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The Impressive Website Of Adam Milstein

Among the things that people look at when it comes to prominent people in the different communities is the type of information that is available on this person. Adam Milstein is one very prominent person. One thing that is very helpful is that he makes himself known throughout many different media. This makes it easier for people to find information on him. However, a surprising amount of people don’t really have all that much information about them online even though they are famous. Adam Milstein has shown that he is not shy about this. For one thing, he has a lot of lessons that he wants people to learn so that they will be able to follow some of his examples to a rich and positive life.


One thing that has helped Adam Milstein spread his presence online is his website. He has made sure that people have a lot of information about him from a source that he can trust. His website has a lot of information about him, his philanthropy, the work he does and plenty of other aspects of his life. He also has videos uploaded of him speaking on different matters. One good thing about him is that he tackles many subjects that are accessible and he shares new insights that could help people gain some new understanding.


His ability and willingness to address people is what earned him a spot as one of the most influential Jews in the world. The secret to being influential is to be accessible. When one takes the time to answer questions and provide useful advice, he is going to have an easier time reaching people in ways that are meaningful. As a result, people may find more inspiration for what they are doing. They may even start pursuing higher goals.


Norman Pattiz Announces Brand Lift Studies Results

In an article on PR Newswire the Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz, shared the results of a study was conducted by Edison Research. The results of the study showed that advertising on podcasts leads to great results.

The study was performed with 5 major product brands in 5 different product and service categories. The results of the study showed that advertising on podcasts leads to high brand recall, consumers intent to purchase the brand advertised, and good recall of what the advertisement was about. Some of the specific findings of the study included 60% of listeners mentioned one of the brands in the study after the campaign was over while before the study the brand was talked about by only 7% of the study participants. Another result was for an automobile aftermarket product; the number of people saying they thought “very favorably” of it went from 18% to 33%.

The research that Edison Research performed was done over three separate studies all conducted in 2016. The brands used ranged from very well known brands to those that were looking to increase awareness among consumers. Each study ran for 4-6 weeks while the products that were being studied were advertised on PodcastOne’s different podcasts. The overall result of the research was that podcast audiences are willing to listen to brand messaging and were more likely to consider purchasing products that had been advertised on a podcast they listened to.

When announcing the results Norman Pattiz said that the independent study was done to verify if advertising on podcasts was more effective than that appearing in traditional media. He went on to say that the resulted validated their approach to integrating advertising into the podcasts on his network.

Norman Pattiz is the Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne. He has worked in media since 1977 when he founded media giant Westwood One which would go on to dominate radio across the United States. He came up with the idea of PodcastOne when meeting Kit Gray, a person that was representing his client’s podcasts. Pattiz realized that this was the digital equivalent of Westwood One and so launched PodcastOne in order to compete in this new market. 4 years after PodcastOne started it is now the dominant podcast company in the industry.

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Sanjay Shah’s New Foundation

Sanjay Shah is many thinks including a businessman, a philanthropist, as well as a family man who is dedicated to being a husband and a father. As the owner and the founder of Solo Capital, Sanjay Shah is an individual who is truly dedicated to serving the people by offering unique financial advice that promises a high rate of return with low risk that is involved. As a businessman, Mr.Sanjay Shah Denmark found success through failure. After the 2008 financial crisis, he was out of his investment job which later inspire him to open up his own business of Solo Capital which is currently based in the city of London. This boutique investment firm is especially focused on offering the best advice to small to middle size businesses.

As a father and a husband, Sanjay Shah’s family have always been put first. Every decision that he has made has considered the future of his family. Five years, in 2011, Sanjay Shah was present when his young son was officially diagnosed with autism, a development disorder that affects how individuals not only process information, but also communicate. Typically, those who have been diagnosed with autism have a hard time socializing. Though autism is not an uncommon diagnosis, not much is known about it as research currently lacks sufficient funding. As his son has fallen victim to this development disorder, Mr. Shah came up with a plan to fund research for the autism disorder.

Though autism is a common disorder to be diagnosed with, the disorder has not been researched extensively. The disorder is so common that one in 68 children are diagnosed with autism on an annual basis. In addition to these statistics, boys are more likely to have the disorder than girls. With this diagnosis, it can often be hard on families and loved ones as the disorder not only takes patience, but it also take a sufficient amount of funds in medical bills as well as in care taking bills.

Sanjay Shah and his family decided to help fund autism research by creating an organization known as Autism Rocks. This foundation hosts several events per year in London which showcase some of the most widely known celebrities who perform and encourage donations. Though Autism Rocks was founded recently in 2014, this foundation has already done so much good to further research which will help parents and loved ones know a little bit more about the disorder.


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