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The Ideal Attorney with Todd Levine

The relationship between an attorney and their client is one of the most vital connections an individual can make in the modern era. A client should expect the full attention of their attorney, as they will be the person representing them in a court of law. Todd Levine is a Florida based attorney who jointly runs the firm Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L., where he and his peers focus on cases of commercial real estate litigation. Todd Levine expands in a recent Ideamensch interview on how he became a better person during each step of the way. The path for Todd Levine opened up nearly three decades when he entered college. He ultimately completed his undergrad schooling with a degree in Finance. From there, he joined and soon completed Florida’s Levin College of Law program by 1991. Todd Levine rose through the ranks of the industry slow and steady. He was frequently writing academic articles and opinion pieces to get his name out there. However, it was a specific litigation case that opened more doors than he could have imagined. Todd Levine had been assigned a particularity difficult case, but this only made him raise up to the challenge. Todd Levine was able to look at the big picture and construct the perfect winning case. The satisfaction of a job well done is what keeps Todd Levine in this industry. He spends each and every say working on behalf of his clients. This ranges from hitting the road to meeting a client in person or heading to the courtroom for the day. At the same time, some days are simply for research purposes. Todd Levine takes his time to consider every single angle and what the counterarguments could be. It is this level of preparation and passion that has made Todd Levine an industry staple. Todd Levine goes out of his way to ensure his critical mind never becomes dull. His personal time is spent of artistic tasks and acquiring more knowledge. An attorney never knows the contents of an upcoming case, and what knowledge will be needed.

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Kevin Plank’s Storied Career Like a Script for a Hollywood Movie

One could easily make the case that Kevin Plank is a classic American success story. He invented a new product, set up an operation in his grandmother’s basement, made his first sale from the trunk of his car – and now he is a billionaire.

Plank’s story is one of defying the odds and a willingness to take enormous risks. It’s also the tale of a man who refused to fail and found ways to innovate his way out of vexing problems.

Kevin Plank founded Under Armour in 1996 with a single product that solved a common problem – clothing that got too sweaty during strenuous athletic activity. At the time, Plank was playing football for his college team, the University of Maryland Terrapins. He called himself the “sweatiest guy on the team.” The feeling of a soaked t-shirt beneath his football gear was unbearable.

He set out to discover or invent a fabric that would leech sweat away from the skin and keep an athlete cool. He finally found the material he was looking for – it was a fabric used in women’s undergarments. The bottom line was that it worked. Plank scraped together cash from wherever he could to manufacture his first batch of shirts.

At the time he was working out of his grandmother’s Georgetown home. He enlisted the support of his former college football teammates to wear the shirts and recommend them to other players at the NCAA Division I level. This led to his first big sale to Georgia Tech. Kevin Plank’s company Under Armour was off and running.

There would still be many hurdles to clear, but incredible persistence and struggling through periods of scarce capital enabled Under Armour to launch itself into a higher sphere. A key was a $25,000 ad in ESPN magazine which blew the lid off Plank’s efforts. The ad generated $1 million in sales. Kevin Plank and Under Armour never looked back.

Today Kevin Plank is renowned for his philanthropy. Has donated millions of dollars to the Cupid Foundation. He has also funded school programs and countless other charitable and nonprofit organizations that do good work for disadvantaged families and children. Find out more about Kevin Plank:

No Limit: Duda Melzer

The RBS Chairman President Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, better known as Duda Melzer, gave a recent lecture at the ADVB/RS auditorium. It was the second iteration of the lecture series entitled “Você com o Presidente.” Mr. Melzer addressed the room of professionals, executives and entrepreneurs. He delivered on the theme of Growth and how one must be committed to be successful within the industry. He also informed the audience of the 56-year history of the RBS Group.

He enlightened those in attendance with what it takes to expand your business. Covering one of the most important aspects of success, being brave enough to make power moves.

Some of the notable professionals and executives in attendance at the Você com o Presidente lecture were:

*Ademar Schardong from Sicredi

*Clóvis Tramontina from Tramontina

*Daniel Randon from Fras-le

*Francisco Valim from Oi

*Guiherme Paulus from CVC

*José Galló from Lojas Renner

It’s like a think tank where you can share your thoughts and ideas. President of ADVB, Telmo Cost, oversaw the event and kept it running smoothing.

Excellence In Execution

Duda Melzer has made it clear that he loves what he does. It motivates him daily to work with the best people in his field. He expressed his joy for his workforce to the audience. To be successful you need both business and people skills because they go hand in hand. The wisdom of detecting what people work best in what roles can make a big difference in your bottom line and guide the company on the right track. If you have the right team and business model in place, you’ll have peace of mind in any situation you face. Have passion and style to how you make your moves.

Media Power House

The RBS Group has evolved into one of the biggest media conglomerates in not just Brazil, but the world. It currently employs over 6,500 people during its 56-year existence. It’s known affectionately known as the “professional family business.”

Duda Melzer is a married family man with three children. He takes family very seriously. If he isn’t with his wife and children he is with his second family The RBS Group. To know more about Duda you can visit,grupo-rbs-presidido-por-duda-melzer-ganha-destaque-no-behance,70001701615

Brian Torchin And His Work

Brian Torchin is the president and CEO of HCRC staffing. This is a company that is dedicated to staffing and consulting with medical offices and the professionals that work within them. Essentially, HCRC staffing works to place high quality medical professionals into jobs at various facilities. Prior to HCRC, finding and retaining good staff in the medical industry was a difficult task. Brian Torchin and HCRC currently operate in the American North Eastern region.

One of the main operations of HCRC is career counselling in the medical field. Brian Torchin works to help qualified individuals with sought-after skills enter careers that suit their talents. Obviously, he is good at this, as several clients stated that he was always able to provide several choices of high-quality candidates to open positions that they were offering. Another part of the success of HCRC is due to Torchin’s keen eye for details, as this helps him be a better entrepreneur. Knowing the medical field from his own time working in it also helps operate more fluidly within it. Finally, he strives to create long-term relationships with his clients, and these help his business. Usually, a client relationship would last only through one exchange, but for Brian Torchin, they last for several due to his personal touch.

While HCRC is based in the Atlantic North East, the customer base of the company stretches worldwide. Torchin also keeps up with several diverse social media accounts, but not through an assistant. He believes that this is a great way to not only stay knowledgeable about the competition, but also to help retain his business relationships. Networking is a critical component of his work. His commitment to social media also allows him to be readily available for clients, which is a critical component of his business acumen and overall clout.


The 21 Hour Long Tweet Storm By Shervin Pishevar Was Phenomenal

There was a recent tweet storm by the famous Shervin Pishevar regarding a number of economic topics. He felt the need to get on his Twitter account and just blast away a number of tweets in a row about his thoughts and feelings regarding a number of modern issues. It is important that we pay attention to the tweets of someone like Shervin Pishevar primarily because he has proven that he has what it takes to make good economic predictions in his personal life. He was an early investor in Uber, and this propelled him to a great fortune as a result.

How Shervin Pishevar Feels About The Stock Market

Are you thinking about putting your money into work in the stock market? You may want to think twice on that according to Shervin Pishevar. He does not necessarily believe that this is a good idea because he is pretty well convinced that the market is overbought. He thinks that it needs to correct at least twenty percent before it becomes something reasonable to look at buying again. He feels pretty similar about other assets such as Bitcoin as well. The overhyped value of these things could lead to a major pullback and lose of funds for those who have invested in them according to Pishevar.

The United States Is Not The Cradle Of Startups Anymore

Shervin Pishevar is sorry to say that he does not believe that the United States is exactly the place for startups to look to begin these days. He feels that laws put in place have made it much more difficult for small companies to get their starts in America anymore. He thinks that the reality is that the competition from larger names and the protection that those larger names are afforded by the government is just too much to overcome.

These are just a couple of the numerous ideas that Pishevar provided during his tweet storm. You can check them out yourself and see if you agree or disagree with his conclusions. He is a smart person to be sure and he may just be right once again about what you should be doing with your money.

Flavio Maluf’s secret ingredients to success

We all yearn for a beautiful, successful life. That is why most of us are out there every day, putting up long hours of hard work into studies and our careers. Unfortunately, not everyone completes the journey as most people give up before getting to the epitome of success. However, there are a few who keep on keeping up until they get to the top. Among the few is Eucatex’s CEO, Flavio Maluf.

Born in a wealthy Brazilian family, Flavio Maluf has never been one to rely on the wealth of his family. Instead, through hard work and resilience, he has capitalized on the family business and built an empire of his own. The good news is that unlike most successful people who would rather keep the secrets of their success stashed away, Flavio Maluf always shares the principals that have helped shape him into the man he is today. Learn more at about Flavio Maluf

Principals of Flavio Maluf’s success

Maluf believes that were it not for the love and support he got from his family he wouldn’t be the man he is today. In respect to that, he always puts his family first. He also states that in the pursuit of success, many people tend to forget their loved ones and only realize how important their families are when it is too late.

After completing his mechanical engineering course at the Armando Alvares Foundation, Flavio Maluf worked with companies such as Citicorp. He, however, used the roles he got in these companies to hone his skills and later took over the family business in 1997 and used what he had learned to propel it towards success.

Apart from putting family first, Flavio Maluf credits his success to hard work. Even though he came from a well-to-do family and could have sat down and relaxed as he ate from the proverbial silver platter, Maluf first worked with other companies so he could understand what it is like to fend for himself. He also took time to study and improve his skills so he could be a more valuable asset to his family. Even when he began working at Eucatex, he did not get the CEO seat immediately. Instead, he had to work his way up the ladder, a process that took him a decade before he could finally occupy the position he serves today. In respect to that, he advises those in pursuit of success to work their way to the top instead of relying on shortcuts.

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Poppy Angeloff & Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere

Poppy Angeloff and Lime Crime are basically two concepts that started in the mind of Doe Deere. This particular women represents female empowerment to the highest degree because she has worked her way to the top of the field. Doe Deere is a passionate entrepreneur that possesses a heart of gold. “When we came to America, life was a bit difficult,” said Deere. For about six months, her mother and sister had to share one room with a single bed. There wasn’t even a kitchen in this room as it belonged to a women’s shelter. “I would actually sit and daydream about becoming a fashion designer,” said Deere. This special type of thinking actually got a chance to play itself out in the following years.


Doe Deere has used her sketches and artwork to become a famous professional. She has certainly been able to turn her dreams into a reality. Whenever Deere begins to daydream in the present tense, her ideas actually have a chance of coming into fruition in the future. FIT in New York has provided some valuable knowledge in fashion design, and Deere has used this knowledge to better herself. Shortly after arriving in New York, she would finally get the chance to play in a local band. Deere would eventually fall in love with one of her bandmates, and this bandmate would eventually become her husband of today.


“Myself, my sister and my mother would work hard and save our pennies,” said Deere. As of 2019, all three members of the family have become successful in their own rights. All in all, Doe Deere has laid a blueprint of success for all others to follow. She will continue to lead by example while setting new trends in the process.

Serge Belamant, Instrumental Leader for Block Chain Technology

Who is Serge Belamant?

Serge Belamant, a software developer who initially began his career with Matrix, has become a key player and patent holder in block chain technologies. He was born in Tulle, France in 1953. After graduating from The Highlands North High School for Boys, Belamant continued his studies with a focus in engineering, computer systems and information systems. Throughout his career he has made some very notable accomplishments. Serge Belamant’s inventiveness and creation of many cryptocurrencies has paved the way for many banks and governments to easily manage financial transactions safely and effectively.

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Early Years

His career began with Matrix where he assisted in the creation of applications that measured water levels and predicted droughts. His technology helped to create digital mapping, statistical methods and graphic interfaces. It didn’t take long for Control Data to offer Serge Belamant a position on their Cybernet team. While working with Cybernet, he received additional training and eventually worked his way into Databank where he would help to create the first scientifically driven financial system. From here, Belamant became a special consultant for Banccorp where he created a program that was used to analyze the risk and sustainability of business’. He was then brought onto SASWITCH where he developed the first RSA, POS system for the banking industry. Unfortunately, the banks did not implement his newly created technology, which led Belamant to found his own company Net1 Technologies in 1989.

Success of Net1 Technologies

After founding his own company, Serge Belamant would forever change the financial industry. The development of the offline pre-authorized card ensured fraudulent transactions would be easy to identify. This led to a contract with Visa that would bring Serge Belamant to the USA to complete this endeavor. During this time he was able to grow Net!’s worth to over 2 billion dollars.

Zilch Technology Limited

Currently, Belamant is working to develop more block chain technology in an effort to perfect the cryptocurrency market. His focus is to perfect his technology and provide peace of mind to financial institutions and governments.


Isabel dos Santos on Being a Successful Business Professional

Isabel dos Santos is Africa’s richest woman. She is a skilled entrepreneur too. Recently, she attended the 2019 Africa Summit in Brussels. She said that the revolution of mobile telecommunications should be followed by a digital revolution. The business professional was a speaker in the discussion that sought to offer insight on employment opportunities to the less privileged. Isabel defended the development of technology utilized in the diversification of several sectors in the continent including banking as well as agriculture. To join the competitive marketing world, Isabel believes that one has to be educated. For more information about Isabel Dos Santos, view her crunchbase profile

Attending the 2019 Summit

Therefore, she’s taken the initiative by encouraging students and young aspiring business professionals to advance their education. Isabel dos Santos garnered her wealth from different sectors including telecommunications, energy, media, retail, and finance. She has worked in various capitals including the US and Africa. Currently, the wealthy businesswoman owns assets worth more than $2 billion in a report by Forbes. In many of her interviews, Isabel dos Santos states that she faced multiple challenges while serving in male-dominated sectors. She is aware of the problems that entrepreneurs face when seeking greener pastures. As such, Isabel dos Santos understands that empowering women would catalyze their personal growth. Their families would also grow. Isabel encourages her colleagues to join her in the movement. The head cheerleader of Unitel added that Africa would be dominated by revolutionary technology that will lead to the growth of the e-commerce sector. Online transactions and digital banking platforms will also dominate the continent.

Working at Unitel

Isabel dos Santos has successfully held various management positions across different companies. She moved to London in 1990 and joined her father in the family business. She was the project manager of Urbana 2000, an affiliate of Jembas Group. Isabel then started a trucking business. The growing demand for walkie-talkie helped her to grow her business. She opened the Miami Beach Club which was the leading night club. She also expanded the interests of her business thereby leading to the establishment of various holdings in her local community and foreign capitals. Source:

The Newest Executive Appointments as Announced by HGCC

HGGC is a very successful private equities company in the country. The company deals with profitable buyouts, growth equities, corporate carve-outs, restructuring the middle market and platform investments among other things. Their fields of investment include financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, industrial services, and many others. They are currently based mainly in North America; however, they have been strategizing on how they can spread out to the rest of the world.

Recently, the company announced that they would be making new additions to their teams. The additions that they have made are part of their efforts to improve service delivery to their customers. The company looks for business from those companies that are in a position to invest between $25 million and $125 million. When looking for revenue investments, they always go for companies that can offer more than $100 million. The business management team has a system whereby they only allow businesses that offer them majority and minority control and shares to invest in.

The company, which was previously known as the Huntsman Global Gay Capital, changed its name to HGGC five years ago. They have been in business for the past 12 years and the financial gains they have made during this time are enough evidence that they are growing tremendously as a business. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, in California. They, however, have additional offices in places such as Salt Lake City in Utah and Palm Beach in Florida.

The overhaul in HGGC leadership is a decision which was made last year. The main reason why they made this decision was to better position themselves in the market. The new positions were announced in October 2018. Christopher Quinn is one of the new officials that joined the company in the new appointments. Quinn is the new Company Executive Director. His focus is to raise the company’s portfolio. Zachary Adams is another new appointee for the company. He joins them from the Boston Consulting Group, where he previously worked. Other notable appointments include Patrick Malanga, Merrill Lynch and William Specter.

HGGC has come a long way in the world of alternative investments. They maintain that the sky is the limit for the group.