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Jeremy Goldstein and Corporate Governance Topics

Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney who resides and works in New York, New York in the United States at the moment. His vocation revolves around all things that pertain to the vast universe of employment law. He scored a law degree after diligently going to the School of Law that’s part of prestigious New York University. He before that time was a student at the University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois. He even went to Cornell University, an Ivy League institution that’s on the East Coast.


Goldstein had employment with a sizable legal practice that was situated in the Big Apple. That was prior to setting up a practice by himself. He was associated with all sorts of legal deals. These were associated with an abundance of sizable businesses. He even handled deals that pertained to M&As or mergers and acquisitions. He worked in conjunction with big players like Verizon Wireless, Duke Energy, the Miller Brewing Company, the Phillips Petroleum Company, Merck and even the Dow Chemical County. There were an abundance of others beyond just those.


This man has a zeal for safeguarding all of the individuals who choose to team up with him. He’s a professional who has a lot of proficiency that pertains to topics like executive compensation. He even knows a lot about corporate governance concepts of all kinds. He accommodates individuals who want to attain guidance with the assessments of non-compete agreements. He accommodates those who are trying to find guidance that pertains to coming up with fresh agreements as well.


Goldstein comprehends employment law like a champion. This law has both federal and state elements. It’s crucial for people to grasp, however, that federal laws often do not go hand in hand with non-compete agreements that are out there.


Goldstein is the consummate professional who is at the helm of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. He naturally is the practice’s namesake. The objective behind this legal practice is to give guidance to entities like compensation committees, corporations, management crews and even Chief Executive Officers. Goldstein is a lawyer who has a lot of proficiency with the guidance of CEOs and similar kinds of capable company leaders.


This painstaking individual comprehends social media platforms these days. That’s the reason that he takes the time to put a lot of energy into them week in and week out. He has a profile with a well-known social networking platform that’s called LinkedIn. He makes a point to update this profile any time he gets the rare opportunity. His aim in being on LinkedIn is to be able to network with other individuals who are part of the substantial legal realm. Goldstein is constantly hard at work.


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Finding New York City Real Estate Doesn’t Have To Take Forever With Town Residential


Here is how Town Residential helped one client find NYC property, as told on their website:

Jonathan has to move to New York City in the next month to fulfill a position that he was just offered. Jonathan works at least 50-70 hours, so he has no time to look for his new home in New York City. Jonathan had to delegate the work to someone else to find him a home in New York City, and he only has one month to do it, and a single phone call will help to solve his problem.


Jonathan made the choice to call Town Residential for several reasons. Town Residential has great relocation services for business persons, whether they have funding from the business relocating them or not. Even those who live across the country can get help from Town Residential in booking transportation to get to and from New York City to see the homes that are available. Town Residential does have a website with many of their homes on display, but not everyone has the time to check out the website.


Some people who are very busy like Jonathan will be taken directly to be shown a home when they have time, or someone must know everything they’re looking for to simply present a home to them for their consideration. Town Residential has a five-star concierge service for business persons looking to move to New York City. Not only is transportation provided, but during and after the process of finding a home the client is well taken care of. After the client moves into their new place, there will also be a follow-up by Town Residential.

Very few real estate agencies care about their clients after they have made a purchase or lease out their new home, but Town Residential is different. Not only does Town Residential do a follow-up when their clients get into their new home, but they make sure that the client has everything they need and are satisfied with their choice. Town Residential is a one-of-a-kind real estate agency, and if more agencies were like them, it’s likely that a lot more people would use real estate agencies more often.