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Dr. Walden. A Plastic Surgeon Review

Dr. Walden is a popular plastic surgeon based out of Austin, Texas. She has been practicing plastic surgery for about eight years and she has grown her business so significantly that she is sought after for mainly women who want to change a certain part of there body. As she said it in her own words. “I mainly focus on cosmetic surgery including breast augmentations, face-lifts, rhinoplasty, and eyelid lifts.”

One of the things that her clients do like best from her services is her professionalism. Her clients appreciate how she takes care of her patients and Dr. Walden does not judge on their bodies. Dr. Walden often try to relate to her patients because she pointed out that she was in the same situation that her patients have been through. She said “you could say I have empathy for my patients, not just sympathy. I’ve also gone through many of the same experiences my patients have.” Instagram Photos.

Currently, Dr. Walden now lives in Austin, Texas with her two sons after seven and a half years in Manhattan, New York. Her concern was that shes afraid she may not have any clients to perform surgery on. All of her patients go to New York which is a mecca for doctors to perform plastic surgery. Austin is also not as big on plastic surgery as much as Houston or Dallas. However, she wants to be closer to home to be with her family even if she made the sacrifice on not filling her surgery schedule. Dr. Walden is a very successful surgeon who is placed as a role model for future women is plastic surgery. She is emphatic, caring and strong-willed. She even motivated herself to co-write a book called Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.