proven to be exceptional since he has managed to rise even after experiencing failures. In 2008. There was a crash in the real estate industry. This crush affected many businesses, and many development companies strained in getting back to their feet. However, for Hussain the fall out made DAMAC even stronger than before.

According to, Hussain Sajwani attained a degree in economics and industrial engineering, soon after completing his studies. Hussain joined a financial institution and worked for a while. He then took the bold step and decided to quit to establish his company.

Hussain’s first business a catering company led to the emergence of DAMAC properties. While working in the catering venture, Hussain identified a gap in the hospitality sector. There was a growing need for hotels as Dubai was slowly rising to become a popular destination for tourists. It was also growing, and many business people needed a place to rest during this trip, and this triggered the construction of hotels.

From the hotels, Hussain has grown to be a key developer not only in luxurious hotels but also apartments. DAMAC property has experienced significant growth since it’s establishment and it 2017 was ranked as the fourth largest developer in Arab.

Hussain is not only recognised for his entrepreneurial ventures but also his philanthropic acts. Hussain and his company DAMAC properties have taken part in funding some organisations with feeding programs. Hussain believes in giving back to the community and bringing positive change to the less fortunate. (Reference:

Citadel Still Thiving After 25 Years

Investor Kenneth Griffin is a major player in the financial market. He’s spent more than half his life as a hedge fund manager and knows more about finance than most people have forgotten. Although he’s been wildly successful, the unfortunate trade-off is a complete lack of privacy. Your personal life is an open book. Personal hits, however, haven’t slowed him down professionally. As CEO of Citadel, Griffin has led the company back from the brink of disaster. As other investment banks fell one-by-one, Citadel stood and still stands strong.

Griffin sat down with the Wall Street Journal’s Rob Copeland to discuss the highs and lows of running a large corporation, politics and his high-profile divorce.

Griffin says in this business – or any other where you are a public figure – people are going to take pot shots. If you want to survive, you have to develop a thick skin. He says that although there are a number of allegations that have been made against him in the midst of his divorce, he prefers to take the high road and simply say that his kids are loved by both parents.

Citadel, like other investment companies, found themselves in hot water in the wake of the 2008 banking scandal. The company persevered through Griffin’s leadership and willingness to expand and rebuild. This year the company is celebrating its 25th Anniversary and bringing in new areas of technology with it.

in the realm of politics, Griffin says he’s a fence-straddler. He has often supported both Republican and Democrat candidates and tends to make his choice depending on the candidate’s ability to grasp finances. He gave money to both Democratic mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel, as well as Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner.

Griffin says some people may find it funny that he often takes people to McDonald’s to dine. “I drives them nuts,” says Griffin. He says people have a tendency to have certain views regarding how rich people live. He’s breaking that stereotype with a vengeance. Griffin says when he says “Let’s go for a walk” people know where the walk will end.

Although Griffin is not making any calls in terms of who will win the 2016 presidential nomination, there are a few candidates that have caught his eye. He likes Scott Walker because of his stance on unions in Wisconsin. He also says Marco Rubio has a compelling story. Jeb Bush is a descent candidate, but Griffin says American likely have no interest in dynasties.

Although Griffin is a billionaire, its not the money that moves him anymore. He is content with keeping Citadel on top until the bitter end. Griffin loves the work and says it keeps him growing as a person.

From 60 to 30

Today in society, it is well known that often enough the younger person will always beat the older person in anything to do with physical activity. Though this may be true, there have been many exceptions. There have even been studies going on that have proven that older athletes can be much younger then what there age has labeled them to be.

It has been found that serious older athletes may be for example 70, however their constant activity makes them more like 50. This is a true inspiration to all seniors that everyone must stay active in order to feel alive and young again.

It has been proven that those who do more aerobic fitness tend to feel more alive and young than those that do low amounts of physical activity. This is basically proven that at any age, fit people always win in look in feel when compared to those who are out of shape.

Due to this theory, scientists then went even further in developing a online calculator that will be able to determine everyone’s fitness age. This is done through a complex algorithm. One woman in particular proved the theory of scientists. A 61 year old woman went through strenuous tests to find that she actually had the fitness of a 36 year old woman, at least according to results seen by Susan McGalla. With this new discovery, scientists implore those over a certain age to get active and healthy.

Sikh Man Gets Rewarded For Helping Boy In Accident

The Sikh man who famously took off his turban a couple of weeks ago for a little boy in a car accident has gotten the biggest surprise of his whole life. Harman Singh was interviewed by the local news station in New Zealand called Qnet and the viewers and crew noticed that he had just about no furniture in his home. So, that’s when things were taken into the hands of the news station. According to an article found on reddit and written by Independent., the news crew spoke with a friend of Singh’s to make sure that he would be home at a certain time, and they came by to drop off all of the furniture including a new bed, sofas, and a coffee table.

Singh was so overwhelmed with gratitude that he started to tear up at the sight of this gift being given to him. It is always so touching to see things like this happen to people who really deserve it, because that is what really makes the spice of life. Singh argues that he is not a hero, because anyone would have done what he did in that situation but he was really glad to be there at that time to help the child out until medical attention arrived at the scene. Hopefully this will inspire other people around the globe to help out in certain scenarios when they are needed.

Bernardo Chua Receives His Honor

Even though he was barely able to get to the ceremony in Manila, Bernardo Chua was able to attend with two of his staff members to receive a Bayan award as a people’s choice in The Philippines. His company was founded over 30 years ago as Organo Gold, and he has been producing organic coffees and nutrition products for people all over Asia.

His company has gotten a great deal of press recently as it has delved into the supplements market. They produce an organic mushroom that is know for its anti-oxidant powers, and they have other supplements that people can take for their health.

When he was given the award, Chua was pleased to note that his company has remained proudly in The Philippines for all these years. He has dedicated much of his work to his home nation, and he works very hard to produce products that will help the citizens of the country. This people’s choice award is one that allows everyone to see what a wonderful product Organo Gold is. If you are not from The Philippines, you may be interested to know what they are all about, and this is the perfect time to learn about them.

Christopher Cowdray: Success In Luxury Hotel Management

Christopher Cowdray is a leader in luxury hotel management. He is currently the CEO of the Dorchester Collection, a premier hotel management company that includes The Dorchester in London, The Beverly Hills Hotel, and the Hotel Bel-air in Los Angeles. Cowdray has been in the international hotel management business for over 30 years. He knows what the customer wants from a luxury hotel. Since becoming CEO of the Dorchester Collection in 2007, he has grown the company into a world-renown luxury brand that is highly recognized around the world.

His focus is to always offer the best customer service to his clientele. He led the renovation of the luxury hotels in the collection, with attention to modernizing the luxury suites to give his customers the best experience that they expect in their stay. Extra luxury suites were often added, plus amenities, like the ballroom in the Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris, that truly set these luxury hotels apart from their competitors.

Cowdray’s approach to growing the Dorchester luxury brand is not to merely add hotels to the collection. He is very selective in adding hotels that only fit into the brand image. The strategy is not to emphasize in growing the quantity of hotels, but improving the quality. He only selects locations that are in key cities that offer attractions catering to the luxury hotel clientele.

Each hotel has its own distinct personality which makes every one of them so exclusive. Each hotel emphasizes the characteristics of the city in which it is located. The focus is to offer hotel guests a unique experience that will make their stay memorable.

Cowdray believes that the core of the brand’s success is people. Customer satisfaction is the center of his business. Any feedback from his hotel guests is taken very seriously. He wants his clientele to receive nothing but the highest quality of service that they expect from a luxury hotel. The other part of the focus on people is on Dorchester’s employees. Over ninety percent of the company’s employees are satisfied with their jobs, which is one of the highest in the industry. Employees like to work for a company that cares about people. When they are happy, they deliver better service to their customers.

Cowdray truly has a winning formula in propelling the Dorchester Collection to continuous success. Under his leadership, the Dorchester Collection will continue to remain into the forefront of the luxury hotel market.

Investing in Brasil According to Igor Cornelsen – Three Tips

Brasil is one of the next hot spots for investment in the world. Many of the experts are looking to the area to find some the best opportunities in the eighth largest economy in the world. There’s nothing like having a change in the economic climate to attract more attention to the area. Experts think that events like the World Cup and the Summer 2016 Olympic Games will have a huge impact on the local economy. If you’re looking to invest, here’s what you can expect.

1. Interact With the Locals

The best way to understand the local environment is to interact with the locals. They understand business and finance because one in four locals between the ages of 18 and 64 are entrepreneurs. What better way to find an investment opportunity than by socializing with people in the area.

2. Always Be Aware of the Rules and Regulations

Igor Cornelsen always advises investors to know all of the possible regulations related to the Brasilian market. They may have restrictive labor market rigidity, high taxes, regulatory, and pervasive bureaucracy. When you can avoid bad decisions, you’re more likely to reap huge dividends.

3. Be Aware of Foreign-Currency Restrictions

Foreign-currency transactions must be conducted by a local bank that’s aware of what the current rate has been set at by Brasil’s Central Bank. Local banks handling these transactions must be authorized to make the foreign exchange into local currency.

Investing tips with Igor Cornelsen, courtesy of CNBC, notes that Cornelsen is a knowledgeable investor that can help people with all types of investments in Brasil.

FIFA President Distances Himself from Mistreated Workers in Qatar

With the FIFA World Cup set to take place in Qatar in 2020, the construction of stadiums is already underway. There are always problems and complications when gigantic soccer stadiums are built, but the issues in Qatar run deeper than that. 

Multiple stories from foreign newspapers have highlighted the mistreatment of migrant workers who are helping to build World Cup stadiums. Many of these workers pass away, get injured, or have to deal with horrible working conditions and little pay. Instead of trying to rectify that situation, the FIFA President says those workers are not his organization’s concern.

Sepp Blatter has always been outspoken when it comes to controversial issues, but his comments are crass and inappropriate. Even though FIFA does not directly employ any of the workers in Qatar, these individuals are building stadiums to stage a FIFA tournament. If they are being mistreated while working on a project for FIFA, it is the responsibility of this soccer organization to investigate the situation.

Unfortunately, the plight of impoverished migrant workers in Qatar is not an issue FIFA cares about. As long as the stadiums are completed and money flows in from corporate sponsors, the World Cup will go ahead in Qatar as planned.

Objections have been raised to hosting a Qatar World Cup due to the excessive heat, but as pointed out by Daniel Amen the abuse of workers in that country is a much better reason to stage the tournament somewhere else.

Makeup Distributor, Sephora Accused of Racism

Sephora has angered users at a special sale for its VIP customers. The brand has blocked access to this sale, for a large number of accounts whose names had an Asian sound.

The private sale offered a 20% discount and was intended for customers who spend more than $350 each year for the various brands of cosmetics.

The distributor of cosmetics has been accused of racism by many of the customers who filed complaints on its Facebook page.

Sephora responded in a statement on its website, explaining that the success of the sale had overloaded the site, and that accounts had been blocked to prevent fraud. It seems like a perfectly good excuse to Keith Mann. Sephora suspects that some customers purchase wholesale products for resale later.

“We have in some cases disabled accounts to prevent resale, a pervasive problem in the industry. As part of our commitment to protect our customers, and our brands, we have identified some accounts that take advantage of promotions offered to buy products in large quantities and then resell them in other ways.

Child Homelessness Rises

Homelessness is a bug problem throughout the world. What many do not realize though is that this problem is real and alive and well in America as well. The rates of homeless men and women have surged over the period of the last decade.

Many don’t realize that many of these homeless men and women also have children. In the past year, one of every 30 children experienced homelessness. That means that these children did not have a warm place to sleep, good food to eat, or shelter from the cold and rain.

The issue also goes a lot farther than these children simply being homeless. Some like Lee worry about many other things as well. Health issues and long term detriment to their psychological health can occur when they are exposed to these extreme conditions. Homeless children often do not have the means to get the right kinds of foods, and they do not usually have the proper clothing.

A key aspect that needs to be addressed when dealing with child homelessness is domestic violence. Many of the children are under the age of 6 and their mothers are typically single moms who are fleeing dangerous situations. It is not simply the aspect of domestic violence here that is alarming, it is also the human toll it take on the psyche of the child.