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Stream Cares: Helping the Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey is one of the strongest and most monumental disasters that has happened in Dallas, Texas. It is certainly a force of nature that cannot be averted and it has caused so much destruction, damage and casualties that should be foreseen when facing a natural calamity like Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Harvey has left a lot of families, individuals and pets with almost nothing to work with, they are left without a home, and some family members arose from the disaster with an incomplete family. In times of disaster, and in times where the community is left in a depressive state – it is certainly the time wherein camaraderie, the idea of community, and humanity should arise. It is a time where we have to forget our differences and we have to clump together and use collective action to be able to help each other. It is a time where individuals and companies who have platforms to help should help, people with strong influence should put their power to good use and companies or individuals who can shell out financial help should contribute.

One company that has rose to the situation and has initiated helping the community of Dallas post-Hurricane Harvey is Stream Cares. Stream Cares is a branch of Stream Energy that was solely focused on helping the community of Dallas in alleviating homelessness, feeding the hungry and clothing the people who had none to protect from the environment.

Stream Energy has always been a company that had their philanthropy as one of their core thrusts – but they created Stream Cares to be a solid and tangible company that is only dedicated into helping others. Stream Cares used the money that was earned by the very successful business of Stream Energy to fund the recovery and the alleviation of the victims form Hurricane Harvey. Stream Energy via Stream Cares also personally checked on their clients and customers and has selflessly offered financial help to help them ease the burden. Stream Energy basically helped those people who have helped them as well, and they extended their help even more to the community of Dallas.

Herbalife Stock Growth

Herbalife is a stock that has experienced large volume growth within the recent past. It has been stated as a pick that is preferred among investors, that is shown via the stocks gigantic 68.7% increase on a year to date basis which well contrasts with the industry as a whole’s decline of 0.1%. This is a well loved weight management and wellness company that is improving due to largely increasing volumes in key markets as well as creating a dependable product. Forecasted trends have shown that the business is expected to continue to boost performance and allow the company to ignore hurdles that have blocked other similar companies in the industry. It is experiencing a large amount of growth drivers, which coupled with it’s previously strong performance in the past it is expected to hold in investors gooo will going forward.

The NASDAQ has reported that new options will begin trading in the first week of 2019 for Herbalife. The NASDAQ reports on Herbalife as a stock with low volatility that will likely put consistent returns on investors in Herbalife. Hedge Funds are trading the stock in large quantities. At the end of the third quarter a total of 38 hedge funds were long this stock, which was a change of 27% from the second quarter of 2018. In contrast, a total of 32 hedge funds are maintaining a bullish stance on Herbalife stocks at the beginning of this year.

In the realm of hedge funds, a lot of prominent investors are looking into the stock as one to bet on in the near future. The number of bets in long hedge funds rose in 8. Calculations show that Herbalife is not among the 30 most popular stocks, but it is one of the most stable and surest bets.

The largest stake in Herbalife was held by Icahn Capital LP, which reported holding $1.92 billion worth of stock in the company by the end of September. Icahn was followed by Renaissance Technologies, D.E. Shaw, Deccan Value Advisors, and Route One Investment Company.

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Dallas-Based Stream Energy Creates Stream Cares For Philanthropy

Stream Energy is an energy selling company based in Dallas. The company is one of those who has maintained close ties with the customers in different ways. Apart from delivery of services, the company is leveraging on the role of supporting the community in times of need as one of the ways through which the companies can maintain a good relationship with the customers. Philanthropy is one of the things that matters the most to the customer. Companies which cooperate with the community in times of need are reviewed positively by the customers. Companies have therefore been trying to grab the attention of customers in many ways, one of them being supporting philanthropy in the community.

To make philanthropic operation in the company formal, the company has created a department that will deal purposely with charitable work. “Stream Cares” is a foundation that has been created with the aim of giving the company a voice on matters that relate to the community they serve. When Hurricane Harvey affected Houston, this organization was one of those that came out to support the victims of the hurricane. Stream Energy has been giving back to the community for a long time, but now they want to make philanthropy a basic operation.

Corporates have not been paying attention to philanthropy as it has been happening in recent times. It is only recently that the company tried to make a difference in the operations of the company. For many years, this company has been trying as much as possible to support the company and now with the creation of the foundation; it will be in a better position to offer better services.

Stream Energy is among other American corporates that have been giving considerable contributions to philanthropic organizations. Stream Energy is also carrying out a program that will see homeless people in Dallas offered an opportunity to own a home. Stream Energy is also supporting Hope Supply Co., an organization that offers the clothing and food to homeless children around the globe. All these are initiatives that place the company in a better position to win the hearts of the people.

Lori Senecal a Guru in Advertising

Advancements made in technology have revolutionized the way we do things, and advertising is no exception. Technology has made advertising easier and reachable to millions of people who have access to the internet and own mobile phones.

To be relevant adverts should use platforms that reach the target audience, deliver a message that can be easily understood and inspires the audience to take action.

User experience is also very critical in advertising and should be designed in such a way that it is multicultural, virtual reality, and native, easily accessible and can be shared. The best platform for advertising is the social media forum such as face book. Check out GC Report to know more.

According to Adage, some of the top marketing trends that appeal to the user according to Lori Senecal are: the use of eye catching colors in adverts that attract people attention, customizing adverts for mobile users thus making it easy to navigate through and making the adverts generate emotional responses, creating a connection between the client and the brand. In addition, the use of humor in advertising is essential as it can trigger viral sharing. Recognizing women significance in adverts is also very crucial as women do shopping more than men and also do most of the family purchases. The use of data analyst is also significant for companies as they help refine advertising and can respond to news and trends. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Lori Senecal is the current Global CEO of Crispin Porter & Bogusky, LLC. Lori became the firms CEO as from march 2015. At the firm, Lori is responsible for overseeing the company’s global expansion and coordination and management of the agency nine international offices. Lori has a vast experience in the field of advertising and has previously worked as a CEO at MDC Partner Network.

Lori has been the brains behind several new advertising models that have become very successful in business and corporations such as TAG Ideation, a unit that specializes in marketing young adult products.

Lori Senecal has had a tremendous career at CP+B and has achieved a lot as the CEO. Some of her achievements include being able to expand the business to 9 international offices and grown the number of employees from around 250 to more than 900 globally. Moreover, the agency was recognized with a Titanium Grand Prix Award at the Cannes Film Festival.

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Why Choosing UKV PLC Is A Great Option

UKV PLC should be your top priority when it comes to purchasing a quality wine product. If you’re not sure about what makes UKV PLC a recommended product of wine, then please do not hesitate to see what some of its processes of manufacturing are.

You may be happy to realize that it is a company that truly takes its time with essential winemaking; however, it is also important for you to know why.

UKV PLC is a well-renowned winemaking company primarily due to the quality of wine that it provides for its customers. If you would like to know exactly what is separating UKV PLC from other wine producers, then it may be valuable for you to know that the product is one that consists of having its fruits completely settle prior to packaging and shipping it. This process allows the fruits to completely mix into the liquid so that it has a delicious taste, and not one that has a watery taste. UKV PLC is a choice of wine that many people are making their primary option when it comes to indulging in its tasty and quality wine product. Why settle for less when you can have more? In the case of wine products, quality is always considered to be more.

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The Many Phases Of Eric Pulier’s Career

While many people get their careers off the ground, there are few that live such a life of variety as Eric Pulier. He is someone who has gone through many different phases of his career. He has also brought forth things that have helped children in ways that are meaningful. He has helped people in many different ways at once. One of the methods he has used to help people was through the use of technology. He has used technology to bring attention to different health issues so that health care professionals can know what to work on in order to bring forth treatments.


Among the issues that Eric Pullier has helped with is the ability of people to connect with each other. Given the nature of society, it is not always going to be easy for people to connect with one another. One example of an issue that people may have connecting with one another is that they may find themselves dealing with people that don’t understand them. This is a common issue for children who are chronically ill. They deal with a unique set of challenges because of illness. Some of the challenges are brought forward by other people. Eric has addressed this issue with Starbright World, a forum where chronically ill children could connect with one another and share their stories.


One other noteworthy area in Eric’s career is his work with Bill Clinton. He has worked very hard to make sure that people are getting the help they need while living in needy communities. After all, society is filled with problems and Eric has been very passionate about finding solutions to these problems so that he can make a positive difference in the lives of people that he serves. Eric has a very impressive career that people can look to for an example.


Wines From UKV PLC

UKV PLC, is a dedicated team of fine wine enthusiasts who have a deep level of wealth who guide their clients with the best wine and champagne’s choices. They are not limited or tied to a single supply chain; thus, they are an independent wine organization. They work with a huge network of merchants, traders, and brokers to draw and source stock when searching an highly or unusually demanded champagne or wine.

How UKV PLC Operate

They will meet with their clients face to face where they can come to their offices. UKV PLC can also meet at a location of their client’s choice, even at their client’s home. In some cases, clients want to meet with them at a more informal place, and UKV PLC understands that.

UKV PLC’s primary business is based on the sale and supply of bonded fine champagne and wine and the acquisition through their trading floor for private trade and individual trade customers. They offer brokerage services for those wanting to sell high quality graded wine in a UK regulated bond. Also, their wines include various Bordeaux, Burgundy, Italian, and Spanish wines.

Contact and Social Media Information

The head office of UKV PLC is located on Dingwall Road in Croydon, Surrey and on Bressenden Place, London. Their phone number is 0207 471 8030, and the email is As far as their presence on social media, they are involved in Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Their Twitter name is @UkvPlc, and they joined Twitter in September 2016. Their Instagram name is ukv_plc. They have 41 posts, 624 followers, and following 208 people on Instagram. They are following 70 people and have 90 followers on Twitter.

Wine Guide For Traveling Vineyard Good Job Option For Single Parents

Being a single parent is pretty difficult. Well, pretty difficult is an understatement. You have to do such a balancing act between forging ahead with a career and taking care of children. It is a stressful act that is worthy of its own high-wire circus show.

There is this great job out there for single parents that can be used as a full-time career or a way to easily make some extra money. It allows you to dictate your own schedule around your children’s lives. It gets you away from the kids for a while to be amongst adults having fun. This job also gives you critical training and experience for a future career in the wine industry.

There is a company called Traveling Vineyard that hires wine guides. These wine guides are the companies salespeople on the ground. But the way that Traveling Vineyard wants you to sell wine is very different. They want you to go to parties and have fun.

It should all start with your own group of friends. Get them all over your house or one of your friend’s house. You can set up a theme party if you would like, or you can simply tell them that they are your guinea pigs for the night. That’s when you get to show off your Traveling Vineyard education after pouring all of your friends an award-winning glass of wine.

You get to walk your friends through the wine tasting process step by step. This is one of the best parts of the job because you get to see your friends eyes open up to new experiences. You get to turn your friends onto new wines they didn’t even know they liked. Then you just give them some information on how to order their favorite wines through Traveling Vineyard. You get a healthy cut of all the sales from the party.

It is up to you from there. Most wine guides get to host more parties because of word of mouth advertising. And you get to host these parties around your families schedule while continually raking in commissions.

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OSI Group Growing Big And Better

According to a recent survey, OSI Group has over 66 operational units that are located in 15 countries. Some of the countries where OSI products are available include Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Mexico, and China and Japan. OSI Group has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois and has been in operation for the last 109 years.

In the Food, Tobacco and Drink Industries, OSI Group has become the leader. OSI Group had a revenue of over $6 billion in the year 2016. They also ranked as number 58 in the largest privately owned companies. OSI Group has over 20,000 employees working in their plants worldwide.

The products that the OSI Group specializes with include fish, poultry, vegetable products as well as Pizza and hot dogs. The company also specializes in pork, meat patties, and dough products. Recently, OSI Group acquired the Baho food in what was seen as part of their global expansion. With this acquisition, they became the sole owners of the five Baho food subsidiaries that include Vital Convenience, Henri van de Bilt, Bakx Foods, Gelderland Frischwaren and Q Smart Life. This acquisition will increase the OSI Group presence in 18 European countries. In the deal, the two companies agreed that no employee would lose their job.

The OSI Group was started by a German immigrant in the year 1909. The company grew rapidly when it formed a partnership with McDonald’s to become their sole meat supplier. Some of the firm’s plants in the US include those found in Riverside, California, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin and West Chicago in Illinois. Over the years, the firm has received several awards for observing safety risks associated with the environment. The current chief executive officer of the company is Sheldon Lavin while the chief financial officer is Sherry Demeulenaere. OSI supplies meat products to western companies operating in the Far East.

Ferry Settlement Causes, Lawsuit and More

In recent news it appears that Bruce Levenson and the Atlanta Hawks are taking on a different fight….one in court. For it appears that just recently they have decided to file a law suit and sue New Hampshire Insurance Company for what they claim to have been a breach of contract violation which is punishable by law or in the courts. Here is more.

“According to court documents the amount of the claim in confidential. The lawsuit states that the confidential limits of liability of the policy are sufficient to play AHBE’s claim. The lawsuit states that AIG has refused to acknowledge that a claim was made and refused to acknowledge….” (, pg. 1)

According to this fascinating PR News recap of what really went down just in the last few days, the article also mentions the fact that the law suit was filed only on the 13th of this last month of September 2016. The Superior Court of Fulton County took the law suit. The Atlanta Hawks also accused New Hampshire Insurance Company of AIG, which so appears to be a civil action taken for many breach of contract issues and overall bad faith when it comes to overall insurance practices.