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Dr. Ira Kirshenbaum: A leader in Minimally Invasive Orthopedic Surgery

The field of medicine is continuously adopting new technologies, more so the surgical department. One technique that is rapidly gaining popularity is the minimally invasive surgical technique due to the small incision and fewer recovery days. With the demand for minimally invasive surgery, surgeons such as Dr. Ira Kirshenbaum are rapidly growing in need.

Dr. Ira Kirshenbaum is a specialist in minimally invasive knee and hip replacement. Trained in Rothman Institute, for years, Dr. Ira has been a member of the American Academy of Orthopedics. He is also a member of The American Association of hip and knees surgeons. In 1994, Dr. Ira received the James A. Vohs award, a prestigious award given to doctors who exhibit quality in their line of specialism. Dr. Ira has been at the forefront of designing new technologies which erase the burden carried by patients. He is most renowned for designing a cement-less hip system.

Minimal invasive surgeries involve the use of advanced robots, which allows doctors to have a 3d view for a particular part of interest. These robotic devices have been designed to give surgeons better vision while also allowing them to have more control when carrying out surgeries. Additionally, these devices come with robotic arms which replace traditional hand movements, hence giving surgeons precise locations. All of these benefits can be achieved with incisions between one to two inches long.

There are a host of benefits to a patient who has accepted this type of surgery. One significant benefit is the size of the incision. A traditional surgery required incisions of between four to six inches; but for minimally invasive surgery, incisions are quite smaller between one and two inches. This difference in incision allows patients to move easily after the surgery. Additionally, this technique is less painful and allows patients to heal faster. After surgery, less swelling is witnessed in the area and also less invasion of the most sensitive nerves. Ultimately, patients are not required to use stronger drugs to relieve pain.

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Marc Beer’s Vast Experience With Medical Start-Up Development Offers Unique Insights

With 25 years’ of successful experience in the development of pharmaceutical, diagnostic, biotech and medical devices under his belt, a lot of people stop and listen when Marc Beer has something to say. His more than two decades on the cutting edge of creating innovative and life-saving medical devices gives him a perspective that few others in this industry can match.


Marc Beer is currently Chairman, CEO, and Co-founder of Renovia, a medical device company that makes devices designed for the treatment of pelvic disorders in women. Renovia was launched in 2016. It produces a pelvic digital health system device called leva. It offers a new way for women to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles in the privacy of their homes.


The launch of Renovia follows a string of other successful start-ups masterminded by Marc Beer. He also founded LumeNXT, a collaborative effort with Medtronic. The cooperative effort created a surgical tool that leverages the power of LED illumination. Doctors use LumeNS to light up cavernous wounds to facilitate surgical procedures. 


Some of Marc Beer’s other experience includes serving as Chairman of Minerva Neuroscience, Good Start Genetics, and ViaCell.


In a recent interview, Marc Beer said he is in a constant state of looking for new technologies with the goal of helping patients. Making medical devices and pharmaceuticals that ease pain and save lives is immensely rewarding, he said.


Industry observers have described Marc Beer’s management style as “dynamic” and “always engaged.” His work as Chief Executive Officer for ViaCell is a prime example. His aggressive approach quickly grew the payroll of ViaCell to a robust operation of more than 300 employees.


When asked what skill he considered most important for someone working in his sector, Marc Beer said knowing how to generate capital for investment is key. He said an excellent executive must be a good manager of cash flow. He said innovation is exciting and important but that it “costs money.” Attracting investors and making them feel comfortable means establishing something he calls “cashflow positivity.” 


Marc Beer said he has observed many otherwise promising start-ups falter because they reached a point where progress was stalled by lack of cash flow. “They never get to flip the binary data card,” he said.


Marc Beer is proud of the fact that he has never started a company that ended up running out of funds. The ultimate tragedy of that, he said, is not just a failed business — it means that patients who need help with illnesses may never get the care they need.


Outside of work, Marc Beer likes to spend time with his children. That includes travel destinations shared by the whole family and appreciating the many cultural and historical amenities that grace his home in Boston. Learn more:


Unflinching Dedication Of Marc Beer

A visionary with a long record of experience in the pharmaceutical industry is who Marc Beer is. Unquestionably able to navigate through difficult situations and complicated jargon, Beers has the experience to deal with both medical and pharmaceutical terms and regulations.


Mr. Beer brings 25 years of experience to the table. He has held a wide variety of positions which makes him quite able to see between the lines. This ability helps him to evaluate different medical devices in order to determine their viability for use in the medical field.


Many of the new breakthroughs brought to the public have been to make surgery safer, easier, and more efficient. Beer believes that a company should make every effort to make medical procedures safer. The devices offered by companies should also aid in lowering costs as well.


Innovations in healthcare is what Marc Beer desires to facilitate. In his many varied positions he has arrived to attain this goal. These positions have entailed development and commercialization in the biotech fields. He has also worked in pharmaceuticals, devices, and diagnostics.


Mr. Beer has experience in the sales and marketing of medical devices and pharmaceuticals. He has served as a member of the board of directors of Erytech Pharma. He was also the founding CEO of ViaCell. He also serves as the co-founder and CEO of Renovio.


In his duties with Renovo he has raised over 42 million dollars for research and development. The company concentrates on women’s health and devices that will aid in the treatment of pelvic floor issues.four new devices are presently under development.


Mr. Beer has dedicated his career to making life better for patients. He has aided in the generation of many devices that make surgeries faster, more affordable, and safer. He works with the companies that enable medical professionals to be more efficient in treating patients. Learn more:


Experience and a will to help others is what drives Marc Beer. His unflinching dedication to finding the answers to complicated issues is his driving force. A proven track record of success allows him to make the decisions that make healthcare more efficient.

Key lessons learned from Clay Hutson’s career journey.

Clay Hutson is a sound engineer, and a successful businessman in the entertainment industry, from an early age Clay, identified his passion in music. Clay recognized the only way he could make it in the entertainment world was by advancing his skills. He thus enrolled for a course in theater design, this excellent stepping stone in his career and has contributed profoundly in his career.

However, Clay’s success did not come easy; he has experienced challenges that have helped make him a better leader and business owner. Some of the critical business lessons learned from Clay Hutson’s journey include;

Invest in perfecting your skills, music is Clay’s passion, but despite this Clay has invested his time in ensuring that his knowledge and skills are added, he attended school and later on worked in different organizations. He was in charge of live tours and shows, and this gave him vast knowledge of the sector and gave him an opportunity to learn some of the ways to emerge the best.

Be confident in your work, one thing that triggered the emergence of his business was losing his job, he lost his job, but since he had perfected his skills, he was confident that though the entertainment industry was tough, he could make. Clients want to feel safe with your services so be confident.

Pay attention to detail; this is one of Clay’s greatest asset. Paying attention to detail ensures that you produce quality services as well as products. Before settling on other tasks for the day, Clay Hutson ensures that he goes through the stage and the equipment to ensure that the show runs smoothly from the beginning to the end.

As a business person, it is essential to ensure customers find quality for their money by

guaranteeing quality services clients are bound to come back for your services.

Work closely with your employees, as an employer it is important to ensure you work closely with the crew, this ensures that the entire team is working towards achieving the same goal. Each morning Clay divides roles and ensures that each crew member understands their role and are in apposition to execute the task entirely.

Dedication and hard work, to prosper in any career or business venture it is important to be dedicated, do all you can to ensure you succeed.

Clay Hutson’s career journey is a great inspiration and teaches us that when you are dedicated, you will be able to achieve anything you desire in life, Clay has managed to turn his passion into a successful career. Learn more:

Todd Lubar- President at TDL Global Ventures, LLC and Successful Mortgage Expert

Todd Lubar is a real estate entrepreneur who has worked in the industry for more than 20 years. He is the TDL Global Ventures, LLC’s president and sr. vice president of Legendary Investments serving individuals into owning their own homes. Todd Lubar has also worked in other industries such as construction industry, entertainment industry and mortgage banking. He has been among the top 25 mortgage entrepreneurs for many years. Lubar has a heart for the less fortunate in the community as is evident when he served at Charter Funding as the senior vice president. He graduated from Syracuse University with a B.A. in Speech Communication in 1995. Working in the world of credit and finance for so long made Lubar to realize that he needs to come up with an initiative that would relieve consumers rather than loans.

Relations and Accomplishments

According to Hackronym, Todd Lubar kept on building his relations with financial planners, CPA’s, real estate and insurance agents, which has enabled him to have a strong business network, essential for his success. He is vastly experienced in the mortgage business. Lubar decided to venture into a field that wasn’t entirely discovered. He established a subsidiary of the Legendary Properties, the Legendary Financial LLC, which operates as a lending end point for businesses and individuals. While in the business of mortgage banking industry, Lubar launched Charter Funding, an affiliate of First Magnus Financial Corporation, United States’ largest private mortgage companies. Todd managed to enlarge his business as a result of association on account of massive access to rich plans and products. You can visit Ideamensch to know more.


Todd has fully utilized liquidity of legendary properties to help large number of market borrowers who would have been ignored by old sources of lending. He has been part of over 7,000 transactions since the establishment of his first company. This has helped him to enhance his ability of evaluating the general risk of nearly any loan situation and to make critical decisions mainly on grounds of the present market conditions. His desire is to improve himself as a person and to be of worth to those he meets in life.

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Darius Fisher Makes Status Labs A Success

Darius Fisher once worked at a copywriter and a political consultant. Now, he is turning his attention towards a very interesting wing of digital marketing and public relations. Fisher is the president and co-founder of the Austin, TX-based global reputation management firm Status Labs. Anyone whose good name has been ruined and wants to clean up the search engine results will find the type of service Fisher offers to be extremely helpful.

Not too long ago, Fisher made headlines when he presented and opportunity for free damage control and crisis counseling to those who had suffered brutally via the Ashley Madison hack. When details about the members of the extra-marital affair dating site were leaked online, Fisher provided “free crisis communications advice” to people harmed by the hack. In doing so, the profile of Status Labs was raised significantly. People from all over the world were contacting Status Labs requesting services. Roughly 1,500 people in over three dozen countries have been represented by the firm.

No matter what type of reputation crisis a client suffers from, the staff at Status Labs will work tirelessly to reverse the problem. A number of careful and deliberate steps might be more than enough to help bury negative information and keep it from haunting a person’s name.

The success of Status Labs owes a great deal to the hard work of Darius Fisher. His deep understanding of how search engine optimization, public relations, image management, and digital marketing all fuse together have allowed him to make Status Labs such a solid company.

Fisher’s work has not been ignored by his contemporaries. Recently, Fisher’s name was placed on the “Innovation 50” list by PR Week. This prestigious list reflects the up and coming stars in the world of digital marketing. Considering the success of Status Labs so far, Fisher strongly deserves a place on the list.

Prophetically, Fisher has warned people not to assume that bad news, reviews, or reports published online are going to go away. None of that info is going anywhere. Only by adding new, engaging, and serious content to the web are any Google result going to change. Social media profiles and websites have to be built. Really, a lot of work must be done and the work should be handled by experts.

Darius Fisher is definitely an expert at what he does. The achievements of his company is a testament to that fact.