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What The DAMAC Owner Promotes In His Business’s Culture

DAMAC Properties, an International luxury real-estate developing company, is the brainchild of Hussain Sajwani, the tenth on a long list of wealthy Arabs, also rated one of the most globally influential.

Having a company that’s delivered more than 20,000 homes makes the DAMAC owner an anomaly for his region. Having exceeded the usual amount of offerings for his area, Hussain Sajwani is eager for fresh markets. Specifically, a rising Chinese middle class has peaked the DAMAC owner’s interest. Sajwani expects to increase DAMAC’s presence in that region, having already made inroads into China, due in part to burgeoning diplomatic accord between the United Arab Emirates and China.

Although his company has benefited from the winds of political change, Sajwani attests to not being a fan of political trend-watching. He does, however, believe that corporations thrive by adjusting to change as it emerges. To meet change head on, Hussain Sajwani promotes a diversified workplace. The DAMAC owner currently employs staffing from no less than 77 distinct countries.

Sajwani also believes in and promotes creative autonomy vis a vis his teams and employees. The DAMAC owner wants employees to feel empowered to share their creative innovations. Teams are encouraged to think independently and outside the box when it comes to pursuing new ideas for development.

A recent and momentous decision for the DAMAC owner was the choice to take his corporation public, as it entailed a great deal of fiscal scrutiny with the implied promise of more scrutiny to come. Sajwani, a real estate billionaire, stands ready for the heightened transparency. A believer in the power of social media, Hussain likes the way that social media platforms can be used to keep the outside world abreast of the company’s ongoing activities, besides being an unparalleled way to promote consumer to business communication. Learn about DAMAC’s donation to the needy children.

The removal of excess barriers to unfettered growth seems to be the implicit message woven into the DAMAC owners business story and into Damac’s business culture. To those seeking DAMAC employment Sajwani asserts that all qualified comers with passion to prove themselves, allied with ambition and goals, can find a home at his company.


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