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Stream Energy – Establishing A Department For Philanthropy

What is Stream Energy?

Stream Energy is one of the fastest growing energy suppliers in the country. The company is currently headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and they are operating in many states, especially in the New England region.

At first, Stream Energy had difficulties operating outside the state of Texas because of the rules that surround their operation. The company then decided to push for the approval of its plan to start operations in other states.

The company did not stop persuading the government that other states need affordable energy, and their application start operating outside the borders of Texas was granted.

Why did they create Stream Cares?

As the company starts building new satellite offices all over the country, news about one of the worst natural disasters that will hit the United States emerged. It was in September 2017, and millions of Americans are preparing for the destruction that will be brought by Hurricane Harvey.

As the strong storm came, many communities were flooded and washed away by the waves from the sea. Stream Energy saw the destruction caused by the storm, and they immediately created a philanthropic arm that would help the people within their community.

How does the company provide assistance to the people?

Stream Energy used Stream Cares to deliver assistance to those who were victimized by the storm. They were given food, water, clothes, blankets, medicines, and everything that they needed. The rescue team of Stream Cares was also deployed, and they helped the people who are trapped in inside their homes.

The money used for donating to charities and foundations are also being directed through Stream Cares, and they are the ones who give it to the beneficiaries. Stream Cares is a proof that its mother company really have the DNA to help the people ever since the beginning, and the energy providing company stated that they will continue to be involved in philanthropic activities that will alleviate the living condition of the people.

What are their future plans?

The company will continue to direct Stream Cares to help the public during natural disasters. They are also opening new divisions under Stream Cares that would specialize in helping different groups of people.

Agera Energy: Their Pursuit of Energy Efficiency For Their Customers

Agera Energy was established back in 2014 and they answered one of the worst Winters in their history and the financial footing of the company were being turned upside down. Call it a blessing from Lady Luck, but Agera was able to turn things around and create an opportunity to propel their company forward and push through the travesty to create a successful retail energy supply company. Visit to know more about Agera Energy.


Agera Energy is committed in creating energy plans and programs that would be the best and most efficient for their clients. They want to change the conversation about energy supply and make everything understandable and comprehensible for the general audience. The market of energy supply is too dense and crowded for people to stay on the sidelines and not take control of their energy consumption. Energy holds major control of the expenses of ones household and is also an essential for daily living. With the need of energy and the demand soaring high, Agera Energy wants to create a platform for their consumers to take control of their financial footing regarding their energy consumption. The customer’s energy consumption is the responsibility of Agera Energy and they hold it as one of their top most responsibilities, and they value every single customer dearly.


Agera Energy has another outstanding individual on board their company to help propel Agera Energy forward in their vision and mission. Geoff Duda, Agera’s Chief Executive Officer, has announced that Mark Linzenbold is Agera’s newest Chief Financial Officer. Mark Linzenbold is an expert in the retail energy industry and has extensive experience and knowledge on the matter. Mark Linzenbold rendered her services to Direct Energy as Vice President, Finance and Business Development. Mark Linzenbold is a committed executive who is expertly-versed in all matters that concerns finance, business management, and organizational development. Mark Linzenbold has also served as Vice President of Business Planning and Corporate Controller of Strategic Energy. Mark Linzenbold has also rendered his services to KPMG as Senior Manager. Geoff Duda is very grateful and happy that they have someone like Mark Linzenbold in their team to help them push Agera further in their goals. Read more at about Agera Energy.