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Max Salk work

Max Salk is an investor and a landscape photographer. He has a website called max Salk photography. A company called Morningstar that is based in Chicago give him a chance to teach finance and investment. This was right after he finished college. He says that some of the traits that a good investor should have are diligent and curiosity. He is interested in understating the way different companies and industries work and how credit operates in different business that exists in the world.

Apart from being an investor and a photographer, Max Salk works with a non-profit making organization by the name Navy SEAL Foundation which aims at raising finances meant to help the active duty SEALS together with their families. These people deserve the best as they sacrifice many things including their own families to keep the country safe. This organization, therefore, found it necessary to help them. The foundation also supports Gold Star. There are various programs that the foundation offers to help the Navy SEAL and their families. Some of the foundation programs include; counselling programs, academic scholarships, children programs, social programs that usually engages the SEAL’s families and transition support.

He studied minor in history, and this has helped him to get to know more about people and things that precede them and the effects those things have on today’s life and how they help shape a person. Some of the personal habits that make him a product and a successful person is working diligently and thoroughly. What he does best is asking questions to have enough data for his work. He says that before doing any presentation, he has with an outline that he follows. The outline is for keeping him on track and to make sure that he does not skip some important points. In case there is an issue brought about during a presentation, and he feels he does not have enough information to tackle the issue, he turns back to his back-up data and research that is usually with him.

Max Salk says that before presenting or explaining anything to people, he has to understand it and that what makes him successful.

Gareth Henry, the Institutional Investor’s “Rising Star” in 2011

In the year of 2011, Gareth Henry was named the Institutional Investor’s “Rising Star” at the Institutional Investor’s 9th Annual Hedge Fund Industry Awards. Gareth Henry was awarded the Institutional Investor “Rising Star” award on the basis of his many significant accomplishments in the industry and his numerous substantial contributions thereto, and in the process has distinguished himself among his colleagues and has well positioned himself to be a future leader in the industry.

Gareth Henry studied actuarial mathematics at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and successfully graduated from the university with a degree. Gareth has membership in the Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries, UK and the Fellow of Society of Actuaries, USA. In the year of 2007, Gareth Henry went to work for the Fortress Investment Group in the capacity of a managing director, which entails being responsible for raising capital and establishing client relationships in such foreign markets as the European markets, Middle Eastern markets, and African markets.

Apart from Gareth Henry’s recognition as the Institutional Investor’s “Rising Star,” the alternative asset manager firm he works for, Fortress Investment Group LLC, was recognized as the “Credit-Focused Hedge Fund Firm of the Year.” Fortress Investment Group LLC trades under the symbol “FIG” in the New York Stock Exchange. The “Credit-Focused Hedge Fund Firm of the Year” award is awarded to those firm within the hedge fund sector that had distinguished itself in terms of exceptional innovation, extraordinary achievements and remarkable contributions in the preceding year.

Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 to provide investors with a number of various alternative and traditional investment products. As of March 31, 2011, Fortress Investment Group has approximately $43.1 billion in assets under its management and its Credit team, who numbers over 300 investment professionals, oversees over $13 billion in assets for institutional investors and private clients around the world.

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Corporate Financial Advice For Corporations: The Benefits Of Southridge Capital

The financial service sector is dedicated to providing sound financial advice and capital to those in need of such information and funding. Individuals are usually the beneficiaries of such information and capital. Southridge Capital provides sound financial advice and capital to corporations. Since 1996, over 250 public companies have been financed by South Ridge Capital.


Financial services encompass more than just providing information or providing capital to businesses in need, in addition, South Ridge Capital provides financial analysis, balance sheet optimization, and other financial methods for companies. Being able to provide such assistance to companies makes the company aware of many financial opportunities that might have been unknown. Credit analysis is another way Southridge Capital helps companies access higher forms of capital. The team at Southridge is dedicated solely to providing quality service to the clients that entrust their financials to them.


According to Newswire, philanthropic works are something the Southridge takes part in as well. Teaming up with the Daystar Foundation has allowed Southridge Capital to provide monetary support for many organizations. This has been going on for decades now and Southridge has plans to keep it going. Being able to contribute towards education, community centers, and healthcare is no small accomplishment. Southridge has donated to public landmarks, churches, and scholarship funds as well. At the heart of Southridge is the notion that giving back is what defines philanthropy and sacrifice.


One way Southridge benefits its clients is by Equity Purchase Agreements (EPA). This allows the company to raise capital in accordance with their expectations, no matter what conditions the markets are in. With this method, Southridge has made financial wishes come true for many companies who have sought out the professional service of Southridge Capital. The more traditional methods of raising capital are also embarked upon by Southridge. Methods such as loans against common stock are put into place as well. Eccentric is a word that can define the methods Southridge has used to gain success for such a duration of time. The leadership of Southridge has done a fine job at fostering a culture of dedicated service to others along with continuing to find ways to raise capital for those seeking funding.



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HCR Wealth Advisors; Clients Come First

The world of independent wealth management is vastly growing into an admirable segment of financial dockets. Over the past few years, hundreds of wealth management firms have been established to provide clients with financial services especially in wealth creation and management. As such, many investors have also sought to seek reliable wealth management firms in order to feel secure in their quest to invest. One wealth management firm has managed to attract hundreds of clients thanks to its dedication to provide clients with the best client service.

The Preview

When it comes to matters of finance, everyone has a different approach. This means that personal relationships dictate the manner in which a wealth manager is treated by clients. With that said, many individuals hope to land a reliable wealth management advisor. HCR Wealth Advisors is a perfect example of a reliable wealth advisor that has earned the trust of many clients. For starters, the company’s focus is built on creating tangible relationships with clients.

Wealth Creation Plans

Other than that, HCR Wealth Advisors designs personalized financial plans that offer tangible solutions to help clients attain their goals. Moreover, the company offers long-term plans when it comes to wealth creation. With that said the major controlling factor for this registered investment advisory firm is how the management puts clients first.

Clients Come First

Any brand that puts its clients first will always excel. HCR Wealth Advisors has managed to accomplish this by serving its clients first.

The Rates

As mentioned by in an article, clients have different budgets. They also have different needs when it comes to wealth creation. Therefore, for every client, it has become increasingly important to work with a wealth investment company that provides wealth management services at reasonable fees. At HCR Wealth Advisors, this is a key aspect. The company is overly transparent about its fees and, for that reason, it has managed to garner more clients since its establishment.

The General Observation

For HCR Wealth Advisors, it is all about helping clients to create wealth and not money. The difference lies in one being about money allocation while the other is deeply committed to helping clients attain their goals in wealth creation.

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Jeff Yastine’s Great Investment Predictions

Bayan Hill Publishing has become a force in investment news over the last 5 years. With their in-depth analysis of cryptocurrencies, their predictions on cybersecurity investments, their mergers and acquisitions (m&e) foresight, Bayan Hill has been making some great investment calls. Bayan Hill is relatively new, and their surge is a little surprising in a market saturated with investment blogs. This is partially due to the editor of their Total Wealth Insider section, Jeff Yastine. Follow Jeff on Twitter.


Jeff isn’t a one trick pony of investment. He guides readers through the complexities of cybersecurity investments. He keeps people updated on Embraer, a Brazilian airplane maker, while still making calls on bigger index players such as Amazon and Tesla. Jeff’s Total Wealth Insider portfolio has been seeing some impressive gains. His cybersecurity stocks have seen an aggregated 50% increase, while his Embraer stock saw a 30% increase over Christmas after Boeing rumored a merger.

Bayan Hill made a great move acquiring Jeff — an Emmy-nominated journalist — whose insights on profit-making opportunities have left consumers of the publication with a growing portfolio. Jeff Yastine’s popularity has surged since his video talking about the Kennedy Accounts. A system devised by John F. Kennedy that allows people to directly invest in companies, without paying a hefty fee to a middleman. These Direct Stock Purchase Plans (DSPP) also sell stock at a discount, usually at around %3. After Jeff came out in a video telling the world about this stock purchasing loophole, he has become a household name in the financial journalism field.


Jeff Yastine’s start was as an investigative journalist with The Nightly Business Report. That eye for business and ability to connect to the rich and powerful has made Jeff well adjusted to life as an investment editor. Jeff has rubbed elbows with Warren Buffett. He has met with Michael Dell and other industry leaders. His career has been a long chain of communicating with powerful business leaders. Jeff Yastine is one of the biggest names to watch in the investment field right now. His insights are gaining traction, his portfolio is growing, and people are simply making money following his advice. As it stands now, especially with his work on the Kennedy Accounts, Jeff is one of the most influential contributors to the finance field. View Jeff’s profile on Linkedin.