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Isabel Dos Santos Promotes Entrepreneurial Development

Africa has been a center and a prime mark for the world’s sidekick and apprentices for past so many years. The world has been working to drag the African states out of misery and to push them to the roads of development and growth. This view of Africa has changed by many of the successful and flourishing entrepreneurs. Isabel dos Santos is one of those well-known and successful entrepreneurs who are helping to change the game of Africa. Isabel dos Santos has been upgrading and elevating the economic progress and development throughout the region.


Personal history


The story of Isabel dos Santos has been an inspiration and story of a path way to success. She has built her barrel by following a path of industrious and diligence. Isabel dos Santos is an experienced entrepreneur who has founded numerous hefty companies. She has run a number of firms within the professional experience of more than 20 years. She has studied electrical engineering from King’s College.


Entrepreneurism as development


Isabel dos Santos has spoken at different events about the importance and power of patronage to drag development and evolution across Africa. She explains that some of the main obstacles in the way through growth and development are gender discrimination. She explained how sexism has played a negative role to restrict the development. She elaborates that how women can play their role in order to achieve their ambitions and contributing to the economy.


A kick towards the future


Isabel dos Santos explains that the Africans should be participating in the world problems to increase the economy and to serve the purposes of growth and development


Power of a role model


Isabel dos Santos has attended many events and conferences in different universities. She is a perfect portrayal of hard work and granite. She is a role model to all the young aspirants and entrepreneurs. Isabel dos Santos empowers women. Her life is an example of women empowerment to boost the economy. Africans can pass the ways of success and growth by stepping towards the world despite going deep into gender discrimination and ethnicity.


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Having Fun With Makeup From Doe Deere

The right kind of makeup is an essential tool for many people. Makeup can be used to help someone show off their elegant blue eyes and long eyelashes when they are going on a blind date. It might be used in order to help someone get into a role they are going to assume when they are going onstage and need to assume a specific character. Makeup can allow someone to slip into a specific character who has nothing in common with their daily lives. Someone might also want to use makeup in order to help them create an outfit that is well coordinated and works well in all aspects. The right kind of makeup can help accomplish all of these goals and provide the customer with the kind of effect they really want and need.

Makeup can also be a lot of fun. People can put a dash of lipstick on their lips and immediately change out a look from something that ordinary and just a little bit boring to one that is interesting and even amusing. In this way, someone can have a look that is ideal for their kind of inner thoughts and helps them create a look that will be fun and quirky. Makeup can be easily customized to any person specific preferences. Someone who likes to have a look that is bold will want to have access to different makeup products than someone who is going to use makeup products that are less clear and perhaps a bit more subtle.

People who love such bold shades of makeup will find them at Lime Crime, a cosmetics company that was started by Doe Deere. Deere is skilled businessperson who has spent years working in the field of makeup. She brings many years of experience to the field, where she has done a great deal of original research. Her work has focused on many things including finding the right kind of makeup to help her customers express their inner thoughts and feelings. Youtube Star Doe Deere has also done much to help people discover the ways in which they can use her makeup in order to help the create a look that is wholly their own and not a look that is commonly seen in many other places. Her innate understanding of the needs of her customers have served them well as they seek to find the kind of look they can use for their own specific idea of style.

People can pick out makeup that lets them have the kind of look they want with ease. This has also allowed people to be able to have looks that help show off makeup ideas that often work for many varied skin tones and types. The kind of makeup they have on hand will help them show off that their style is in touch with commonly used styles today both in the fashion houses of major cities and the pages of major fashion magazines read by many millions of people.

Doe Deere Has Been All About Brave Choices

Doe Deere has possessed a large amount of talent all of her life, whether she used that talent to help to make her own look great, or she used it to play in her band, and it wasn’t a big surprise when she decided to start up her own makeup brand. She had been posting images of herself online for awhile before that, allowing girls to see the different looks that could be made with various makeup brands, and makeup was something that she had come to love when she was just a young girl. Creating a makeup brand seemed like a logical thing for her to do, even though she didn’t have a lot of money to do it with.
Just like she had always been with her look, though, Doe Deere of was also brave in starting up the brand. She didn’t let the fact that she didn’t have a lot of money bring her down, but she pushed forward anyway and made the brand happen. She was excited to be able to create the kinds of makeup that she, herself, would like to wear, and she was hopeful that girls would start to let their personalities shine through with their makeup when using her brand.
Doe Deere’s brand has been gaining popularity like crazy since it started out, as there are many girls who appreciate how unique all of the different pieces of makeup that are sold from this brand are from each other. There are girls who appreciate being able to do something different with their look, and those girls are happy that Doe Deere was brave enough to make her brand happen.
Doe Deere’s makeup brand has been doing so well, in fact, that she is getting excited about being able to expand out to things beyond makeup, sometime soon. She wants to be able to deliver more to girls than she is right now, and she is hopeful that the popularity of her brand will keep growing.
Doe Deere was brave to start up her brand when she only had a little bit of money to do so, and she was brave in all of the color choices that she made for the makeup that is sold from her brand. Every young girl who wants to do something big with her life should look to Doe Deere and all of the great things that she has done with her life.

Judging the Current State of the Houston Real Estate Industry

Investing in real estate is a big thing for lots of people. Investors look at this type of investment from two lenses. On the one hand, it’s a place to call home. Houston is a great place to live. On the other hand, it’s also where you can make some decent cash. Some buy up a property, then fix it up. After a few years, the home gets sold off. This leaves the home owner/seller with a nice little profit. This also looks good on a person’s portfolio for investments. If you keep up with this pattern wisely, only keeping your homes you really want to keep, you can earn millions of dollars. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Investing in real estate in Houston is not for everybody. You have to be a specific type of person. You have to be smart enough to know where you can make the money. A big mistake people make is not looking at the market correctly. Many have lost their shirts on a purchase. This is one of the first lessons Haidar tries to teach his clients. You really need to be savvy when it comes to the market. You need to have the instincts. You need to know deep inside which properties are gold, versus which ones are not.

Haidar has helped lots of people make good choices about the market. He can help you too, if you are serious about it. The first thing he teaches people is patience. He also teaches to not expect the money to come pouring in right away. It takes people time to build up their assets. The property market is just like the stock market, it has it’s highs and lows. You need to be smart and patient enough to ride things out. Haidar also teaches that there is a time and place to sell your Houston property. You need to strike while the iron is hot, or it will not work.

Here are some more valuable tips on how to succeed with Houston real estate; especially, in the year 2015.

1) The rates are low, so is the inventory. What you saw during last year, will continue this year. If you play your cards right, you will end up with a good deal. Just be patient. The Houston property market is not in that “bubble.” This is a good time to invest. In fact. Houston will continue to be the leader of the pack this year.

2) Downtown is where you will find the gold. Investors have always been attracted to the suburban areas. This has changed. The demand for the urban areas is heating up. You really want a good deal? Go to the downtown/urban areas of Houston. This year presents a gold mine.

3)Houston is a powerhouse in the energy area. It’s also booming with businesses and jobs. More people are relocating to Houston to grab a piece of the action. This is good news for the housing market. More people are moving to Houston and buying here. Are you going to be one of these people?

You can always find more information on the housing market on Haidar’s site. You can also go onto the official site for Houston, Texas. More details to follow later.

Joseph Bismark – a leader whose philosophy merges spirituality with business leadership


Joseph Bismark is considered one of the most successful leaders of the present time. I read an interesting article on Joseph Bismarck’s philosophy on the blog End of an Earring. His philosophy has been premised on the fact that every individual should be given opportunities to offer their capability.

The most distinguishing feature of Bismark’s leadership philosophy is the merging of spirituality with corporate leadership structure.The leadership style that Bismark advocated has been based on the principles of honesty and virtues that are encouraged in society. He has also advocated living in a healthy manner. Through his QI group he 
has ventured into organic foods, which shows his advocacy for healthy living. Bismark believes that the wellness of the employees is important for advancing the company. Even though he has received praise and adoration, Bismark has not abandoned his sense of humility which differentiates him from other leaders.

Joseph Bismark is the founding director and managing director of the QI Group. After leaving home at the age of nine, Bismark lived in a monk’s ashram for almost ten years. He returned home to work in the corporate world. He founded the QI group of companies in 1998 along with a businessman named Vijay Eswaran.

Even though he is successful, Bismark still follows everything he learned during his days at the ashram. One of his fundamental beliefs is that any human being can excel in the business that they pursue but just need guidance. Because he respects his employees, practices humility and adheres to a simple lifestyle, his employees and the general public admire him.

The corporate philosophy of the QI group is based on Vedic philosophy and is also heavily influenced by the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. One of the main goals of the company is development of its employees and empowering them to go beyond their role to be able to give their maximum contribution.

Have We Been Catfished?

For centuries people have claimed that they have seen the Loch Ness monster in Scotland. It is believed to be a dinosaur like creature and there are even photos of its head coming out of the water. Critics have said the photo was doctored and this legendary monster goes along the lines of Bigfoot or the Abominable Snowman. So after all these years of hype, have we been fooled?

It appears that “Old Nessie” may be nothing more than a catfish! She’s a catfish of epic proportions, but nevertheless a catfish. Steve Feltham is a scientist who has been following these stories for more than 25 years. He has watched, waited and studied trying to solve the monster mystery. What he did find was that he believes this was a Wels-Catfish. He stated that these fish have the ability to get up to 13 feet in length and can weigh up to 800 lbs. They also have the ability to live for decades. Susan McGalla funded Feltham’s experiments.

Though these types of catfish are not known to be in the area, during the 19th century it is possible that it was brought in through sport fishing. The rumors started about this beast in 1933. Shortly after this there were photos released of people seeing it. From what Feltham can recall, he believes that this fish and his rounded body is nothing more than an overgrown catfish. Could this be the end to an age-old mystery?

Sikh Man Gets Rewarded For Helping Boy In Accident

The Sikh man who famously took off his turban a couple of weeks ago for a little boy in a car accident has gotten the biggest surprise of his whole life. Harman Singh was interviewed by the local news station in New Zealand called Qnet and the viewers and crew noticed that he had just about no furniture in his home. So, that’s when things were taken into the hands of the news station. According to an article found on reddit and written by Independent., the news crew spoke with a friend of Singh’s to make sure that he would be home at a certain time, and they came by to drop off all of the furniture including a new bed, sofas, and a coffee table.

Singh was so overwhelmed with gratitude that he started to tear up at the sight of this gift being given to him. It is always so touching to see things like this happen to people who really deserve it, because that is what really makes the spice of life. Singh argues that he is not a hero, because anyone would have done what he did in that situation but he was really glad to be there at that time to help the child out until medical attention arrived at the scene. Hopefully this will inspire other people around the globe to help out in certain scenarios when they are needed.

Top Summer Trends for 2015

matt landis yellow tee

This year, the fashion trends for men include everything from statement stripes to floral scarves and hats. With new endorsements by the popular fashion model Matt Landis, the chambray shirts and vibrant orange outerwear are again in fashion. Some of his fashion model pictures feature him sporting trendy summer shorts, t-shirts and fashion loafers. Compared to the previous year, new fashion trends in 2015 include some fresh and innovative styles of menswear. Here are some top summer outfit ideas for 2015 worn by Matt Landis.

matt landis shorts model
Matt Landis is seen sporting a beautiful greenish taupe summer shorts with gray zipper summer jacket. This cool outfit is a perfect summer clothing choice for spring and summer. He paired a classic red loafer with this cool summer outfit to give it a complete look. Landis kept the accessories to the minimal and showed off his shirtless and awesomely toned body. This look can be achieved with some clothing choices from classic brands like Gucci, Casely-Hayfors, Emporio Armani, and Jonathan Saunders. You can wear a pair of vibrant or subtle colored shorts and pair it with neutrals. New summer collections from these brands include both neutral and striped t-shirts, trousers, relaxed shorts, scarves and even vests. Top fashion look books suggest keeping this look intact and eye-catchy by pairing a bold striped accessory with a summer chino shorts. 
matt landis white sweater
During another public appearance, Matt is seen wearing another chill-fit summer shorts with chambray printed shirt and a light net pullover. His cool looking white flip-flops complete his summer look. In this outfit, Landis featured a classic look with casual shorts and slippers yet kept it classy with the printed chambray shirt and a white pullover. It is true that denim clothing options are the best friend for men. Top brands, including Tom Ford and Gucci have excellent designer denim shirts and shorts for men. This summer, denim clothing options are back in fashion, and Landis knows that. Unlike the thick denim clothing, the summer denim outfits are light and airy. Well-fitted jeans and chambray printed shirt are popular outfits in this spring and summer 2015. A plain tee, denim accessories and a pair of suede boots also make a perfect outfit. 
matt landis yellow tee
In another summer outfit, Matt Landis sported a classic yellow summer t-shirt with graphic prints. This tight-fitted t-shirt looked great on his toned body. You can choose a bold yellow colored t-shirts or casual shirt to pair with these summer shorts too. A two-button blazer or vest with a classic white shirt can also be paired with these shorts to attain a perfect evening look. Other summer colors include white, light peach, light blue and green. Check out the new summer t-shirt collections with many choices of graphic t-shirts. In another picture, Matt is seen wearing a classic black sleeveless t-shirt. Sleeveless t-shirts are again the best options in a hot and humid day. These casual t-shirts are undoubtedly a staple for summer casual clothing. Pair it with a casual chino or a pair or summer shorts for a perfect summer outfit.

Down Syndrome Cheerleader’s Heroes‏

Wow. An article on, Your text to link… , about a young cheerleader with Down’s Syndrome, Desiree, was bullied from the stands while she and her team were cheering at her school’s basketball team. Though not all kids are mean or bullies, you hear more about those kids than the ones who show kindness and sincere, natural empathy. However, the boys on Desiree’s basketball team really touched my heart. They heard the bullying coming from the stands and called a time out. They then went over to the stands and took a stand, telling the bully to knock it off. It started with one boy, but the rest came in support of Desiree.

Fans at Anastasia Date have learned that, since that game, Desiree has kids walking with her to class and completely pulling her in to the school’s fold. Someone even nicknamed the school’s gymnasium after her. It is now lovingly referred to as D’s House. And the principle is looking at getting a banner to commemorate it as such. If only more people could learn the art of humanity from the kids at this school, the world would be a much happier and peaceful place.

Congratulations to the parents of those wonderful Lincoln Middle School kids for being such a excellent role models. I teared up reading this article as it pulled at my heart strings.

The Antique Wine Company: World-Class Wine Merchant

Stephen Williams, the Chief executive officer of the antique wine company, didn’t know that one day he will own a wine company. Very few people invest in the wine business. Wine business needs a lot of determination and focus. There are a few clients however if your wine is high quality it will survive the test of time.
The older the wine, the sweeter it tastes. The antique company has wine from the 20th century. The company which was founded in the year 1982 has a customer base of more than 20000. The company has enlarged its service territory to more than 70 countries.
Ever since the commencement of the company, it has produced nothing less than fine wine. It has more than 10000 wine bottles in its vintage collection. Apart from making wine for special events, the company also sources out for rare wines. The antique wine company has also been involved in cellar planning in addition to offering wine master classes.
The journey to making the antique wine company to a world-class wine place has not been an easy one. Stephen Williams used to be an insurance salesperson. This job he took for some few years and after seeing no fruits, he decided to venture into something else.
He wanted to sell something that will make his clients come back for more and more. He wanted the commodity to be something unique. True to his thoughts every wine is unique in taste. Wine lovers will attest to his sentiments that the never get enough of the wine.
Stephen Williams admits that he never knew that one day he will own a multinational wine company. He only used to taste wine in people’s party. It’s not that he was invited to the party, he had just sneaked. Today he looks back and smiles because he does not need to taste wine. His company is like a river full of wine.
The AWC has won an award for being the best wine company in the world. The antique company was recognized as a company that produced the best valuable wine in July 2011. The company had a wine bottle that was much older the founder; it dated as back as 1811.
It takes a lot of courage to run a wine business company. Stephen Williams might not have had the best in his childhood, but he living the best in his adulthood because he dared to dream.