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Ara Chackerian; A Philanthropic & Forward Thinking Leader

Ara Chackerian is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and business angel funder who is the Managing Partner of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. He specializes in early-stage health management teams. When he isn’t helping brand new healthcare companies, he is working hard as the co-founder and board member of TMS Health Solutions; a medical provider for those suffering from treatment resistant depression through transcranial magnetic stimulation.


While Ara Chackerian was in northern California building out-patient radiology centers he was presented some information regarding transcranial magnetic stimulation and its positive effect on depression. Due to its potential to work smoothly with talk therapy and psychiatric medications he felt the treatment should be easier to access. Check out



During a successful meeting with Dr. Richard Bermuda’s, a preeminent TMS thought leader, Ara Chackerian was able to understand why access was so restricted. Being a doctor in our modern healthcare system is much harder than we often give credit for. These physicians must be available to their staff and patients through the entirety of the daily shift. If there was an outpatient opportunity to provide this amazing technology it’d be easier to help more people suffering from therapy-resistant depression. Not much longer after that they were able to begin making the treatment a reality for depression patients. One thing they did different with TMS and producing out patient therapy locations; they worked hard to AVOID making it feel like a doctors office. When you enter their facilities it feels like a spa day; soothing and relaxing. All details have been enacted and placed with their patients psychiatric disorders in mind. For more details visit Crunchbase.


As Ara Chackerian continues to provide amazing treatments and care to patients with psychiatric disorders, he does so with keeping his philanthropic mind in the forefront to ensure peoples well-being is always number one.


A very brilliant piece of information provided by Ara Chackerian is “If you make a conscious effort to engage life, then ideas will come. It’s a pretty simple formula.” This thought and idea has assisted him in producing solutions to life’s problems and coming up with true resolutions for life’s hardest obstacles. With all good things in order, he has proved through his philanthropic lifestyle and positive mindset that anything can be made possible through diligence and mindfulness.


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George Soros Dedicates His Life to Philanthropy

While there are other philanthropists who are a part of the political world, George Soros knows that he is doing what he can to be the most philanthropic person. He has a lot of money and he knows that his money will be able to make things better for him so that he can try different things and so that he can make things better for all of the people who are in the different areas. He can identify with different people and he can try different things so that he will be able to make things better on his own. There have been other opportunities that he has had to make things better for people and those have been able to range from things that he knows how to do with people who are poor to things that he can do to make things better for those who are in political positions.

As The Washington Times talked about, George Soros helped the people who were in Ferguson. They were struggling with the issues that they were having and that made it easier for people to try different things. It also made it easier for them to be able to protest and see the results that would make things better for them. George Soros knew how hard it could be to try and change things and wanted people to have a chance at change so that they would be enabled to try more options with the things that they were doing. Read more about George’s life story at

Another way that George Soros helped in the time that he was working with others was by donating to the Clinton presidential campaign. He wanted to show people that he was politically active and made a lot of money so he chose to spend that money on the things that he believed in. There have been other things that he can do and he has made sure that he is doing it all the right way no matter what is going on. For George Soros to be able to try these things, he has to make sure that they are working out and that he is growing his wealth.

Politico, an online publication, told people about the things that were going on in the world of politics. They wanted people to know about the way that he was doing things so that they could see that he was doing things the right way. As a philanthropist, he knows the right way to try things and knows that helping people out is the best way to make things better. All of this is something that has made it easy for him to understand the things that were going on no matter what happened to them. Visit his profile on Twitter.

Vijay Eswaran: The Visionary Leader behind QI Group’s Success

Vijay Eswaran is a global business leader. He’s the chairman of Qi Group, a multinational company that renders various services to business. Qi group uses a platform called QNET to promote entrepreneurship. Vijay is tasked with the responsibility of overseeing property development, hospitality, logistics and business education.

Mr. Eswaran works with people from different countries. His business model involves equipping other business people with sufficient knowledge and tools to run their enterprises. Vijay’s leadership has enabled QI Group to become a top direct selling firm.

Also, thanks to his connections and expertise, the company has grown into a multi-million dollar business. Vijay Eswaran has earned several accolades, including the Internal Leader in Business Strategies Award. Read more: Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran Speaks At World Economic Forum 2016 and Vijay Eswaran – Philanthropies

As a business leader, Vijay embraces the idea of sustainability. He operates an eco-friendly business that runs on energy saving equipment. His company also observes the recycling policies. QI Group has a resort in Koh Samui called Prana Resort. The resort is powered by solar energy. The firm also owns QI’s Tower, which runs on solar energy too. Eswaran is determined to make all his establishments safe for the environment. He encourages his employees to use electric-powered cars.

Vijay Eswaran is also an esteemed speaker. He has spoken at several high-profile events, including the World Economic Forum and MIND Excellence National Convention. In most of his speeches, Eswaran focuses on the youth. He believes that young people should be offered the opportunities to earn from what they know as well as their skills. While speaking at the World Chinese Economic Forum, Vijay called upon young entrepreneurs to empower each other and work towards securing a brighter future.

In an interview with Cameron Quin, he said that the best way to succeed as a businessperson is to think like an employer –and not as an employee. Additionally, entrepreneurs should be passionate about their work. Mr. Eswaran loves to help other people so that they can succeed too. Many business owners look up to him as a mentor.

Vijay got his first degree from the London of Economics. He also has a Master’s degree. Eswaran spends a lot of his spare time with his friends and family.