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Commonly Known as Bernardo Chua

For several years, Bernardo Chua worked for Chua Gano Excel which was originally based only in the Phillippines but has since expanded into countries all over the world. During these expansion years, Bernardo Chua moved to the U.S. to become president of U.S.A. Gano Excel. He left Gano Excel in 2008 to found ORGANO GOLD. ORGANO specializes in manufacturing and distributing coffee and other products infused with healthy ingredients from the lingzhi mushroom. It is more commonly known as the Ganoderma mushroom. This mushroom has been used in Asia for centuries for its health-giving properties.

They are usually found in densely forested areas on large trees in the more tropical regions of Asia. These mushrooms are characterized by long brown stems and orange-colored caps. The match their native environment so well that it usually takes a trained eye to spot them. But while they can be common and found in abundance, ORGANO is clear that they are very selective and use only the best. Their Lingzi-infused products are said to assist with such things as weight loss, immune system support, and increased energy levels.

Among these products are mocha, hot chocolate, green tea, red tea, and iced tea. Of all of its products, ORGANO is most proud of its coffee products. Coffee is one of the most popular beverages around the world. And of all the coffee brands available, ORGANO coffee is one of the most popular worldwide. This is thanks to the fact that it is not only world-class tasting quality but also by far the healthiest coffee you will find. In 2015 ORGANO GOLD changed its name to just ORGANO. Today, it is based in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada with operations in 45 different countries.

Organo’s products organic properties are recognized in regions and by organizations like the USDA, the EU, Japan, and China.