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Jason Hope

Born in Tempe, Arizona, graduate of Arizona State University and the W.P. Carey School of Business, Jason Hope is a forward thinking entrepreneur and philanthropist with great interests in automation and smart technologies, as well as anti-aging biotechnology.

In 2010 he donated a half million dollars to Senseonics (SENS) Holdings Research Foundation. In an interview, Jason Hope stated that he compelled to donate to SENS due to the foundation’s highly innovative work toward curing diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, that cause the degeneration of the human body and mind. His donations have helped SENS continue their anti-aging research and even build an entire research laboratory.

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Jason Hope is also an author at Tech.Co. and has written many articles about the way the human race has embraced an relies on smart technology and the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things is the technology that allows many things, such as smart phones, computers and GPS systems, to sync together and share information. Jason Hope believes this technology has and will continue to change the way we go about our daily lives. He believes it is absolutely necessary for all businesses to embrace this technology. And though it is more of a convenience present day, once all devices are able to communicate with each other, it will eventually become the standard. I can personally say that I do the majority of my shopping online an have what I need and want delivered straight to my doorstep. And, I purchase the vast majority of my entertainment in digital format.

Mr. Hope also states that the Internet of Things has already greatly reduced the waste we produce in our everyday lives, and when the human race embraces it fully, it will reduce our waste even further, improve our overall quality of life, and make our lives safer. And example he gives is the monitoring of maintenance for personal and commercial vehicles, an increase in public transportation to such an extent that it will reduce the number of vehicles on the roads, thereby reducing pollution and accidents.

A wonderful invention is the Internet of Things. And the future can only be better with it!

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Dick DeVos Never Gives Up

When it was announced that a plan was floating around to build a multipurpose sports and convention arena north of downtown Grand Rapids, Dick DeVos immediately started making phones calls to lobby against this idea.


The future CEO (1993 to 2002) of his family’s Amway Corporation was worried that this convention arena would be a detriment to Grand Rapids and the downtown area. He reminded others of the negative effect of the building of the Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills had on Detroit when the Pistons and Lions left in 1970.


Dick is married to Betsy DeVos. Both of these individuals are heirs to family fortunes and have spent much of their adult’s lives trying to change the world by changing institutions and policies. These GOP mega-donors are behind a variety of changes in state laws that affect labor and education.


Besty DeVos focuses typically on education and has successfully pushed a massive expansion of charter schools. Dick DeVos was one of the founding engineers of a 2012 law that changed Michigan from a home of organized labor to a right-to-work state. This change ensured that union membership was not a requirement of employment in the state.


When you think of Republican politics and the conservative cause, the DeVos is one of the leading names for support. However, their influence extends well beyond these agendas. Beginning in 1989, the Dick and Besty DeVos Family Foundation gave away more than $135 million to a variety of programs.


These programs include scholarships for private schools, leadership programs, policy initiatives for education reform, arts and culture, health and human services, and church. They gave the leading donation for Spectrum Health System Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids.


The 2006 construction of this hospital received $103 million and was named after Dick’s mom, Helen DeVos. She is the wife of Richard DeVos who is Dick’s dad and the co-founder of the Amway Corporation.


The DeVos couple most significant initiative is education reform. Mr. DeVos created an aviation charter high school. This high school is located at the Grand Rapids International Airport and is accessible to all Grand Rapids are high school students.


Their main goal for education reform is to ensure all children, regardless of income, have the same opportunities as the DeVos’ children. Over the years, they have succeeded in this education reform. However, they have also failed.


An example was in 2000 when voters rejected the idea of tax-funded private school vouchers for students. Dick DeVos also lost his campaign for governor shortly after this rejection. The DeVos couple does not give up.


They chose to change strategies and succeeded in twenty-four states and Washington DC offering some type of vouch for private school education.


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Stream Energy – Establishing A Department For Philanthropy

What is Stream Energy?

Stream Energy is one of the fastest growing energy suppliers in the country. The company is currently headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and they are operating in many states, especially in the New England region.

At first, Stream Energy had difficulties operating outside the state of Texas because of the rules that surround their operation. The company then decided to push for the approval of its plan to start operations in other states.

The company did not stop persuading the government that other states need affordable energy, and their application start operating outside the borders of Texas was granted.

Why did they create Stream Cares?

As the company starts building new satellite offices all over the country, news about one of the worst natural disasters that will hit the United States emerged. It was in September 2017, and millions of Americans are preparing for the destruction that will be brought by Hurricane Harvey.

As the strong storm came, many communities were flooded and washed away by the waves from the sea. Stream Energy saw the destruction caused by the storm, and they immediately created a philanthropic arm that would help the people within their community.

How does the company provide assistance to the people?

Stream Energy used Stream Cares to deliver assistance to those who were victimized by the storm. They were given food, water, clothes, blankets, medicines, and everything that they needed. The rescue team of Stream Cares was also deployed, and they helped the people who are trapped in inside their homes.

The money used for donating to charities and foundations are also being directed through Stream Cares, and they are the ones who give it to the beneficiaries. Stream Cares is a proof that its mother company really have the DNA to help the people ever since the beginning, and the energy providing company stated that they will continue to be involved in philanthropic activities that will alleviate the living condition of the people.

What are their future plans?

The company will continue to direct Stream Cares to help the public during natural disasters. They are also opening new divisions under Stream Cares that would specialize in helping different groups of people.

Max Salk work

Max Salk is an investor and a landscape photographer. He has a website called max Salk photography. A company called Morningstar that is based in Chicago give him a chance to teach finance and investment. This was right after he finished college. He says that some of the traits that a good investor should have are diligent and curiosity. He is interested in understating the way different companies and industries work and how credit operates in different business that exists in the world.

Apart from being an investor and a photographer, Max Salk works with a non-profit making organization by the name Navy SEAL Foundation which aims at raising finances meant to help the active duty SEALS together with their families. These people deserve the best as they sacrifice many things including their own families to keep the country safe. This organization, therefore, found it necessary to help them. The foundation also supports Gold Star. There are various programs that the foundation offers to help the Navy SEAL and their families. Some of the foundation programs include; counselling programs, academic scholarships, children programs, social programs that usually engages the SEAL’s families and transition support.

He studied minor in history, and this has helped him to get to know more about people and things that precede them and the effects those things have on today’s life and how they help shape a person. Some of the personal habits that make him a product and a successful person is working diligently and thoroughly. What he does best is asking questions to have enough data for his work. He says that before doing any presentation, he has with an outline that he follows. The outline is for keeping him on track and to make sure that he does not skip some important points. In case there is an issue brought about during a presentation, and he feels he does not have enough information to tackle the issue, he turns back to his back-up data and research that is usually with him.

Max Salk says that before presenting or explaining anything to people, he has to understand it and that what makes him successful.