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New Website for Rating Hospitals

When it comes time to have surgery or receive some other form of treatment, who do you turn to? How does one know which hospital is the best choice? How does one know if a hospital is going to treat them right? How does one pick among the many hospital choices available? A new website may help one do that.

There is a new website out there that will be helpful for those who are looking to find the best hospital. If one needs to have surgery take place they will be able to head over to this new website for help in finding the hospital that is best for them and their condition. This new website allows individuals to rate hospitals. This new website will help people choose the hospital that is best for them and then share their experience with the world. This new website encourages interaction and honesty, which Ricardo Guimarães BMG likes. This new website could change the world for those who need the help that a hospital offers.

Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio Thinks NSA Phone Snooping Should Continue

The Florida Senator Believes NSA Is Acting Honestly

Running for president doesn’t mean the candidates have a grasp on the mass reality of the nation. Most of them are front men for special interests groups. They are trained to say and do what the people want even though they usually forget about the people once they sit behind the big desk at the White House.

We all know the political race is a game of who can spend the most to get the votes they need to be the number one political figure in the country. Most candidates don’t get very far because they usually say or do something stupid. Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida is no exception. He has already opened his mouth and inserted his foot.

Rubio thinks NSA should continue collecting metadata from unsuspecting Americans. A federal panel recently ruled that NSA is breaking the law every time they collect information from citizens. NSA claims they only collect information on terrorists and suspected terrorists. The agency also said they can collect that information because the Patriot Act allows them to spy, but that’s not true according to the federal panel. Gianfrancesco Genoso is still trying to learn all the laws in the United States, as he is more familiar with Brazil.

The truth is NSA will continue to collect information, and call it “classified” regardless of the law. Senators like Rubio will continue to condone it, and call the law breakers patriots.

Company Drug Testing And Legal Marijuana Use Are Strange Bedfellows

The legal penalties for smoking or possessing a little pot are not as scary as they once were. Most states around the country are easing back on marijuana arrests because the foregone conclusion is pot is going to be legalized in every state in the near future. That fact is making company drug testing more of an issue for pot users.

Most companies, especially companies in states where medical marijuana is legal are dealing with a sensitive situation. Testing positive for pot has been reason to deny employment in the past, but now that it’s legal some companies don’t want to overlook qualified job applicants because they use marijuana.

Marijuana use in the workplace was 6.2 percent in 2013. But in Colorado today 20 percent of the work force uses marijuana, and in Washington, pot use was up 23 percent. The question now is should corporate drug testing be ramped up, or should companies loosen the restrictions on marijuana use? The answer depends on company policy. Most companies know productivity suffers when employees use drugs and alcohol on a regular basis. Brian Torchin has seen that firsthand. Companies have an allegiance to their shareholders, even if they are huge like Google or small like a local shop. That connection usually dictates the rules for employee behavior and the enforcement of drug use.

Stay in Luxury at the Dorchester Collection

Travel can be wonderfully exciting. People can encounter individuals from all walks of life they have never met before. The opportunity to travel can also allow the traveler to have the amazing chance to see ancient ruins, explore areas of immense natural beauty, try new and fascinating dishes and even increase their understanding of many different subjects by allowing them to attend local university classes. People can also travel in order to help expand their business and meet with their customers in person. Even those who love to travel may want to the chance to retreat from their new surroundings into the comforting world of a high end luxury hotel.

A hotel of this kind has much to offer any traveler. Many such hotels provide their guests with a place where they can let go of the day’s cares and retreat from the occasional frustrations that nearly any traveler encounters when in an unfamiliar place. The right hotel can help someone enjoy their travels even more. A calming room decorated in soothing colors with ample bedding lets a traveler enjoy all the comforts of home even when they are far away from their native land. This can help provide a great sense of peace even in the middle of a busy city.

One such luxury hotel is the Dorchester Collection. This worldwide collection of ten separate hotels has been carefully created over a period of time in order to help any traveler have a place to stay where they can relax in full scale luxury and let gone of all of their cares. Each hotel is located in the heart of a major city and intended to provide the busy traveler with a place where they can stay in comfort and style. The hotels have been chosen to help build up a collection where devotion to service is apparent at every turn.

The hotels here provide a complete experience. Each offers a lovely lobby where travelers can sit and relax as well as meet with business clients. The hotels in the Dorchester Collection also have many other amenities on hand that are of use to their lodgers. This includes restaurants located on the site so that diners need not leave the grounds to enjoy a great dining experience. It also includes ample space devoted to places where people can engage in physical exercise as well as a spa day.

Down Syndrome Cheerleader’s Heroes‏

Wow. An article on, Your text to link… , about a young cheerleader with Down’s Syndrome, Desiree, was bullied from the stands while she and her team were cheering at her school’s basketball team. Though not all kids are mean or bullies, you hear more about those kids than the ones who show kindness and sincere, natural empathy. However, the boys on Desiree’s basketball team really touched my heart. They heard the bullying coming from the stands and called a time out. They then went over to the stands and took a stand, telling the bully to knock it off. It started with one boy, but the rest came in support of Desiree.

Fans at Anastasia Date have learned that, since that game, Desiree has kids walking with her to class and completely pulling her in to the school’s fold. Someone even nicknamed the school’s gymnasium after her. It is now lovingly referred to as D’s House. And the principle is looking at getting a banner to commemorate it as such. If only more people could learn the art of humanity from the kids at this school, the world would be a much happier and peaceful place.

Congratulations to the parents of those wonderful Lincoln Middle School kids for being such a excellent role models. I teared up reading this article as it pulled at my heart strings.

Bernardo Chua Receives His Honor

Even though he was barely able to get to the ceremony in Manila, Bernardo Chua was able to attend with two of his staff members to receive a Bayan award as a people’s choice in The Philippines. His company was founded over 30 years ago as Organo Gold, and he has been producing organic coffees and nutrition products for people all over Asia.

His company has gotten a great deal of press recently as it has delved into the supplements market. They produce an organic mushroom that is know for its anti-oxidant powers, and they have other supplements that people can take for their health.

When he was given the award, Chua was pleased to note that his company has remained proudly in The Philippines for all these years. He has dedicated much of his work to his home nation, and he works very hard to produce products that will help the citizens of the country. This people’s choice award is one that allows everyone to see what a wonderful product Organo Gold is. If you are not from The Philippines, you may be interested to know what they are all about, and this is the perfect time to learn about them.

Police Save Birthday of Autistic Boy


The mom of a young boy in Florida was devastated when she planned a birthday party for her son and no one showed up. The little boy – a brave child who is dealing with autism – kept asking his mom for his friends, wondering when they were going to arrive and celebrate with him, but his mom couldn’t give him the kind of answer that he was looking for. It seemed that none of the boy’s invited guests had cleared their schedules, it seemed as if the child would be celebrating alone.

Hurt by what was happening for her son, the mom went online and ranted about what was going on. Only to have the police step in and save the day. In addition to local strangers showing up at the house with gifts, this family was surprised to receive a flyover from the local police department – something most children would only dream of receiving on their birthdays. This little boy’s life was touched by the generosity and thoughtfulness of those in his community, and my boss Brad Reifler was really moved by this act being the advocate for children that he is most especially since  the mom’s life was changed, as well.