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End Citizens United Is Particularly Supporting Democrats

Founded on March 1st, 2015, The End Citizen United movement is a Political Action Committee financed by grassroots sponsors. The movement is dedicated to confronting disastrous issues of Citizen United and improving its campaign finance system. According to End Citizens United, the 2010 Supreme Court decision completely transformed the scope of American elections. The decision further created a legal basis for the ideology that corporations are people and made way for special interest and billionaires to spend the untraceable and unlimited amount of money in United States elections. The committee motto is ‘It Is the Time to Fight Back.’

The committee went ahead to state that there was no transparency and accountability at all in the elections. The End Citizen United mentioned billionaires like Koch brothers and other organizations that are trying to influence political power in their favor and still there more issues that the movement is concerned with.

End Citizens United emphasizes that they are united to show voters, candidates, elected officials and the media that the grassroots people are fighting back with power against the increasing influence of billionaires and wealthy organizations to buy the elections in the United States. This will be an important step to building a bigger coalition that will be working towards campaigning for financial reforms and pushing lawmakers to take necessary actions and steps.

End Citizens United mission is to end the influence of billionaires and wealthy organizations in elections and fix the rigged political system. The movement intends to this by electing officials who will engineer reforms in campaign finances during elections. Secondly, the movement will pass state ballot measures. Finally, the movement intends to elevate this issue to become a national conversation so that every citizen can be aware of the issues affecting elections. End Citizens United will also work in collaboration with finance reform champions to overturn Citizen United so that they can together bring an end to the undisclosed and unlimited money in the United States politics.

End Citizens United will achieve its mission by electing pro-reforms officials, making the issue of money in politics as a national conversation, partnering with ballot measures movements to pass pro-reforms policies in each state and utilizing grassroots membership to control political power against money in politics.

End Citizens United is particularly supporting Democrats who are leading in opposing the movement. End Citizens United emphasizes that it stands up and supports candidates who are constantly attacked by mega-donors and corporate special interests and their super PACs networks and dirty money groups. End Citizens United hopes to bring change in the Democratic Party leadership. On the other side, Republicans and independent candidates agree that there is undisclosed political spending that affects elections but Republicans are fighting the destructive Supreme Court decision in Congress.

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Charles Koch Is A Champion Of Conservative Initiatives And Worthy Causes

Koch Industries is big, and it is privately owned by two brothers. Charles and David Koch are each worth more than $34 billion and that numbers grows every year in spite of the fact that both men donate millions to causes they believe in. The Charles Koch Foundation donates millions to more than 245 universities and colleges every year. But one university seems to be the Koch favorite. George Mason University has received more than $58 million in Koch donation over the last four years, according to an article published by finance.

So why is George Mason University such a sweet spot for Charles Koch? Koch is an MIT graduate, so it’s not school spirit that motivates Koch. Some people say Koch donates big sums to George Mason because he has a say where the money goes, and that is important to him. Koch is no spring chicken, so funding a conservative institution that values what Koch values is his prime motivator.

A good example is the $10 million donation this year that went to the George Mason Law School. Koch wants the school renamed after deceased Supreme Court Justice Scalia. Another $20 million was anonymously donated to the same cause. The fat check also appeared in the George Mason bank account, and some people believe that money also came from Charles Koch.

Charles Koch is known for his pro-industry, libertarian and conservative causes. Koch has his hands in all facets of the political process, so donating to universities is another way for Mr. Koch to promote his way of thinking. But there is always someone objecting to the process that Koch uses to get his political views across to the main stream public.

Koch and his brother are known for funding conservative think tanks. Charles not only plays a part in funding think tanks, but he also creates and runs them as well. The Cato Institute, and the Mercatus Center on the campus of George Mason University are good examples of how Koch gets his messages in front of the public. His main objective is to influence and change public opinion about certain issues that may not conform to his thinking process. Americans for Prosperity is another example of Koch’s work.

But given the fact that Charles Koch donates millions every year to institutions of higher learning is enough for some people to call Koch a champion. He is a champion of education and a champion of the causes he believes in.

Four Incorrect Myths About The Koch Brothers

The names of the two billionaires, Charles and David Koch both ranked top five among the wealthiest businessmen in the US by the Forbes Magazine, 2015. They have now emerged again in the political arena. They first conspicuously appeared in 2010 after the publication of James Mayer’s article in The New Yorker, Covert Operations, which revealed their unsuccessful efforts in deployment of substantial sums of money in order to curtail Obama’s initiatives such as health and trade reforms. As far as the Democrats are concerned, Charles Koch has become a pain to deal with owing to their enormous influence which has made commentators erroneously refer to them as a ‘third political party’.

Myth 1: The Koch brothers involvement in politics aimed at bringing down Obama

It suffices to note that the involvement of Charles and David Koch in political discourse predates Obama’s ascension into presidency. It can be traced as early as 1970s when they started funding libertarian and free market thinkers and research institutions such as the Cato Institute. Again, during President George Bush’s reign, the brothers delved themselves into politics in opposition to Bush’s conservative ideologies that favored the Medicare program, a social spending drug program.

Myth 2: The Koch brothers use the Koch Network as a pet project

It is unforgivably wrong to assume that the Koch Network comprises only the two oil investors. In the search of the realization of their quest for libertarianism, they have managed to convince many wealthy conservative businessmen to fund them. They hold bi-annual Koch seminars where they teach against the democrat’s ideals. In these seminars, whose attendance has grown from a paltry 17 in 2003 to 500 in 2016, the rich attendees pledge to support their political endeavors. According to Charles Koch’s tax records, the seminars managed to raise almost $300m in 2014.

Myth 3: The Koch network operations are intended to protect the Koch Industries

The fallacy that circulates the media is to the effect that the involvement of Charles Koch in politics is intended to protect their conglomerate, The Koch Industries. It is argued that their free market ideals which criticize environmental regulation are aimed at protecting the large oil company. On the other hand, their network aims at championing policies which lead to reduced taxes and fewer governmental regulations for the benefit of all US citizens.

Myth 4: The Koch Network is a ‘secret bank’ to conservative groups

The Center for Responsive Politics recently tied the network to hundreds of conservative organizations such as Americans United for Life, the Heritage Foundation, the National Federation of Independent Business among others. The Network, however, operates through one organization, Americans for Prosperity, which uses its resources to oppose the Democrats and support the election of Republicans.

The Common Ideology Charles Koch and Bernie Sanders Share

The elimination of economic inequality ought to be prioritized by every government. American politician Bernie Sanders has ideas similar to social democratic principles that emphasize the reduction of the gap between the rich and the poor. He is of the opinion that this kind of discrepancy is unethical and undesirable.

Charles Koch, a billionaire industrialist raised storm when he openly endorsed the ideas of Sanders by saying that unequal wealth distribution is an issue of moral concern. He wrote an article in the Washington Post stating that it is unfair that the burden of tax payment lies majorly on the poor and this widens the gap between them and the wealthy.

Brief History of Charles Koch

He is not only one of the most influential businessmen in the US but also a philanthropist and supporter of free-enterprise economy. A resident of Wichita Kansas, he was born in 1935 and was educated at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He heads Koch Industries, a firm founded by his father as Rock Island Oil and Refining Company. He is worth 41 billion US dollars.

Koch is a devoted supporter of the Republican Party and arranges meetings of the party’s benefactors twice every year to share ideas about how the Party can be strengthened.

How Koch’s Sentiments will Influence the 2016 Presidential Elections

In his article, Charles Koch agrees with the ideas of Sanders about the unequal distribution of resources between the rich and the poor. Questions still abound as to whether his sentiments are genuine. Traditionally, Republicans and Democrats have had opposing views on almost all issues. The rich, represented by Koch and co. are always seen to be leaning towards the Republicans while the poor, represented by Sanders and co. tend to lean towards the Democrats.

Many analysts feel his thoughts will influence the course of the 2016 presidential elections. It portrays the Republicans as having compassion towards the poor and given chance, they can help alleviate them from abject poverty by lowering taxes imposed on them. This could win them the support of moderates and non-partisan voters. Democrats however see this as being a defeatist notion because it is the rich who implement policies that favor them, leaving out the poor. They are therefore bound to oppose any rule enacted to tax them more and relieve the tax burden from the poor.