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NexBank Capital Ranks High In Annual S&P Global Market Intelligence Tier List

NexBank Capital, a company based out of Dallas, Texas recently announced that it placed third in the overall categories relating to the financial services offered by the company. The company was awarded the third rank in the S&P Global Market Intelligence list that was put out earlier this year. The list notes down all of the best-performing companies in the United States and outlines some of the incredible work that these companies have been able to do.

It goes without saying that NexBank is ranked incredibly high on this list because of the incredible amount of services that the company has been able to provide to its clients over the past year. The company has been gaining assets that go in the billions range and have had numerous successful deals through the course of the last year. The annual return of the company has been one of the highest over the past one year, which is another reason why the company has been able to perform so efficiently within the financial sector.

The list put out by S&P Global Market Intelligence was based on the overall performance of the top financial companies within the country. The companies within this industry were taken and analyzed based on their overall performance as well as their ability to stand tall within this sector. The deals that the companies have performed over the past one year were mostly taken into consideration along with their overall profit margin and performance for the year. Based on this analysis, the companies that showcased the most success were ranked based on their overall rating. You can checkout to see more.

About NexBank Capital

NexBank Capital prides itself in being one of the top financial service companies in the country and has stood as a notable name within this industry for a significantly long period of time. The company has served a wide range of clients over the years and continues to offer an incredible quality of service to clients who come to them. Even though the company offers its services regardless of sector, there are three main areas that the company is known to be fairly proficient with. These include the sector of Banking, Mortgages and Institutional Services.




HGGC – Understanding Private Equity Investing

HGGC purchases companies that need improvement and invests in the growth of the companies, then sell the entire company to a larger interest. By using this strategy, it turns a profit for its investors. HGGC also seeks to purchase shares in a company and make a profit.
If you are on the lookout for a leading private equity firm, it’s imperative that you check out HGGC. Perhaps you want to get expert guidance on how to go about raising capital for business operations. Maybe you are an investor looking for a lucrative opportunity to invest in.
HGGC is a highly reliable private equity firm with partners and clients around the globe. The firm also has a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced investing professionals. The company manages huge asset portfolios for businesses and entrepreneurs from a wide variety of industries. It is one of the most reputable private equity firms out there.
Small businesses are often seeking ways to obtain funding for expansion, purchasing new equipment and hiring more employees. Many of them accomplish this by selling ownership shares in their company or selling their company to a private equity group.
And when the company grows in revenue and profits, the private equity group earns substantial returns. Whenever the returns don’t seem to be significant or attractive, the private equity firm looks for exit strategies. Investors are generally only interested in companies that show high growth potential.
The process of improving a company can take several years and requires great expertise. Private equity investment firms often bring in experts to help in the management of the newly acquired company.
Any ambitious entrepreneur or investor can earn a lot of money in this industry. There have been numerous businesses and individuals who got rich investing in the private equity market but it is crucial to consult a firm that has a proven track record.
HGGC is one of the top private equity firms in the industry. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced entrepreneur, the experts at this firm can provide the advice and assistance you need to succeed.

Fortress Investments Moves Into The Real Estate Sector In New York

The Fortress Investment group has been a ground-breaker in terms of its ability to create new and technologically-advanced opportunities around the world. Not only was the investment brand built on the work of its founders, but the company has also broken many records over the course of its life, it has now joined forces with the Japanese financial giant, Softbank.

The 2017 sale of the Fortress Investment Group saw the brand become the first private equity company delisted from the New York Stock Exchange, Fortress was also the first to be floated onto the stock market.

Fortress has always been willing to explore different opportunities which present themselves in non-traditional areas of the financial sector. Technology-based investments have usually been sought out by the group as it found new ways of building its portfolio to over $4 billion in assets managed. The latest investment opportunity to be announced by the Fortress Investment Group is a real estate deal designed to update an area of New York’s Times Square around the iconic Palace Theater.

The Fortress Investment Group and its owners of Softbank have partnered with some of the leading real estate companies in New York to announce the construction of a retail, hotel, entertainment, and living space in Times Square. The L&L Holding Company and Maefield Development are partnering with Fortress to create one of the most anticipated new developments in the world. The 46-story TSX Broadway development will cost an estimated $2.5 billion and include retail space already being sought by some of the world’s leading consumer giants.

Fortress Investment group is keen to ensure the history of this area of Times Square is protected for the future and will restore the interior of the Palace Theater within the confines of the newly constructed building. Part of the process of creating the TSX Broadway building will include raising the Palace Theater to the third floor of the new construction which will be completed by 2021.

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Australia Set to be Equities First Holdings New Home

After being founded by Al Christy in 2002, Equities First Holdings, has seen the growth that has helped the company occupy offices on almost every continent. Before 2014, they did not have one in Australia but they do now. Christy was proud to let the world know that his lending company, Equities First Holdings, will be building a headquarters in Australia. The acquisition was seen as a huge milestone in the global expansion plan by Equities First Holdings. Christy wants to continue global growth and introduce everyone in the world to his financial solutions company. He said that he was excited to provide Australia with is trusted service and expertise to what he considers a broad consumer base. At the moment, Equities First Holdings is seeing major growth and has been around the past couple of years. They have seen a steady increase of 30% growth each year for the past three years.

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EFH & It’s Subsidiaries: A B2B & B2C Company

Equities First Holding caught and now owns Equities First (London) Limited, formally known as Meridian Equity Partners Limited, before its acquisition (, 2016) It’s main company Equities First Holding along with its subsidiaries are loan companies, essentially a financial institution for individuals who own stock (Bloomberg). Along with having a location in London, Equities First Holding also has a branch in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. In Australia they have partnered with another company, ECT, to open a R&D location for ECT in an effort to build upon energy resources (Yahoo, 2016). Basically EFH is on a mission to employ their expertise with stocks to help fund consumers of certain sectors with the end result of accomplishing many & varied goals.

Charitable Donations Are At The Heart Of Highland Capital Management

When most individuals think of Highland Capital Management, they envision a highly efficient investment advisor registered with the SEC with an impeccable reputation. The company combined with their affiliates have management assets totaling roughly $15.4 billion. Many people do not realize how much time and donations have been committed to charity by Highland Capital Management. Read this article at Dallas News.

James Dondero and Mark Okada were the founders of Highland Capital Management in 1993. Since then the company has earned the status of one of the most experienced, and largest alternatives to credit managers in the world. The specialty of the company is in credit strategies, and this encompasses credit hedge funds, special-situation and distressed private equity, separate accounts regarding long-only funds, and CLO’s, or collateralized loan obligations.

Highland Capital Management additionally offers a wide variety of alternate investments including natural resources, long and short equities, and emerging markets. The company has built a diversified client base, and includes foundations, financial institutions, public pension plans, governments, corporations, endowments, high net-worth individuals, and fund of funds. Although the headquarters of Highland Capital Management have remained in Dallas, Texas, they maintain additional offices in numerous locations.


The community is of high importance to Highland Capital Management, and the company has invested in so much more than the financial markets. The company is proud to have invested in the communities their employees work and live in. They have made a firm commitment to make a substantial difference. This is accomplished through involvement in the advisory board, volunteering, and making financial donations to both the national nonprofit organizations and the community organizations. Since 2005, Highland Capital Management and their partners have made commitments totaling well over $10 million to organizations all across the globe. This is partially where their reputation has been established. From finances to charity, Highland Capital Management has become successful. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

How Equity First Holdings has been beneficial to the society

Summary of the presented article

Equity First Holdings was first established in 2002 with the aim of providing loans to members as they expand their operations. For the last 15 years, the Equity First Holdings has been under rapid improvement. Other than loans, the company has been trusted with different organizations to provide financial and investment advice. From the onset of its operations, huge financial institutions have been the biggest beneficiaries of their operations.

To the members, the company has very flexible terms. On offering loans, there are very few expectations. The company does not depend on the clients for the loan repayment. This means that there is no pressure at all from the company on the duration of loan repayment. Currently, loans are easily given to the members with shares in the company. The shares are used as collateral so that when the client defaults payment, the shares would be used to pay back the loan. With its current management style, the company is rapidly rising in popularity.

Who benefits from the company?

The company has a large customer base today. It has given over $1 billion in loans to individual shareholders. Their loans are issued based on the level of trust and amounts of shares that the individuals have. Big financial institutions have benefited too from these operations. Companies that are in need of loans for their expansion and improvement of their operations have received loans on different terms. The smaller companies that are struggling to find a place in the market have equally received some boost from Equity First Holdings.,34.htm for more.

Advising With Highland

Highland Capital Management, is a multi-billion dollar backed investment company. It is also registered with the SEC. Currently, Highland Capital Management has around $14.8 billion dollars worth of assets in their possession. Aside from boasting an impressive portfolio, Highland Capital Management is one of the biggest and knowledgeable investment companies around. Highland Capital Management’s expertise is in credit strategies. To name a few, this includes credit hedge funds, special situations private equities and CLOs(collateralized loan obligations).


Highland Capital also provides investments such as long/short equities, natural resources, and so forth. With Highland Capital Management possessing a large and diverse client base, they also offer public pension plans, foundations, endowments, corporations, financial institutions, fund of funds, and much more. Highland Capital Management is an multinational/international firm, with offices in Dallas, New York, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and Seoul.


In the past 20 years alone, Highland Capital Management has risen to the top by being an experienced global alternative credit manager. Since January of 1990, Highland Capital has been in business. It all began as a joint venture between James Dondero and Mark Okada. To be exact, the joint venture focused on fixed income markets such as managing senior secured bank loans. In 1993, the venture formed into a Protective Asset Management Company (“PAMCO”). In fact, PAMCO is an SEC registered investment company that is mostly owned by advisers.


By May of 1997, the company was a huge success. Together, James Dondero and Mark Okada founded Ranger Asset Management, L.P., which was an independent advisor company. It is also registered with the SEC. In the subsequent year, Ranger Asset Management, L.P. became Highland Capital Management. By the year 2000, Highland Capital Management has continued to grow.


Soon enough, the company was something much more than an investment platform dealing with separate accounts and CLOs. As a result, the company created their first total return strategy, specializing on distressed assets. In the same year, Highland Capital Management established their first two bank loan separate accounts. After more than a decade, Highland Capital continues to aid investors in achieving their goals.