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Steve Lesnard: Background and Achievements

Steve Lesanard is one of the persons who has significantly impacted not only in the American social but also its economic sphere in significant proportions. His achievements have made him to be among the most sought after social media influencers in the West Coast and America as a whole. Read though to find out more about him and his work.

Educational Background

Steve Lesnard went to Babson College where he graduated with a Master of Business and Entrepreneurship. Additionally, he also has a Master’s in Business Administration from the same college. Such academic qualifications are an indication that Steve Lesnard is an individual with a passion for education and is committed to the persuit of knowledge.

Career Trajectory and Milestones

Owing to his education and academic accolades, Mr. Lesnard has had the opportunity to work at various prestigious companies. Such companies were driven to seek an individual with his experience and knowledge, someone who could use his expertise to transform their organization. That company is Nike. At Nike, he held the prestigious positions of General Manager as well as that of Global Vice President.

How can Persons Maximize their Influencer Strategy?

One of the trends that are has shaped the modern age is that of social media influencers. Indeed, more and more celebrities are taking to social media in a bid to not only influence but also educate their followers. For instance, some of the influencers who have impacted dramatically in the modern social sphere are Kanye West and pop star Rihanna.

The two artists have made a significant impact due to the collaborations that they have had with various brands, one of them being Nike. For instance, Kanye West’s influence was the one that propelled sales for Addis and through their ultra-boost sneakers. Similarly, Puma leveraged on Rihanna to realize the rebirth of their Puma sneakers. These are but a few celebrities who have shown that endorsements using celebritiescan play huge laya role in driving up sales volumes.

In summary, it can be noted that more and more companies realize the importance of partnering with famous personalities to boost their sales volumes and stay relevant in this dynamic society. Indeed, such moves are an indication that companies can benefit immensely by using modern marketing strategies.

Exploring Digital Marketing And The Success Of White Shark Media In This Space


Success in the world of entrepreneurship can be driven by a number of factors among them proper and focused marketing. What bars many businesses from advancing seamlessly is the lack of good structures to handle their marketing and research roles. White Shark Media invested in digital marketing and has been on the forefront working with small businesses to drive sales and conversions. The marketing approach applied by the company is tailored towards helping a business have an overall engagement and transformation that leaves a long lasting impression.


Since inception in 2011, White Shark Media has been coming up with solutions that are specific to every business. The company first reviews the business model presented then creates a custom plan that can be executed to suit the business and its challenges. Digital marketing offers many tools for managing campaigns but only few are able to use these tools in the right manner, reason experts like White Shark Media have to be consulted to give direction on the best way to handle marketing challenges. White Shark Media also entered into a partnership with Google through their SMB Partner program, which was a major leap into ranking as a successful digital marketing agency.


Discover AdWords performance and growth development

To achieve the goals you need for your business, you should consider working with a digital media advisor. White Shark Media offers digital media advisors, who can schedule live online meeting to explain aspects of marketing that clients should understand. Through such interactions, you can learn why the company performs its services differently and the strategies that are ideal for your business as well as things you should avoid. White Shark Media offers strategies for managing a business and interacting with customers to inspire conversions.


Increase SEM performance

Monitoring the performance of a business and implementing ideas that are in line with the needs of the business is something that helps to drive more sales and inspire growth. Through White Shark Media, you can easily manage your SEM campaign. The company offers numerous tools through which one can understand the effect of their SEM and SEO campaigns. This is a vital implementation as it ensures one makes the right decisions in time to protect the marketing process from losing its course. Running a marketing campaign with White Shark Media is also affordable and offers the assurance of a positive change within a short duration.