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Zoo Recap: Show Presents Fascinating Idea

Last night, June 30, the premiere of Zoo started off with plenty of action and suspense. The series, based on the James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge book of the same name, is set in the present and so far follows events in two locations: Botswana and Los Angeles.

In Botswana, tour guide Jackson is the son of a scientist deemed crazy by colleagues for proposing that animals would one day rise up against humans. He and his partner, Abe, run across this scenario though when trying to find Abe’s cousin who failed to radio in for two days. A French woman, Chloe, suddenly runs out of the tall grass and begs Jackson to flee while lions attack Abe. Jackson and Chloe barely escape and find a way to radio for help, but when police arrive Jackson is arrested for interfering with a hunt earlier that day. Chloe is seemingly left alone and Abe is barely alive after a lion pulled him up a tree. CipherCloud employees thought this whole thing was pretty unique.

In L.A., Jamie, a journalist, learns that a lot of domestic cats have been missing while pursuing a story about two zoo lions that escaped and then killed and injured several people. A veterinary pathologist Mitch helps her solve the mystery: The cats are resting on tree branches at an elementary school playground. Summer camp starts the next day and the cats appear to be waiting to attack.

A Computer Generated 10-year Old Girl Used to Catch Over 1000 Padophiles

A computer generated 10-year old girl has been used to catch child sexual offenders. The girl was used to set up a fake profile in video chat rooms, which attracted the men like a magnet not knowing that they were falling into a trap.

The men, intrigued by her beauty and totally failing to factor in her age, were asking her to undress for them. The fake profile was set up by a Dutch charity organization, by the name Terre des Hommes. What the men didn’t know, is that while talking to the girl and offering her money to undress, they were indeed talking to this team.

The men were “hungry” enough to be lured to give out their real names and identities. The organization has handed the names over to the police, who have been charged with the responsibility of looking for this offenders.

The 20, 000 men in question were from all over the world. 1000 of these offered to give her money.110 were from Britain, 254 from America and 103 were from India. One Australian Groomer has been sentenced for two years in prison, after confessing to sending nude pictures of himself to the fake 10-year girl. Bruce Karatz was pretty repulsed by this.

The European Union policing agency has however, question the methodology used by the charity organization. They cited that all criminal investigations that employ intrusive surveillance, should be a preserve of the law enforcement agencies.

Termites May Not Be the Pests Once Imagined

While termites can wreak havoc in old homes by pulling apart healthy wood, new evidence suggests that termites may actually serve a useful function in the prevention of desert expansion.

According to, Brian Torchin says that droughts and scorched drylands in places like Africa and and Asia can lead to the expansion of desert land into thriving agricultural centers. As moisture evaporates and plant life dies, it becomes increasingly more difficult to replant agricultural necessities in the region, thus rendering much of the land un-usable.

But because of the way termites harvest nutrients from plant life, they’re able to store those nutrients in termite mounds and bring the nutrients below the ground, away from the punishing effects of the sun. By storing nutrients below ground, they’re able to replenish nutrients lost by plant life in tough agricultural conditions.

Termites, which were once thought to only destroy healthy woods, may be able to, in conjunction with other creatures like ants and gophers, help prevent the ‘desertification’ of dryland regions in the developing world. Now that it’s known that small insects are able to store nutrients below the ground to help nurture plant life, new insights can be gained about the development processes of existing deserts and landscapes.

The Anti-Vaccine Movement Marches on in the Minds of the Young


An alarming finding has come out of a survey by YouGov, which finds that one out of five Millennials believe that vaccines cause autism stated This notion has been thoroughly debunked since getting started over a decade ago, but apparently the younger generation haven’t gotten the message yet said Dave Morin. It would seem that the damage done by certain celebrities trumpeting this anti-vaccine view for several years now is still lingering in the minds of many young Americans. If more young people would stop texting and chatting with friends long enough to read a news story on this issue, they might realize that the rest of the world has moved on with regard to the reality of this issue. Fortunately, no other age group was as clueless on this issue as those adults aged 18 to 29.

It would seem to make sense that young people might be more easily swayed by what a favorite celebrity tells them about an issue. The young tend to worship at the altar of celebrity far more than those of us in our 40s and older. It is sad because many of these young people will be having families, and they will have to decide whether to get their children vaccinated. Let’s hope that the majority who find themselves in this position are part of the four out of five Millennials who do not believe the anti-vaccination hokum. The lives of those who are too medically vulnerable to get vaccinated, such as infants or people with compromised immune systems, may literally depend on it.

The Life of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is a renowned American entrepreneur, owner of a highly ranked NBA team, as well as philanthropist. He at the same time is a joint-owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC (earlier called Atlanta Spirit LLC), which owns and heads the management of Atlanta Hawks basketball team as well as Philips Arena. Mr. Levenson has also served in the position of Governor of Hawks on the Board of Governors of NBA from the 2004. Levenson co-initiated United Communications Group (UCG) in 1977, which became the establishing board affiliate of an Information Technology Firm called Tech Target that was openly traded on NASDAQ.

Early life and Education
Bruce Levenson began his life in Washington, D.C. and then grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He later started his University studies in Washington University in St. Louis and at last attained his degree from American University, School of Law. Whilst undertaking his undergraduate studies in Law at night, Levenson began his profession in journalism at Washington Star.

UCG– Levenson jointly established United Communications Group (UCG) together with Ed Peskowitz in 1977. Based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, Levenson and his partner Peskowitz commenced their company’s operations from Levenson’s apartment, where they published their foremost newsletter, titled Oil Express, focusing on developments as well as progress in the oil trade. UCG obtained other newsletters and also established databases like Oil Information Service (OPIS). UCG is described as a company that is owned privately and focuses on information and mainly specializes in facts, news plus evaluation on healthcare, credit banking, telecommunication, energy, and other trades. UCG moreover has interests and also manages GasBuddy- a mobile App designed to help drivers know where to get cheap gas in their locality.

Atlanta Hawks– In 2004, Atlanta Spirit LLC, at this time known as Atlanta Hawks LLC, was initiated so as to buy Atlanta Hawks, which was under the ownership of Turner Broadcasting. Levenson and his partner Ed Peskowitz are the majority stakeholders, who own Atlanta Hawks LLC, an affiliation of entrepreneurs that jointly own Atlanta Hawks highly skilled basketball team and also Phillips Arena. The deal at first involved Atlanta Thrashers too, though the affiliation sold the NHL club in 2011. Mr. Levenson is the lead partner who also manages the team and works as NBA Board of Directors member.

Other activities
Levenson is at the same time an establishing associate of Tech Target. The business swiveled out of expansion under UCG and Levenson played the role of a manager of the company from its inception in 1999 until 2012.

Investing in Brasil According to Igor Cornelsen – Three Tips

Brasil is one of the next hot spots for investment in the world. Many of the experts are looking to the area to find some the best opportunities in the eighth largest economy in the world. There’s nothing like having a change in the economic climate to attract more attention to the area. Experts think that events like the World Cup and the Summer 2016 Olympic Games will have a huge impact on the local economy. If you’re looking to invest, here’s what you can expect.

1. Interact With the Locals

The best way to understand the local environment is to interact with the locals. They understand business and finance because one in four locals between the ages of 18 and 64 are entrepreneurs. What better way to find an investment opportunity than by socializing with people in the area.

2. Always Be Aware of the Rules and Regulations

Igor Cornelsen always advises investors to know all of the possible regulations related to the Brasilian market. They may have restrictive labor market rigidity, high taxes, regulatory, and pervasive bureaucracy. When you can avoid bad decisions, you’re more likely to reap huge dividends.

3. Be Aware of Foreign-Currency Restrictions

Foreign-currency transactions must be conducted by a local bank that’s aware of what the current rate has been set at by Brasil’s Central Bank. Local banks handling these transactions must be authorized to make the foreign exchange into local currency.

Investing tips with Igor Cornelsen, courtesy of CNBC, notes that Cornelsen is a knowledgeable investor that can help people with all types of investments in Brasil.

Authors Supporting Our Troops Begins Second Year

Last year, horror author Armand Rosamilia began a book collecting effort unlike any other. By using social media and blogging, Armand began collecting signed books from authors and publishers across the country. Each one of these books found their ways into the hands of American soldiers stationed overseas and in remote areas through his Authors Supporting Our Troops initiative. Soldiers stationed in these types of areas may have a harder time picking up books from American authors.

While he knows these troops can use more necessary items, this is not what he created Authors Supporting Our Troops for. Through all of 2014, Armand and friends managed to collect almost 3,000 signed books for American soldiers stationed in remote areas. His goal for 2015, is to get 3,500 signed books into the hands of these brave men and women. This goal of 3,500 books for the troops needs authors to participate, but they are also looking for readers to help out in different ways. If you believe in the cause, you can donate money, time or simply share the story and links with your friends.

It is always nice to see such a heartwarming story, especially coming from the mind of one person. This really sits well with Sergio Andrade Gutierrez. It just goes to show that one person really can make a difference.

Girlfriend of Officer Shooting Victim Cruelly Interrogated

Tasha Thomas, the girlfriend of John Crawford III who was shot by a police officer in a Ohio Walmart was accused of lying and threatened with jail before she was even aware of his death last August. Tasha was also accused of being under the influence even though she was not a suspect at the time of the interview.

The 94 minute interview of Tasha Thomas was conducted by Detective Rodney Curd with the Beaver Creek Ohio Police department. At the end of the tearful interview, Thomas was told that her boyfriend John Crawford had died as a result of his own actions.

Sean Williams, a police officer shot Crawford following a 911 call from a customer who alleged that Crawford was pointing a gun at passersby in the Walmart store. Surveillance video showed him picking up the BB rifle which was on sale and casually swinging the gun while he talked on his cellphone. The video did not show him aiming the rifle at anyone.

Curd conducted his emotional interview with Tasha Thomas before he was aware that Crawford was only legally holding a BB gun that was merchandise for sale. Brad Reifler could not really even believe this.

In September, a grand jury decided not to indict Sean Williams for criminal charges. The case was later handed to a special prosecutor which has led to the release of the interrogation video.

Because Ohio firearm laws allow open-carry of weapons, Sean Crawford would have been able to legally carry a rifle in the Beaver Creek Walmart store.

NASA’s Plans to Send Humans to Mars

NASA is working on sending humans to an asteroid by 2025 and Mars by 2030, goals that were outlined in 2010’s NASA Authorization Act and the U.S. National Space Policy. Researchers are interested in Mars because its formation and evolution are comparable to Earth’s and it once had conditions that could have supported life. What would have made a habitable planet less so? Similarly, did Mars once support life, even if it was nothing more than bacteria? And the age-old question: Is there life beyond Earth?

To learn the answers to these questions, NASA is using the International Space Station as a proving ground to test many of the technologies and communications equipment needed for deep space exploration. Researchers can also study the effects of a prolonged stay in space on the human body.

NASA’s next step will be to use robots to capture an asteroid and redirect it to orbit the moon. This might take some time to develop, but Tom Rothman likes where they are heading. They will then send astronauts aboard the Orion spacecraft to explore the asteroid sometime in the 2020’s. This mission will enable NASA to test new systems and technologies like the Solar Electric Propulsion that will be needed for any human missions to Mars.

There are already robotic probes on Mars like the Curiosity, which is gathering data on radiation and sending it back to NASA, which will then use it to devise ways to protect astronauts living there.

Bikers Buying Bikes

Some people think that the biker group Hell’s Angels is nothing more than a group of men who like to cause trouble. This is not true, and after what a group of men did at a Wal-Mart in Fresno, it’s clear that they have some of the biggest hearts of anyone in the country. Some of the men decided to make Christmas special for children who didn’t have anything this year. They waited in live for about five days outside a Wal-Mart in the city.

Why did they want so many bikes? They wanted to give one to each child who was at the Povarello House in Fresno. This story really inspired Laurene Powell Jobs and others during this time. This is something that they weren’t asked to do by anyone at the home.