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Kenneth Griffin: Founder of Award Winning Hedge Foundation

Kenneth C. Griffin is a 46 year old born in Dayton Beach, Florida and is a manager at America Hedge Fund. The father of two who lives in Chicago is the founder as well as CEO of Citadel, which has interests in global investment on Citadel is world’s largest alternative investment of managing firm. Alongside its group of hedge funds, it has ranked among the world’s short list of successful hedge funds. His company, Citadel, offers liquidity services in America Capital markets and has a product called Citadel Technology which offers investment management technology solutions. Citadel is estimated to have invested over $25 billion in investment as of March 2015. Griffin graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University in arts. He supports educational causes actively that are meant to improve communities and serves in the board of directors of Chicago Public Education Fund.

In 2012, Forbes magazine identified Ken Griffin as the most paid hedge fund managers, and this saw him enter the Forbes 400 the same year. In 2014, he ranked 103rd boasting a net worth of $5.5 billion. He broke records by donating $2.5 million to help Rauner in his campaigns against Pat Qin. In total, he has contributed $3.57 million to Raunner’s campaigns. Currently, according to Forbes may 2015 reports, Griffin is estimated to be worth $6.6 billion. The increase in his worth and valuation was as result of Citadel’s main hedge fund posting an increase of 13% returns in the first eight months of 2015.
Griffins in 2015 made a $150 million donation to Harvard University. It was meant to finance aid programs at the institution and his own Alma Mater. This was the biggest single donation ever made to Harvard University. In a move to recognize the historic donation, the institution named its Financial Aid Office as Ken Griffin ’89 in his honor. At the event, Griffin offered to support another 200 scholars. He is known to have made started making donations to Harvard University to support scholarly causes since 1991 through the Griffin Foundation. Currently, the foundation the best and brightest students in Harvard and drives them to achieving excellent and extraordinary goals.

His Company Citadel received an award for being in top 10 Best Workplaces in financial services in March 2015. He is an entrepreneur credited with engineering and implementing a collaborative culture in work areas as well providing perks to employees such as fitness programs, museum tours, free lunch and personal gifts. Everybody dreams to work in such environment if not being able to this to others. In his active participation and support for education, he featured in the 2015 edition of Milken Institute Global Conference. He is also a member of several numerous organizations like G 100, Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago and Economic Club of Chicago. Griffin supports cultural institutions to preserve American culture and history like Chicago Civic and Cultural Institutions, Museum of Contemporary Art, Whitney Museum and Art Institute of Chicago.

Background and History of Shaygan Kheradpir

Over the past few decades, the continued expansion of the technology industry has had a major impact on the global economy and marketplace. While the majority of people around the world take this technology for granted, the continued advancement would not be possible if it were not for certain individuals that have continued to have an impact on the industry. One person that has continued to have a major impact on the technology industry has been Shaygan Kheradpir.

Shaygan Kheradpir is a London-based businessman whom has a long history of taking on senior leadership positions in various technology and communications companies. He was originally born in London, but spent a large part of his childhood growing up in Iran, before moving to Switzerland to attend high school. After graduating from high school, he ended up moving to the United States for college, where he ended up earning a bachelors degree from Cornell University in engineering, before pursuing a master’s and doctorate as well.

Kheradpir’s first foray into the technology space was working for GTE Laboratories on Initially he worked in several different areas of the company, including in the networking routing division. Due to his strong work ethic and leadership skills, he was ultimately promoted within to becoming the Chief Information Officer of the company.

While he was working at GTE, he was part of a major realignment of the company when it merged with Bell Communications to ultimately form Verizon. After the merger, he was quickly promoted to the CIO and CTO position of the company. Knowing the coming out with the newest and best products would always be important, he put a significant amount of effort into creating an environment where new and innovative products could be launched. He strongly encouraged group collaboration and gave individual projects a specific 30-day period in which they could run through an innovation cycle. This process allowed Verizon to become an early leader in the development of new technology and communications products.

While he had plenty of success at GTE and Verizon, Kheradpir ultimately took a position with Barclay as the company’s Chief Operating Officer, a position that he’d held for about three years. After his time at Barclay’s, he decided to take a position as the CIO of Juniper Networks, where he was tasked with integrating a new operating plan into the company.

Beyond all of his professional successes, he also has dedicated a considerable amount of time to charities. He was previously a board member of the New York YMCA system and also has sat on a number of committees supporting his alma mater, Cornell University.

Three Influential Businesswomen

All over the world, women are endeavoring to overcome numerous hurdles to make an impact in the society just as their male counterparts do. While a few women report encountering grave difficulties on the way and want to give up, there are many who believe they have all that it takes to be successful and are working hard to succeed in business or other fields. If a woman wants to be a successful businessperson, the first most important thing that she needs the inspiration to pursue her life dreams.

Reading about some of the many successful business women out there is the simplest way of getting the required inspiration. Researching and learning about their career paths will give one an idea of what it takes to succeed. Some of the most prominent businesswomen that one can consider reading about include Anne-Marie Slaughter, Hillary Clinton, and Susan McGalla.Anne-Marie Slaughter was born to her American father and Belgian mother and raised in Charlottesville, Virginia. She is the current President and Chief Executive Officer of the New America Foundation. Slaughter rose to fame in 2012 when she authored an article in the Atlantic titled “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All,” that revealed the difficulty she faced while trying to balance her work as director of policy planning at the State Department for Hillary Clinton with her duties as a married mother of two sons.

The Former Secretary of State and commanding front-runner for the Democratic Presidential Nomination Hillary Clinton has long been an advocate of women rights. She has consistently underscored the need to extend family and medical leave and inspire women and girls to pursue their dreams. Clinton considers that America’s economy can grow more rapidly if women and girls were to begin pursuing their dreams and careers in mathematics and science. Her views are pertinent because when women at home get empowered economically, they can begin to participate fully in the economy.

Susan McGalla on bizjournals is also a very prominent American businesswoman. She is best known as the Former President of American Eagle Outfitters and Former Chief Executive Officer of West Seal. McGalla was born and raised in East Liverpool, Ohio, and received a Bachelor of Business and Marketing degree from Mount Union College. She began her career in 1986 at Joseph Home Company, where she served in various marketing and managerial positions till 1994 before joining American Eagle Outfitters and starting her career as a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing later that same year. After years of hard work and determination, McGalla became the firm’s president and chief merchandising officer. She left American Eagle in 2009 and became a private consultant for the retail and financial investment industries. The renowned business executive is currently the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers. McGalla still takes her time to mentor young women and girls to become great businesspersons.

The accomplishments of Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is a technology executive and a business person. Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir on was born in London and was brought up in Iran. His father specialized as an ear doctor. He attended Aiglon College in Switzerland. He also attended the University of Cornell where he attained Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees in electrical engineering.

  • Early work

Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir worked on networking, control and management at GTE Laboratories. He did a good job that earned him respect and was later promoted to serve as the Chief information Officer at GTE.

  • Verizon Corporation

In early 2000, Bell Atlantic merged with the GTE Corporation to form Verizon Communications. At Verizon, he contributed to the automation of business operations and diversification of technology and telecommunication solutions. In 2001, he developed small teams that handled coming up with new ideas for creating new products. He came up with a plan where new technologies and ideas were to be tested within a period of thirty days. His team was composed of seven thousand people who tirelessly worked to develop new technologies. The team is known to have an upper hand in the development of the Verizon’s FiOS fiber optic video and the DVR. In 2003, the team further created iobi, which manages caller ID, address books, and other related features.

Throughout his tenure in office at Verizon, Shaygan Kheradpir worked to reduce IT budget and negotiated with vendors to minimize sales price. He worked to reduce IT employees by 25% and minimized purchasing from technology providers by about 30%. New applications were installed in most computer systems that facilitated the use of IT.

  • Shaygan Kheradpir at Barclays

At the beginning of 2011, he joined Barclays, one the Global and Business banks, as a chief operating officer. He contributed to the use of Pingit a mobile payment application. This software is among the best customer products he developed at Barclays. Shaygan Kheradpir was later promoted to serve as a Chief Operations Officer making it the very first time a technology officer to join Barclays’ executive team.

  • Juniper Networks

Mr. Kheradpir became the chief executive officer at Juniper Networks in early 2014. He contributed to the implementation of an Integrated Operating Plan. The operating plan was launched consistent with the recommendations of investors to cut back on operational cost, maximize dividends and buy back stock.

  • Other achievements

Mr. Kheradpir has functioned as an important icon in many other institutions. From the year 2010 to 2013 he functioned on a board of the US, NIST commonly termed as the Visiting Committee on Advanced Technology. He has also served on an advisory committee of the YMCA. He is a member of the Engineering Council of the Cornell University.

Mr. Kheradpir has practiced in many institutions, which has earned him recognition as an able technology executive. His efforts and commitment to duty have displayed him as a dependable person.

Christian Broda: An Expert to Contact When Setting Up a Hedge Fund

Christian Broda is a man of great success. He is a New York- based economist and financial professional currently working at Duquesne Capital Management. In the past, he worked in many big corporations and also worked as a professor. He is a renowned author of many books and articles about international trade and finance. His publishing work has been featured in several reputable journals including the Quarterly Journal of Economics.
Broda’s writing skills in matters of economics and finance made him employed by the Journal of Development Economics as its associate editor. His deep understanding of the same fields also made him become a member of the National Bureau of Economic Research, the Society for Economic Dynamics and the Economia Journal. As anybody in New York, they know Christian Broda of chicagobooth as the force behind many hedge fund start-ups.
Education and supportive family are some of the factors that are keys to success in life. Christian Broda has a bachelor’s degree, an MBA and a Ph.D. in economics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is married to a beautiful hardworking wife and with her they have been blessed with two sons.
Christian Broda tips can help any hedge fund start-up to succeed. Hedge fund business is not a straightforward business. It requires guidance from hedge fund experts and proper legal information. However, those with prior knowledge and experience can start hedge funds on their own because it is the best and proven way to reduce the risk of falling victims of fraudulent hedge funds experts. That’s why Christian Broda is the man that many starters consider when looking for hedge fund tips and advice.
One of the common advice that Broda give his client is that hedge funds succeed when operated by investor teams including junior analysts, traders and a chief financial advisor. According to him, the three components mentioned above are the most important one for those looking for quick success in hedge funds. He also advises people to establish a good relationship with law firms and advisers. According to his experience, he advises them to work with smaller law firms reputable law firms overcharge their clients than is necessary.
Broda also gives his views of brokers that hedge fund starts need to select. He advises people to select brokers who will be responsible for stocks and trades. A good brokering company should be able to advise clients on how to market their hedge funds.
People need funding to set up their hedge funds and make it run successfully. Christian Broda advises hedge fund starters to look for capital investors to invest in their funds.

Success in Entrepreneurship with Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is an epitome of success in entrepreneurship as far as women in business are concerned. She has successively appeared among world’s great women motivated by the passion they have in their line of work. Susan was born in East Liverpool, Ohio to a humble family, with the father as football coach. The father groomed her to work hard and see herself as equal to her peers. This has helped her forge forward working with both men and women successfully and professionally. She currently is an executive consultant situated in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania where she runs P3 Executive Consulting Company, which she founded in 2013. It deals majorly in branding, supply chain and organizational development for customers both in the borders of the retail industry and outside the industry. It also offers its clients an intrinsic perspective of the retail world. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Mount Union College in business and marketing.

She is viewed both as a successful woman and a leader owing to her expertise in business management, retail, marketing and managerial duties. She commenced her career in Joseph Horne Company working in marketing and administrative positions. This gained her enough experience that led to her moving to American Eagle Outfitters where through her immense creativity, prompted the company to diversify and produce women clothing and accessories for the first time. She was then appointed the chief executive officer to head this wing and later promoted to president of the entire company. In 2009, she joined HFF Inc., a commercial real estate company where she was appointed to the board of directors.

Mrs. McGalla strongly believes that the only avenue through which women can get to success in the male-dominated business world is through self-confidence in addition to proper education. With these instruments, not even the ceiling can hold you. Besides molding her career and dream, she works as the director of Strategic Planning and Growth at Pittsburgh Steelers. All her work is done with great autonomy attributed to the hard-earned experience over the years in retail industries associating with different people and companies. Her confidence and courage to contend with powerful business people and financial matters seem to have without a doubt bore to her success.

Susan’s life explicitly portrays the role of women in the economy mainly through management, accounting, and technology. Their ability to make decisions has also come out as more of them make appearances in board meetings of corporate multinational companies. Susan would like to see fellow women get a good education to give them an edge and insight to make refined decisions in tackling economic problems. Self-governed people like Susan paint well the images of industries and are currently in high demand. This gives her the need to advise upcoming young businesswomen on practical strategies that can guarantee their success and share the glory. Her career has had her offer consultant services to powerful entrepreneurs who would like a taste of her unique retail views. This has significantly widened the market for P3 consulting leading to its success.

South American Banking and Investment Pro Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a noted investment aficionado who comes from the South American nation of Brazil. As a professional in investment advising, Cornelsen aims to help his investor clients make strong choices that lead to solid investment decisions for the long-term. Cornelsen used to have a prominent banking career in his native Brazil, although he is currently retired from that industry. He now focuses his energies on capital investments. When Cornelsen was part of the banking world, he had a number of key jobs in a handful of the country’s most well-known and most established banking institutions.

Cornelsen presently works for a company called Bainbridge Investments, which is located in the Bahamas. He serves as the firm’s proprietor and has done so since the spring of 2011. As an investment firm, Bainbridge specializes in long-term investments — Cornelsen’s specialty and top area of expertise.

When Cornelsen works with his clients to assist them in long-term investments, he carefully helps them go over their portfolios. He gives them tips and suggestions that can help them in the process of noticing good stock market potential. Cornelsen regularly encourages his clients to concentrate on stocks that are damaged as a strategy. He at the same time also strongly encourages them to refrain from ever making investments with firms that are in any way damaged. Cornelsen frequently advises his clients to search for chances in stocks that are inexpensive. His objective is to aid his clients in making a lot of money over a longer period of time.

Cornelsen is a South Florida resident. Although a lot of his time and energy is concentrated on his work with Bainbridge Investments, he also has various other career interests. The investment pro regularly provides investment advice and expertise to reputable publications including websites. His name was mentioned on the website CNN iReport in the spring of 2014. The piece discussed his expert tips and suggestions on portfolio management.

When Cornelsen isn’t at his South Florida residence, he’s often in Brazil. He flies to Brazil for a significant portion of the year. When he’s in Florida, he spends considerable time participating in one of his several loves: golf. The investment expert is frequently noticed playing golf at many courses not far from his home.

Bernardo Chua Receives His Honor

Even though he was barely able to get to the ceremony in Manila, Bernardo Chua was able to attend with two of his staff members to receive a Bayan award as a people’s choice in The Philippines. His company was founded over 30 years ago as Organo Gold, and he has been producing organic coffees and nutrition products for people all over Asia.

His company has gotten a great deal of press recently as it has delved into the supplements market. They produce an organic mushroom that is know for its anti-oxidant powers, and they have other supplements that people can take for their health.

When he was given the award, Chua was pleased to note that his company has remained proudly in The Philippines for all these years. He has dedicated much of his work to his home nation, and he works very hard to produce products that will help the citizens of the country. This people’s choice award is one that allows everyone to see what a wonderful product Organo Gold is. If you are not from The Philippines, you may be interested to know what they are all about, and this is the perfect time to learn about them.

Fiji Hill Voctory for Jonathan Veitch and Eagle Rock

Fiji Hill may not be one of the best known battles to have been fought outside of the small communities of Eagle Rock and Occidental College, but this has proven to be one of the battlegrounds that has been the making of college President Jonathan Veitch. In 2009, Veitch was brought in to be the President of Occidental, upon arrival he found a college at odds with the local community in Eagle Rock it should have been serving as its major educational institution. The planned development of Fiji Hill was at the center of the problems local residents, alumni and college officials were having with each other and needed a strong hand to guide them through.

A swift movement was needed to avoid the community and college heading towards a difficult and long considered split that would have seen them battle long into the future over the planned development of the hill overlooking Eagle Rock. Problems began with the news that President Barrack Obama had spent around two years studying at Occidental and led to a sharp increase in the application numbers for the college. he sharp increase in applications led to the development plans for Fiji Hill as more student accommodation and facilities were planned on the land overlooking the small Californian community of Eagle Rock.

In fact, Veitch stepped forward and helped develop a series of programs to assist the community of Eagle Rock and in turn repair the reputation of Occidental in the eyes of the community. Amongst the impressive range of programs developed by Occidental in recent years is a student nutrition program that ensures children in local schools are provided with healthy and nutritious foods that will assist them in performing well in school and later improving the lives of the people of Eagle Rock.

Christopher Cowdray: Success In Luxury Hotel Management

Christopher Cowdray is a leader in luxury hotel management. He is currently the CEO of the Dorchester Collection, a premier hotel management company that includes The Dorchester in London, The Beverly Hills Hotel, and the Hotel Bel-air in Los Angeles. Cowdray has been in the international hotel management business for over 30 years. He knows what the customer wants from a luxury hotel. Since becoming CEO of the Dorchester Collection in 2007, he has grown the company into a world-renown luxury brand that is highly recognized around the world.

His focus is to always offer the best customer service to his clientele. He led the renovation of the luxury hotels in the collection, with attention to modernizing the luxury suites to give his customers the best experience that they expect in their stay. Extra luxury suites were often added, plus amenities, like the ballroom in the Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris, that truly set these luxury hotels apart from their competitors.

Cowdray’s approach to growing the Dorchester luxury brand is not to merely add hotels to the collection. He is very selective in adding hotels that only fit into the brand image. The strategy is not to emphasize in growing the quantity of hotels, but improving the quality. He only selects locations that are in key cities that offer attractions catering to the luxury hotel clientele.

Each hotel has its own distinct personality which makes every one of them so exclusive. Each hotel emphasizes the characteristics of the city in which it is located. The focus is to offer hotel guests a unique experience that will make their stay memorable.

Cowdray believes that the core of the brand’s success is people. Customer satisfaction is the center of his business. Any feedback from his hotel guests is taken very seriously. He wants his clientele to receive nothing but the highest quality of service that they expect from a luxury hotel. The other part of the focus on people is on Dorchester’s employees. Over ninety percent of the company’s employees are satisfied with their jobs, which is one of the highest in the industry. Employees like to work for a company that cares about people. When they are happy, they deliver better service to their customers.

Cowdray truly has a winning formula in propelling the Dorchester Collection to continuous success. Under his leadership, the Dorchester Collection will continue to remain into the forefront of the luxury hotel market.