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Bruno Jorge Fagali Amazing Contributions to the Brazilian law

     Bruno Jorge Fagali is a rising star in the legal fraternity in Brazil. He serves as a lawyer and corporate integrity manager in Sao Paulo. Jorge Fagali is the founder of FAGALI Advocacy, a law firm in Brazil. This company handles cases involving anti-corruption and public law. It also deals with civil liability processes, expropriation, improbity actions, and administrative actions. Jorge Fagali is experienced in administrative, compliance, ethics, urban, bidding, and regulatory law.

About Bruno Jorge Fagali

Jorge Fagali pursued degree courses at the Pontifical Catholic University and the University of Sao Paulo. He began his scholarly journey at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo where he studied a degree in law and later majored in administrative law. He then graduated with a master’s degree in state law. Since the start of his career, Jorge Fagali has strived to bring in new dimensions to the legal system. These contributions have resulted in the adoption of certain philosophies that are currently used by various attorneys.

Jorge Fagali also works with the Nova/sb, one of the fastest growing marketing firm that works with clients, such as international organizations and governments. Some of the international organization that Jorge Fagali works for include the International Labor Organization and the World Health Organization. He has been involved in various matters pertaining ethics and compliance. He recently helped set up and trained an ethics review committee. In his early years, Jorge Fagali worked as an intern at several law firms. He handled cases involving consumer law, advisory law contract, and domestic violence. He has also worked for Calil, Radi, and Associados advocacy. He is a member of various boards and associations in Brazil, such as Corporate Ethics, Effective Associate of Brazilian Institute of Law, and the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics. Jorge Fagali speaks four languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, English, and French.

James Dondero Brings Hope for a Bright Future

James Dondero, a resident of Dallas, graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in accounting and finance holding the designations of CMA, CPA, and CFA and then started his career journey. He founded Highland Capital Management Company in 1993 and is the president of the company. James has over thirty years of experience in the investing market. He worked as a credit investor and then left to start his business. Highland Capital is a top rated company in the development of the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market in offering award-winning products and solutions for both retail and institutional investors globally.

Moreover, Dondero serves as a board member of American Banknote and MGM Studios. James also works as a board of directors Chairman at Nexbank Cornerstone Healthcare and CCS Medical. Dondero worked at American Express between 1985 and a Corporate Bond Analyst and a Portfolio Manager. He started his analyst career in 1984 after being taken into the Morgan Guaranty training program. James was a Chief Investment Officer and helped to build the GIC subsidiary of protective life between 1989 and 1993. Mr. Dondero founded Nexbank Company and is the president of the company.

Mr. Dondero is an active philanthropist who has supported a vast array of organizations in Dallas. For example, Dallas residents used to travel to Africa to see hippos for the last 15 years. James and other philanthropists contributed to the reconstruction of a state-of the-art hippo outpost at the Dallas Zoo.

Dallas residents were very pleased and appreciated James Dondero’s generous act. His philanthropy acts have benefited many other organizations such as Snowball Express, SMU’s Tower Scholars Program, and Education is Freedom Charity, Uplift Education among other organizations in Dallas and worldwide.

Also, James is a board member at the Jernigan Capital, a company that directly lends and offers loans developing the community’s financial needs. James Dondero is a blessing to Dallas, from his contribution to Dallas economy to his philanthropic activities. Mr. Dondero is dedicated, determined and is successful in all his aspects benefiting Dallas residents.

Nuodb cloud technology

Noubd cloud technology is a Cambridge database company based in Massachusetts. Barry S Morrison the company founder and CEO. In 2012 the firm received 12 million dollars in venture capital. Noubd is an elastic SQL database for cloud application. Noubd database runs faster when new servers are added.The database distribute among several processors to avoid bottlenecks of data.It uses peer to peer messaging. The system was design to expand upon IBM computers.Noubd is a very great company with a lot of great investors. The system can process more than one million transaction per second. Instead of replacing hardware, the companies install more servers to keep the data running at an optimal speed.For more information and services about Noubd you can visit their website at Noudb is the company for all the latest in cloud applications. The company technology modernizes new cloud database application. For the most flexible and reliable when it comes to cloud technology Noubd is the way to go.

NuoDb Features Cloud Technology at Its Finest

The “atoms” that are featured in NuoDB comes from the different data elements being broken down into smaller parts. In return, NuoDB offers cloud database technology that combines cloud like elasticity with a long-lasting apportioned storage space, which features an arrangement of “in-memory” caches. These in-memory caches provide the support to the cloud like elasticity that makes NuoDB cloud practical application so unique. Security is not compromised, this process also ensures that all the data is taken care of and stored risk-free.

Other added bonuses are the message and objective oriented, which means the end result is a communication format that is not coexisting.
A bonus to this cloud like technology is the multiple version concurrency control better known as MVCC it uses. This zone in on the data and detects it to repair problems immediately.

The technology is developed by software company NuoDB Inc., which was founded in 2008. With almost ten years under its belt, it brings to the forefront innovative technology. Jim Starkey was the original head architect and is a renowned database veteran and has since retired in 2012. Starkey now sits as the strategic adviser to NuoDB, keeping close to the company and providing ample support.

Alexandre Gama – One Of Brazil’s Leading Entrepreneurs

     Alexandre Gama is a Bazilian Entrepreneur and Creative Professional. He was born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil on June 1, 1958. Alexandre is known for his work in the communications and advertising industry. Along with this, he is the CEO and Founder of an advertising company known as Neogama.

Alexandre graduated with a degree in Advertising and Communications from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. His career in advertising began in 1982 at an agency called Ogilvy and Mather. Alexandre worked as a Creative and Copywriter. Two years later, Alexandre joined an agency called DM9. Here he worked as a Copywriter and became the most awarded Copywriter in Brazil. In 1999, Alexandre started his own company known as Neogama. Since then, Alexandre has received a number of awards for his work in the communications and advertising industry. In 2006, he was nominated as one of the most important professionals in Brazil.

Trust Agora Financial With Your Retirement Nest Egg

Bob is going to retire soon, and he is concerned whether he has enough retirement money in his nest egg. He has money available to invest, but he’s a dentist, not a Wall Street executive or investor capital expert. How can he possibly figure out investing?

That’s where Agora Financial comes in. For people like Bob, Agora Financial helps to retain and grow their personal wealth. Agora Financial provides over 20 publications covering every single area of the market, providing 100 percent of the investment information you need to make informed investment decisions.

Agora Financial helps you find wealth by investing money in new, out-of-the-box ideas before they go mainstream, making you an early investor and big moneymaker.
Agora’s team of experts and informative pieces predicted the mortgage crisis 4 years before it happened and the spike in oil prices in 2007, and have been on the forefront of other financial disasters that blindsided worldwide market trends in the 2000s—saving Bob and many other Agora Financial readers a lot of their hard-earned 401k retirement funds.

Agora Financial is an expert market and economic company offering commentary through online and print publications, e-books, documentary films and international conferences. Whether you’re new to investing or a pro, Agora Financial’s independent and unbiased analysts offer a wide spectrum of stock market trend and economics information in real-time to keep you a step ahead in the market.

Agora Financial offers readers with tips, tricks and inside information for investors to maximize earnings with most “safe-haven”investments, such as precious metals, bonds and more. It delivers information on up-and-coming companies, allowing its readers to invest in smaller companies before the stock explodes in value. Agora Financial even teaches income-boosting strategies to grow your nest egg, and steps you can take to keep it.

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Honey Birdette Further Extends Its Global Expansion

After achieving a 374 percent increase in online sales to US customers over the past year, Australian luxury lingerie brand Honey Birdette kicked off its new US e-commerce site.

Honey Birdette also made it known it is projected to increase its UK store openings from three stores to 40 by the end of next year.

The new e-commerce platform for the US,, comes less than six months after the launch of a new website.

Before the new website, American customers had to visit the intimate apparel retailer’s international website. Honey Birdette is also looking into retail openings in the US.

US customers making purchasing on the new e-commerce site will receive new collections weekly and will also receive faster and free delivery for orders more than $50, free express delivery for orders more than $100 as well as trouble-free returns and a comprehensive variety of products.

Creations range from high-end lingerie to beautiful bras, briefs and playsuits to quality bedroom accessories and luxurious massage candles.

Honey Birdette opened its first international boutique in Covent Garden, London in 2016 as well as one in Leeds’ Victoria Gate and Westfield White City. Future stores in the UK may include locations at Westfield Stratford, Newcastle, Liverpool and Leeds. The company is also looking into prospects in other worldwide locations across Europe and the United States.

In 2011 the firm announced a strategic partnership with private investment retail group, BB Retail Capital (BBRC). BBRC, which became the majority owner of the lingerie brand, believes Honey Birdette has genuine global potential.

The brand, which is owned by women and tailored to females, was founded by Eloise Monaghan in 2006. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia the privately-held firm currently has 55 stores with more than 350 employees in Australia.

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Bruce Bent II: The Backbone of Double Rock Corporation

Bruce Bent II was born in New York City and is the son of Bruce Bent senior. Bruce Bent II is a leading entrepreneur as well as the CEO of Double Rock Corporation. He is also the Vice Chairman of the firm. This is a company that is famous for providing different services and solutions. Mr. Bruce Bent II graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Northeastern.

On top of that, he has a lot of experience in the job market. He holds a membership position in the Young Presidents Organization. This is a network which brings together over 10,000 entrepreneurs around the world. He has greatly assisted financial institutions to get more viable and good financial solutions which are creative.

Bruce Bent II also foresaw the exponential progress of the Reserve and FDIC, a cash management business. Interesting to note, within a span of seventeen years, Mr. Bruce II was able to lead an orderly and successful liquidation sale of the company’s subsidiaries due to the crisis of finances the firm was facing at that time.

Mr. Bruce Bent II was previously a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization which is located at the heart of New York. He is also an environment conservation enthusiast having been on the Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson, an organization which mainly focuses on maintaining the environment by protecting the Hudson River together with its riverfront. The initiative is meant to protect both the public and also the natural resources.

Mr. Bruce Bent II has expanded the FDIC-INSURED Sweep programs and most importantly helped revolutionize the industry develop into a high-value multi-trillion-dollar industry. His great Innovation and entrepreneurship skills have been one of the key driving attributes that have helped revolutionize the financial service industry as a whole.

He also has several patents which are linked to his name. This innovation phenomenon has been recognized as the strong foundation for the Double Rock Companies. These include firms such as Access Control Advantage LLC., which is in the retirement market as well as the Island Intellectual Property LLC., that deals in patent licensing industry. Bruce Bent II efficiently has expanded the financial service industry to a greater level.

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Leading Research & Treatment of Cancer at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America in collaboration with NantHealth have developed a clinical decision support solution referred to as the Clinical Pathways. The program assists in informing people about the cancer treatment process, while on the other hand reducing unnecessary interference with the physicians’ workflow. It was built by a cross-section of all the oncologists across the nation, with attention given to the care of patients living with cancer.

The Clinical Pathways have a range of options and helps eliminate the chances of guesswork. It is customized under the CTCA Standard guidelines of care and provides the best format for patients with options that are efficient and effective. The system also integrates the latest research solutions in cancer treatment and other complimentary therapies. The oncologists work on some care protocols. The options include:
 Comparing the treatment alternatives and the respective costs
 Computer data entry through the simple tapping on the screen
 Access to referenced guidelines, procedures, drug prescriptions and much more

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network of up to five hospitals. The headquarters of all the five hospitals are in Boca Raton. The main bulk of patients served in these hospitals are cancer patients as well as cancer survivors. CTCA offers a broad range of approaches to the care and treatment of cancer patients with genomic testing, radiation, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America did not leave behind the emotional aspects of their patients. The area is specially provided for through supportive therapies designed to emotionally and physically assist the patients to manage their conditions. The program helps in managing the after-effects of treatments and medication of cancer. CTCA took the initiative to provide families with comprehensive and full information which encourages and facilitates the acquisition of the much-needed information by the health providers.

Avaaz Equals Collaboration for a Cause

Avaaz is the culmination of the individual’s effort working with others to improve the world in some way. The organization has been around a little over six years now and through their efforts, they’ve accumulated a strong following of supporters ranging in the double millions and their members span across the globe. The organization is based around petitioning and pre-organized events for specific, meaningful movements and their campaigns are created in 15 different languages and said campaigns are served by thousands of active members over 6 continents.

One of Avaaz’s strongest policies that they stand behind is valuing taking action for what you believe in. They exercise the right to involve themselves in activism activities using a number of methods. These methods include media funded campaigns, professional level petitioning, up close and personal activism, contacting and lobbying, emails, and through organizing certain offline type event protests for special cases.

Thanks to the age of digital communication, active citizens’ groups across the world no longer have to worry about building a constituency for each separate issue and in slowly building the attention for their cause that it rightly deserves. Instead, the internet has become an irreplaceable commodity for getting your message across and allowing your voice to reach the attention of the right parties.

Power of choice is up to the members of Avaaz. Supporting a truly strong point of individual say, Avaaz allows its members to participate in an all-member poll in order to decide which issues are the most important to concentrate on at any given point. These ideas are tested through such member open polls and each vote cast is equally taken into consideration towards building a solid petition or to create the right amount of buzz around the hot topics. In this way, the most important issues to the majority are discovered and Avaaz’s members can work together to achieve a lasting result.