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Stream Cares: Helping the Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey is one of the strongest and most monumental disasters that has happened in Dallas, Texas. It is certainly a force of nature that cannot be averted and it has caused so much destruction, damage and casualties that should be foreseen when facing a natural calamity like Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Harvey has left a lot of families, individuals and pets with almost nothing to work with, they are left without a home, and some family members arose from the disaster with an incomplete family. In times of disaster, and in times where the community is left in a depressive state – it is certainly the time wherein camaraderie, the idea of community, and humanity should arise. It is a time where we have to forget our differences and we have to clump together and use collective action to be able to help each other. It is a time where individuals and companies who have platforms to help should help, people with strong influence should put their power to good use and companies or individuals who can shell out financial help should contribute.

One company that has rose to the situation and has initiated helping the community of Dallas post-Hurricane Harvey is Stream Cares. Stream Cares is a branch of Stream Energy that was solely focused on helping the community of Dallas in alleviating homelessness, feeding the hungry and clothing the people who had none to protect from the environment.

Stream Energy has always been a company that had their philanthropy as one of their core thrusts – but they created Stream Cares to be a solid and tangible company that is only dedicated into helping others. Stream Cares used the money that was earned by the very successful business of Stream Energy to fund the recovery and the alleviation of the victims form Hurricane Harvey. Stream Energy via Stream Cares also personally checked on their clients and customers and has selflessly offered financial help to help them ease the burden. Stream Energy basically helped those people who have helped them as well, and they extended their help even more to the community of Dallas.

Dallas-Based Stream Energy Creates Stream Cares For Philanthropy

Stream Energy is an energy selling company based in Dallas. The company is one of those who has maintained close ties with the customers in different ways. Apart from delivery of services, the company is leveraging on the role of supporting the community in times of need as one of the ways through which the companies can maintain a good relationship with the customers. Philanthropy is one of the things that matters the most to the customer. Companies which cooperate with the community in times of need are reviewed positively by the customers. Companies have therefore been trying to grab the attention of customers in many ways, one of them being supporting philanthropy in the community.

To make philanthropic operation in the company formal, the company has created a department that will deal purposely with charitable work. “Stream Cares” is a foundation that has been created with the aim of giving the company a voice on matters that relate to the community they serve. When Hurricane Harvey affected Houston, this organization was one of those that came out to support the victims of the hurricane. Stream Energy has been giving back to the community for a long time, but now they want to make philanthropy a basic operation.

Corporates have not been paying attention to philanthropy as it has been happening in recent times. It is only recently that the company tried to make a difference in the operations of the company. For many years, this company has been trying as much as possible to support the company and now with the creation of the foundation; it will be in a better position to offer better services.

Stream Energy is among other American corporates that have been giving considerable contributions to philanthropic organizations. Stream Energy is also carrying out a program that will see homeless people in Dallas offered an opportunity to own a home. Stream Energy is also supporting Hope Supply Co., an organization that offers the clothing and food to homeless children around the globe. All these are initiatives that place the company in a better position to win the hearts of the people.

Adam Milstein Is an Avid Philanthropist And Jewish Activist

Adam Milstein is a longtime Israel activist and philanthropist who is well-known throughout the real estate industry. Adam has given various speeches and conducted interviews with several new publications over the years discussing his work and philanthropic pursuits. IdeaMensch published an interview where Adam discussed his position as Managing Partner for Hager Pacific Properties. This corporation manages hundreds of high-value properties all throughout the United States with a total value of approximately 2 billion dollars. According to Adam Milstein, the idea to work as a partner for Hager Pacific started right out of college, though he ended up working as a commercial real estate broker. Adam wanted to try and go at it by himself due to the low offers he received before and just after graduating, stating people didn’t appreciate his experience and knowledge in life as of yet. Read more about Adam Milstein at The Jerusalem Post.

Adam Milstein is widely known throughout the Jewish community as an Israeli activist on top of his position at Hager Pacific. On top of this, Adam also runs the Milstein Family Foundation with his wife, Gila Milstein. The Milstein’s focus through this organizations is to support the Jewish community and various organizations to strengthen the Jewish community as a whole. Today, Adam is also a co-founder of the Israeli-American Council, dedicated to improving relations and foreign policy between Israel and the U.S. Learn more at Crunchbase about Adam Milstein.

Adam Milstein has three pillars as a foundation for his philanthropic mission, which also applies to the Milstein Family Foundation. These pillars include Active Philanthropy, Life path Impact, and finally Philanthropic Syngery. Which basically translates to daily philanthropic pursuits for all members of the organization, continued support over the course of a lifetime for Jewish youth, and regular partnerships with other philanthropic organizations to increase the overall effectiveness of their projects. The Milstein Family Foundation invests in all of its projects on a personal level and all members are dedicated to supporting the community. Adam Milstein has stated he is able to juggle his successful real estate career and philanthropic projects through his daily practice of persistence and consistency towards reaching his goals.


Betsy DeVos Develops A New Way Of Educating Students In The U.S.

As an educator, I have always been interested in making sure I was aware of the latest developments in the educational options available to reform the public school system in the U.S. Betsy DeVos has become an individual I have admired for the last few years after I, myself, became concerned the public school system in America was in need of reform and was not providing the best possible educational environment for students in mainstream schools; I have slowly become a fan of Betsy DeVos before she arrived at the U.S. Department of Education in 2017 as the choice of President Donald J. Trump as the Education Secretary.Secretary DeVos has impressed me with her dedication to the development of a new way of creating a public school system every U.S. parent can be proud to have their children pass through; each public school district needs to make the decisions that provide the best environment for their students to flourish for the future.

I agree with Betsy DeVos in her view of education is an issue free from party politics as the future of each student and the nation as a whole are at stake in developing the best possible public school system. As a leader in the education reform movement, Betsy DeVos has risen to a position of power that means she can now negotiate with politicians from each end of the political spectrum and have a positive outcome for the good of all students. In my own opinion, the U.S. Secretary of Education needs to be an individual who has a long history of providing success in the public school system, which I believe Secretary DeVos has in her role as an advocate for at-risk students across the Michigan school system.

Mrs. DeVos has spent a long period of time working to develop a new system of education in her native state of Michigan, a cause I believe has developed to become a public school system highlighting the success that can be achieved by looking towards a modern, digital educational culture. There are a number of areas where I agree with Secretary DeVos about the direction the educational landscape is moving in the 21st century, including the development of new digital aspects of education moving students away from being stranded in a traditional classroom that may not provide them with the best possible educational opportunities. I have closely monitored the success achieved by Betsy DeVos in terms of the establishment of new opportunities offered through the West Michigan Aviation Academy charter school that has become a flagship trades based school with an eye of establishing a new industrial sector in the coming decades.