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Isabel Dos Santos Promotes Entrepreneurial Development

Africa has been a center and a prime mark for the world’s sidekick and apprentices for past so many years. The world has been working to drag the African states out of misery and to push them to the roads of development and growth. This view of Africa has changed by many of the successful and flourishing entrepreneurs. Isabel dos Santos is one of those well-known and successful entrepreneurs who are helping to change the game of Africa. Isabel dos Santos has been upgrading and elevating the economic progress and development throughout the region.


Personal history


The story of Isabel dos Santos has been an inspiration and story of a path way to success. She has built her barrel by following a path of industrious and diligence. Isabel dos Santos is an experienced entrepreneur who has founded numerous hefty companies. She has run a number of firms within the professional experience of more than 20 years. She has studied electrical engineering from King’s College.


Entrepreneurism as development


Isabel dos Santos has spoken at different events about the importance and power of patronage to drag development and evolution across Africa. She explains that some of the main obstacles in the way through growth and development are gender discrimination. She explained how sexism has played a negative role to restrict the development. She elaborates that how women can play their role in order to achieve their ambitions and contributing to the economy.


A kick towards the future


Isabel dos Santos explains that the Africans should be participating in the world problems to increase the economy and to serve the purposes of growth and development


Power of a role model


Isabel dos Santos has attended many events and conferences in different universities. She is a perfect portrayal of hard work and granite. She is a role model to all the young aspirants and entrepreneurs. Isabel dos Santos empowers women. Her life is an example of women empowerment to boost the economy. Africans can pass the ways of success and growth by stepping towards the world despite going deep into gender discrimination and ethnicity.


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Thor Halvorssen on the Lasting Implications of the Arab Spring

Thor Halvorssen is very proud that his Human Rights Foundation can put on the Oslo Freedom Forum each year. This meeting allows people from around the world to learn more about human rights. One of the highlights of the meeting is teaching activists to use social media to gain support. At the meeting in 2012, supporters gathered in an uprising that became called the Arab Spring.

Many outsiders would say that not much has happened since the Arab Spring occurred, but many within the movement say that is not true at all. They admit, however, that the only government to make noticeable improvements is Tunisia. Those at the Oslo meeting and their supporters say that much has changed because young people are now using the internet to understand that there is a better way.

One person who regularly blogs about this is iIyad el-Baghdadi. His Twitter account received more than 100 million views last year. A resident of the United Arab Emirates until he was expelled in 2014, he is using his Twitter account to encourage people to set up local governments. He strongly believes that it is the Muslim way. In addition to his active Twitter account, he is appearing on stages around the world to support human rights.

Another person who has learned to use social media to get his message out following the Arab Spring is journalist Abdalaziz Alhamza. After managing to flee Raqqa, Syria, in 2014, he created the group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently. This group smuggles pictures out of Syria showing real conditions within the country. Many citizens within the country are sharing photos. For his efforts, Abdalaziz won the 2015 International Press Freedom Award from the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Raif Badawi of Saudi Arabia has set up the website Free Saudi Liberals. Raif has been imprisoned because of his attempts to get the message out. On at least one occasion, he received 1,000 lashes for spreading his message while in prison. The first 50 lashes were given in public as a threat to others who might try similar techniques.

Thor is very proud of the work that his foundation has been able to accomplish. He says that the work is far from over. If you would like to learn more, then check out