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Getting to Know about Sleep Apnea.

Dr. Avi Weifogel, the founder of dental sleep Masters, has a background in sleep disorders and its treatment. Over time, he has explored the world of sleeping and learning how dentists and physicians can help patients with sleeping disorders. In the few recent years, it has become apparent to medical professionals that sleep apnea has destructive effects. New research assists to state the relationship between sleep apnea and conditions such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Dr. Avi Weifogel helps in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea. Approximately 90 percent of persons with sleep apnea are undiagnosed. Dr. Avi Weifogel and his team acknowledge the fact that this is an issue that requires much awareness and therefore, aims at shading a light to this serious matter. Dental Sleep Masters has established a recent design for primary and secondary care medical practitioners that includes a certified sleep specialist and the sleep labs they operate. This model is a portrayal of the larger picture and results in even better care for patients as well as advancing opportunities in the medical community.

Dentists have joined physicians and sleep physicians as they can give clinical support to the patient with sleep apnea. Dentists can do this through the use of oral appliances to treat sleep disorder. The in-depth knowledge that Dr. Avi has on sleep disorder can be utilized by other dentists to identify patients as well as secure treatment. The treatment for the disease will pace up in the coming years once there emerge more breakthrough. A new device known as THN Sleep Therapy has been developed by ImThera Medical and has been approved by food and drug administration for the purpose of experimentation in clinical trials.

Since the treatment alternatives for sleep apnea are over time becoming smaller in size, patients are thus encouraged to seek a cure for their sleep apnea. The small devices that are implantable do not require machinery or uncomfortable masks. Since patients with sleep apnea could wake up for about 30 times in a single night, the treatment for sleep apnea is necessary as it could stimulate the airway to stay open.Once the undiagnosed people are treated, professionals will be doing an essential public service.



Josh Verne On Lessons Learned In Life And Success In Business

According to Josh Verne, entrepreneur and founder of several booming businesses, it is necessary to be careful about how we define success. He recently gave an interview for the Knowledge For Men podcast and said that life is not all about our work but is also about what makes us happy as people and includes things like hobbies, our families, and making time for recreation.


He gave several powerful insights into what he has learned over the years and states that he has learned how important it is to listen. Because one person cannot know everything, a leader needs to take advice and be must willing to hear the counsel of other people. He also cautions against the extreme of giving too much attention to naysayers and losing your focus.


Josh Verne stresses the value of treating everyone on his team like they are family. He strives to be the leader of his group instead of a boss and is committed to helping his crew find solutions to problems. His approach is to grow his employees, as well as himself, in the process of working together.


Verne takes an unusual approach to viewing situations in which he is the underdog and says that pivoting is key. He believes in the power of persistence and in finding the angle which will unlock the potential for succeeding with a particular venture. He also speaks to the destructive power in comparing his journey with that of another, saying that each one has their own path to walk in life. Mr. Verne advocates the notion of finding and pursuing your passion as a means to meaningful work.


Josh Verne is the CEO of, a website geared toward college students that combines humor, current events, and issues which are important to millennials. He believes the niche is important to nurture because this up-and-coming generation contains our future world-changers. The content is written by and for young people in college.


Mr. Verne is also co-founder of, a company that provides lending services for those traditionally ignored by the banking industry. Seeing an opportunity for a lucrative endeavor, Josh Verne and crew used techniques which were better able to predict a borrower’s ability to pay, using social media and other nontraditional methods. Bankroll deductions and direct withdrawal from the customer’s bank account are the only payment types accepted. was acquired by Global Analytics in 2014.