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Bringing Inmates and Families Together, One Call At A Time

When one is incarcerated, the very things we take for granted become essential to them. The simple freedom of movement, and mind are things that inmates often long for. While being incarcerate is hard, there are a few things, within security requirements of prison institutions, that can make their time behind bars easier to cope with. One of the most important of these, family. Family time and support is important to everyone, even more so for those currently serving time. Being able to maintain a relationship with loved ones serves as motivation for most inmates, helping them remain focused on returning home to their families. In fact, studies show that inmates with frequent family interactions during incarcerations, are less likely to commit violent crimes while behind bars.


Gone are the days where inmates and loved ones waited countlessly for letters and pictures. With the new age of technology, even correctional institutions are finding ways to incorporate technology into the everyday lives of inmates. Securus Technologies, a leading provider in inmate communications is leading the way in prison technology, improving communication techniques constantly, to help better serve correctional institutions and their inmates. While their roots are planted in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies current server more than 1 million inmates, and more than 3,000 state, local and federal institutions.


From traditional phone services to video and email messaging, Securus Technologies has completely transformed the inmate communications system. Because of them, inmates can virtually go home for the holidays. Through video chat, inmates and loved ones can share a more intimate visit than a simple phone call, without the trouble of traveling to the facility. We all need the support and encouragement of our loved ones to push us to be better. This opportunity for support should not be exempt to those who have made past mistakes, and the team at Securus Technologies recognizes that


Customers Are Very Happy With Securus Technologies

It was not surprising when I saw the comments on emails and formal letters that are coming in from prison and jail officials. These are for Securus Technologies and their staff. Mainly these were showering accolades on them for helping in solve cases so that the Facility becomes a safer place.



I read a few that spoke about the monitoring of phone calls. This made it easy to get information about alcohol use by inmates, or any drug use or drug selling that may be going on inside the facility. There were cases of a cellular device being smuggled into the facility. Next were calls that gave information about any threat or such other suspicious activity like money coming in the Facility. There was a talk about a past incident of shots being fired. There was information about a civilian who admitted to selling prescription drugs at a discount.



I realized that there are a number of correctional facilities that rely a lot on the technology solutions that are being offered by Securus Technologies. They express their appreciation that Securus Technologies is able to revolutionize the incarceration environment and make it safe. This way they help the jail officials to improve public safety, especially in their jurisdiction.



Even others have been highly impressed with this vision of Securus Technologies. They can do a current assessment in order to help develop the emerging capabilities. This can enable investigations and help to improve jail security. This would require investigative tools which can be combined with the aggression as well as the investigative mindset of prison officials.



Securus Technologies provides reporting data to enhance the proactive measures that can be taken by any Facility in order to monitor and deter any incidence of contraband in the facilities. The staff can conduct investigations on any complaint of harassment or any potential threat to the security or even to the community.




Securus Field Technicians Are Receiving Certifications From BICSI

Eleven field technicians from Securus Technologies are now certified with the BICSI Installer 1. The BICSI is an internationally recognized standard that certifies individuals in the telecommunications industry, and covers all installation mediums from copper wiring, to fiber optic cables and wireless technologies. Danny de Hoyos, executive vice president of Securus spoke highly of the certification program offered by BICSI. To him, these certifications show Securus’s compliance with high industry standards, and the use of a thorough training program to enhance the skills of their field workers as adding more credibility to their customers. Securus is one of the highest rated customer service telecom companies.


Securus Technologies services various prisons and detention centers across the US. The company is based in Dallas, TX and was founded back in 1986. Securus is run by CEO Rick Smith, COO Robert Pickens, and Vice Presidents Dennis Reinbold and Danny de Hoyos. Securus primarily runs the prison phone system, setting calling rates that comply with government regulations and are fair for inmates and their families. Securus offers prepay and debit options for purchasing phone minutes, or direct billing to inmates’ families or friends. Inmates also can receive voice mail.

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Securus also bought JPay, a platform by which inmates can purchase items through in-house kiosks, or electronic tablets. Items they can buy through these platforms include mp3 music and digital movies, commissary items, or they can signup for online courses or file paperwork electronically. Securus has changed how families visit inmates through their video visitation system. Instead of having to drive to a corrections facility, families can visit loved ones in their own living rooms through signing up for the video visitation service, and using a webcam. Securus also uses THREADS and Investigator Pro software to monitor inmate communications, and alert law enforcement of any immediate threats.