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Eli Gershkovitch the craft beer specialist in Canada

Eli Gershkovitch after completing his studies in law, he began attending art classes and exploring on weekends the French Alps. It is during a trip to Germany that he visited a microbrewery, his first time ever. He was impressed by the establishment to the extent of deciding to venture into the beer brewing business.



Eli Gershkovitch found a building with a very rare steam heating system in 1995. He decided to use this system to produce steam that would be used in the brewing of beer. Given that his brew master was conversant with this technique, Eli Gershkovich set up the now historic Gastown brewpub in that building. This rare brewing design is the only one in Canada.



Various beer enthusiasts have been visiting the place to have a taste of the unconventional beers that Eli Gershkovitch serves. Steamworks Brewpub opened their brewery and taproom in 2013 at Burnaby. This showed the dedication that Eli Gershkovitch has when it comes to providing distinctively fresh and delicious craft beers. All Steamworks Brewpub craft beers continue to be brewed using the power of steam. This is the secret behind the flavor of their beers. Eli Gershkovitch offers beer packed in bottles, cans and keg barrels.

Eli Gershkovitch beer

Craft beers continue to rake in greater profits and gain popularity amongst beer consumers globally at the expense of already established brands like Budweiser. Industry experts estimate that by 2020, craft beer will contribute to 20 percent of all beer sales. The rise in demand for craft beer is unknown but it is thought that consumers now show greater appreciation for diverse beer flavors. Nowadays beer enthusiasts are keen to try new brewing methods, tastes, and flavors.



Many people view Eli Gershkovitch as an unconventional business person ( He is said to approach life with a calm attitude given his casual appearance and a huge appreciation of freedom. Eli Gershkovitch has a passion to control his own life, which is why he decided to build his own brewery, after going through law school. His over twenty year’s beer brewing experience has turned him into a master businessman. Eli Gershkovitch has created an economics backed business plan which focuses on product innovation and improvement. He is confident that robust new companies will surpass old stagnant companies.