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Leading Research & Treatment of Cancer at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America in collaboration with NantHealth have developed a clinical decision support solution referred to as the Clinical Pathways. The program assists in informing people about the cancer treatment process, while on the other hand reducing unnecessary interference with the physicians’ workflow. It was built by a cross-section of all the oncologists across the nation, with attention given to the care of patients living with cancer.

The Clinical Pathways have a range of options and helps eliminate the chances of guesswork. It is customized under the CTCA Standard guidelines of care and provides the best format for patients with options that are efficient and effective. The system also integrates the latest research solutions in cancer treatment and other complimentary therapies. The oncologists work on some care protocols. The options include:
 Comparing the treatment alternatives and the respective costs
 Computer data entry through the simple tapping on the screen
 Access to referenced guidelines, procedures, drug prescriptions and much more

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network of up to five hospitals. The headquarters of all the five hospitals are in Boca Raton. The main bulk of patients served in these hospitals are cancer patients as well as cancer survivors. CTCA offers a broad range of approaches to the care and treatment of cancer patients with genomic testing, radiation, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America did not leave behind the emotional aspects of their patients. The area is specially provided for through supportive therapies designed to emotionally and physically assist the patients to manage their conditions. The program helps in managing the after-effects of treatments and medication of cancer. CTCA took the initiative to provide families with comprehensive and full information which encourages and facilitates the acquisition of the much-needed information by the health providers.

Avaaz Equals Collaboration for a Cause

Avaaz is the culmination of the individual’s effort working with others to improve the world in some way. The organization has been around a little over six years now and through their efforts, they’ve accumulated a strong following of supporters ranging in the double millions and their members span across the globe. The organization is based around petitioning and pre-organized events for specific, meaningful movements and their campaigns are created in 15 different languages and said campaigns are served by thousands of active members over 6 continents.

One of Avaaz’s strongest policies that they stand behind is valuing taking action for what you believe in. They exercise the right to involve themselves in activism activities using a number of methods. These methods include media funded campaigns, professional level petitioning, up close and personal activism, contacting and lobbying, emails, and through organizing certain offline type event protests for special cases.

Thanks to the age of digital communication, active citizens’ groups across the world no longer have to worry about building a constituency for each separate issue and in slowly building the attention for their cause that it rightly deserves. Instead, the internet has become an irreplaceable commodity for getting your message across and allowing your voice to reach the attention of the right parties.

Power of choice is up to the members of Avaaz. Supporting a truly strong point of individual say, Avaaz allows its members to participate in an all-member poll in order to decide which issues are the most important to concentrate on at any given point. These ideas are tested through such member open polls and each vote cast is equally taken into consideration towards building a solid petition or to create the right amount of buzz around the hot topics. In this way, the most important issues to the majority are discovered and Avaaz’s members can work together to achieve a lasting result.

Get the Full Story of Casio Audi

Brazilian strategic fund management is under the firm legislation of the government through its watchdog agency – the CVM or Brazilian Securities Commission. The investment industry is so competitive that without strong legislation from the government there would be a lot of unethical practices by the organizations which are struggling to dominate the field. Consequent to the atmosphere of unfair practices prevailing in the industry, the Commission of Securities recently proposed to enact tighter regulations to help investment managers, administrators, and advisors to maintain internal organizational discipline.


The three most important areas of concern to the Commission include the following policy highlights; many aspects of the current regulations controlling the behavior of fund managers will be appraised fresh, and the necessity for the procedures of obtaining transactional authority will be given prominence. Other requirements will be geared to establishing mechanisms for empowering investment fund administrators to spread the share funds which they manage equitably. Importantly, new rules for maintaining rigid internal conduct and control to facilitate information disclosure to ANBIMA or the Brazilian Association of Finance and Capital Market Entities will be streamlined. The draft also contains many changes like enactment of new risk management parameters, maintaining equity, and how to obtain permission from the Security Commission for one to become a fund manager


A result-oriented and competent fund administrator, Casio Audi strongly supports the moves by the CVM to restore the integrity of investors in the country. Mr. Audi is a forward thinker, and insightful manager who has excellent credentials in Decision Support and Controllership, Development of Growth Strategies, Resource Management, Modeling and Analysis, Financial Management and Accounting, and Investor Relations & M&A. For over 23 years he has had a successful career in both the private and public sectors. His high qualifications have made him help startups, high net-worth organizations, turn-around cases, and privately owned equity funds to succeed and to be profitable.

Goettl and their HVAC services

On an article published my, Goettl, which is a leader in providing HVAC services, provided heat for a family that lives in Las Vegas. Goettl also showed the advantages of using zone-controlled heating. Goettl Air Conditioning has its regional offices situated in Las Vegas, Tuscon, Arizona and Phoenix. The company is known for its excellent relationship with the community it serves and the international community at large. Goettl Air Conditioning has gone out of its way to make an impact on the lives of people through air condition services. The company provided a source of light/heat for a family that lives in Las Vegas during the holiday season.

The family of Abana Stephenson had been living in a house that lacked a functional air conditioning, a toilet and heat unit. Stephenson said that her two daughters who are teenagers had gotten used to this situation. The mother of the 2 girls, Stephenson stated that the girls used to go to her room to sleep or stay cool during the summer months and also to get warm during winter. After learning that this family needed help, Michael Gamst who is Goettl’s manager decided to take quick action. Alongside his team members, they put up a new air conditioning, toilet and heat unit for the Stephenson’s at no cost.

The family also received gift donations from the Goettl workers and a non-profit organization known as Triple5teens. Expressing her gratitude, Stephenson said that she was happy to know that the world still has people who care. Since Goettl was founded in 1926 by the Goettl Brothers, it has been offering HVAC services to the people of Arizona. The Goettl Brothers were Bill, John and Adam. The company which is based in Phoenix has grown over the years to become an internationally recognized leader in the evaporative coolers’ mass production.


NuoDB Is The Latet Thing For Cloud Databases

NuoDB is a database project that aims to compete with leading SQL database technologies. Since 2008, their database solution has been implemented by numerous international companies and public institutions. Kodiak, Alfa Systems and the UAE Exchange are some of their biggest customers. The co-founder Barry S. Morris is now the CEO of the company.

The project leaders first named the company NimbusDB, but later decided on NuoDB in 2011. The company had a major breakthrough after reveiving their first patent in the United States in 2012. This decision had improved venture capital investing and they had received up to $12 million in total.

NuoDB is the database of choice for many cloud based applications. Since it is compliant it with SQL standards, it is considered by many to be the new waveof SQL databases. The distributed object artitecture in particular is what attracts many cloud based developers. As more servers are added to the ditributed cluster, it will improve the overall performance of the application’s database. Edgar F. Codd’s work on databases was an inspirational part of the software concept.

The company offeres both free and paid versions of the software. The community edition is fully functional, but the paid version offers direct advanced support features.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Rollout New Treatment Platform

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are a collection of five hospitals across the nation who all have a common goal: healing and helping those with cancer. Striving to provide the best treatment options to it’s patients, the CTCA combines top-of-the-line care including genomic testing, precision treatment, surgery, radiation and chemo with supportive therapies aimed at helping patients live comfortable lives.

As stated in the article, “Cancer Treatment Centers of America® Partners with Allscripts and NantHealth to Launch Clinical Pathways, a Comprehensive and Custom Oncology Treatment Platform,” though centered in Boca Raton, Florida, the CTCA spans the entire nation from Pennsylvania to Arizona, and includes five hospitals, all with the same goal: fighting cancer and helping patients get better. Each different hospital included in the CTCA network is staffed by experts who aim to provide patients with personalized care meant to fit their needs.

This passion for helping each individual patient with personalized care has brought about some changes for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, who, through their partnership with AllScripts and NantHealth, have launched a program called Clinical Pathways, a comprehensive oncology platform that provides cancer patients with personalized care. This new platform helps the treatment process by informing doctors without interrupting the workflow of the physician, allowing them to treat patients quickly and efficiently, while still remaining on a personal, case-by-case level. This system was designed with oncologists nationwide participating in it’s creation, and aims to offer the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on the disease.

According to Wikipedia, Clinical Pathways aims to present all options that fit the patients needs, as well as helping to prevent guesswork from doctors who are barraged with new treatments, research and data. With this system, it’s easy to see that the CTCA had patients in mind with the creation of this platform, allowing them to choose their own treatment and therapy options from a list deemed safe and helpful to them, ushering in a new dawn of cancer treatment.

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Eric Pulier Is Many Things And Here Is More Info About Him

Eric Pulier is many things. For starters, he is a successful entrepreneur. He is an author and he is a philanthropist. Currently, he is based in LA, California. If you want to learn more about Pulier’s early life, education, career and other things about him, then read on.


Pulier’s Early Life And Education

Eric Pulier was raised in the state of New Jersey and he took an interest in computers at a young age. While in the fourth grade, he taught himself how to program computers and before he left high school, he launched a database computer company. In 1984, he attended Harvard University and MIT. His major was English and American literature. Harvard and MIT are two of the most renowned colleges in America, so it’s safe to say that Pulier is highly educated.



Some of the ventures Pulier has founded or played a role in finding include People Doing Things, Digital Evolution, Starbright World, Desktone, Akana, Media Platform and many others. Pulier has a lot of business experience and he knows what it takes to make a business or venture successful.


Philanthropy Efforts

The X-Price Foundation hosts competitions that are aimed at figuring out solutions to help solve the greatest challenges to humanity. Pulier sits on the board of the organization, and he donates money to numerous non-profit organizations. He is on the board of other philanthropic organizations, including the Painted Turtle.


Social Media

Pulier is active on a number of social media platforms. He posts often about business related stuff and content that relates to his interests, such as charitable efforts. Pulier can be found on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Feel free to visit Eric Pulier’s website to learn more about him, his ventures and endeavors and other information you may find useful.

All You Need to Know about the Homejoy Goes Bankrupt Article

Earlier in the month, the company that was also known as Homejoy to many people all over, actually had the bad luck of having to file for bankruptcy. Although, they filed claim only 5 months after having spoken with the clients that they had. David Hasselhoff, the guy who was very famous for his acting career, had made the decision to act in the Homejoy company’s commercials.

HandyAs one of the top companies in the industry for services to do with residential cleanings and services for the home, the Handy company had a lot to offer to their clients. Having been founded 2012, this famous company had many different places in which they held operations at, such as in Canada, the U.S. and also they held some their operations with in the United Kingdom.


The history behind the Handy company actually starts with the date the company was founded, which was in 2012. Umang Dua, Weina Scott, Ignacio Leaonhardt and Oisin Hanrahan were the names of the inventors of the Handybook company (Also known as the Handy company). The name Handybook was the first name that the Handy company was actually given, when it first went into business. The story behind how the name was invented says that the group had wanted to make a business in which their clients would all schedule or book the different services that they wanted, in the categories of handyman and cleaning services.

After a while of being in business, for around 2 years, the people who ran the Handybook company had chosen to get make some changes, and ended up changing the name to Handy. Now, the company had actually had the opportunity to make enough room for around 10,000 cleaners, who are currently working with their platform. Bookings that have been placed with the Handy company have actually shown the around 80% of the business that they are seeing is coming from people who are repeat customers. What does all of this mean? This means that the Handy company is one of the most trusted companies in the industry, and that everyone who goes there loves their service enough to want to come back again.

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Sender was Thinking of Me

Art is a fluid medium, and what people consider art always changes, but there are some enduring themes, and these themes always carry value when they are produced by artists. Additionally, these themes are present in every genre. For instance, recently there has been a return to realistic art or realism. Within realism, there is an edgy art form called hyper-realism. It is appealing because it is outside of the norm, and this edge is an enduring artistic theme.

Popular edgy artists sell well within all genres. For example, Norman Rockwell is known as an establishment artist of his day, but he had a significant watershed art piece about the civil rights movement. This work solidified Norman Rockwell into the annals of everyone’s perception of American art, and his place in it. And like Rockwell, these artist can wield the edge with impunity. Rockwell is famous for posing real models. This means that all of his work is deliberate, and the effect that it will have on the viewer is well researched and delivered.

I speak highly of Norman Rockwell because it is true, but I also speak of him in reference to contemporary art to argue with my intellectual artistic friends. Because of his depiction of themes in an illustrative method, I feel that his art is the precursor to the contemporary art movement. The influence is there even if they will not admit it, but for the same reasons, they deny his influence. However, it is not for philosophical reasons, their indifference to his influence is because they feel his style of art work subtracts from their serious admiration of the movement. They are unwilling to understand that the issues are not mutually exclusive. The fact is that he depicted everyday themes in a philosophical upbeat method even when he was plying a stone cold message. We got heated the last time we went to see some contemporary art on display. This art was part of the collection of a famous contemporary art collector.

The collector is Adam Sender, and he collected over 700 of the most iconic contemporary art pieces. The entire movement can be traced through his collection. Recently, he put them all up for auction except for the larger works. These were donated to famous museums. Sender is a famous investor, and his release put some attention back onto the genre. I like them for the same reasons that I like Norman Rockwell without all the pretension that my friends have. However, I also like many of the works that Sender released to the market, but I will never own. At least he release them to prestigious auction houses that extensively tour the pieces before placing them on the auction block.

QNet Covers A Lot Of Direct Selling Bases

QNet is trying to expand its success potential in the world of direct selling and e-commerce. To those who are new to the concept of direct selling or have no experience in the endeavor, it may seem quizzical that QNet is trying so many different strategies. Does not direct selling merely entail moving products and services away from a retail store or other location? While that may be a basic description of what direct selling’s business model is, there are a lot of other facets that a company has to become involved with.

For one, the company has to know what it is selling and who the products and/or services must be sold to. Simply releasing health products or deals on travel packages as part of a mass marketing campaign is not going to work all that well. Yes, some may choose to be affiliates and a few customer could buy but the better strategy is being more targeted. The targeting should be a combination market research followed by promotional strategies intended to reach the end user.

In India, QNet is working hard at developing very special wellness-based products and services. The belief is the “wellness niche” in India is a strong one. Hence, the products and services QNet are developing are intended to capitalize on a niche that may not have been effectively targeted by competitors.

QNet also knows the power of global branding is important to make a direct selling or e-commerce entity succeed. QNet has taken a very novel step and is working in conjunction with the Manchester City Football Club. Sports are wildly popular all throughout the world and football may be the most popular of all sports. Forming a branding and marketing partnership with the Manchester City Football Club could end up delivering major benefits for all involved. QNet definitely is going to stand apart from the crowd with this strategy.

QNet also understands that operating costs have to be brought under control in order to be successful. The manufacturing of various products has to be done in an affordable manner or else the profit margins on the items end up being weakened. The management of QNet has made a very bold decision. Basically, the company is opting to move 100% of its manufacturing to India. Since the costs of manufacturing in India are low, QNet may be able to boost profit margins well above 10%.

Qnet is also lobbying the government in India to establish better regulatory procedure for direct selling and multi-level marketing. The hope here is the Indian investment will be protected thanks to increased oversight.

Overall, QNet is doing a lot of things to increase the chances of success. Effectively running a direct marketing requires this.