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Scary And Shocking Events That Occurred At Universal Studios Theme Parks


Universal Studious theme parks have had their fair share of scary and shocking events occurring there, like the Orlando roller coaster accident. Below we describe some of the more notable ones when it comes to shock and scariness.


Riders were stranded on a hill for over two hours when a computer program error on the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit went into safety mode. A truly shocking event was when one man was tasered by an off duty policeman for so called disorderly conduct. The man later died at a hospital. The cause of death was determined to be from the electric shock and rough handling by Universal Studios security staff.


One person on the Dragon Challenge ride got injuries to both his face and leg by an object that acted like a projectile when it hit him. Previously one person was blinded when an unknown object also struck him and injured his eye. These two events led to Universal Studious theme parks to permanently shut down the dueling dragons part of the event.


We all know that theme parks can offer some serious spookiness especially to kids. One woman was so spooked by the Horror Makeup Show that she fell of the stairs during an audience participation event and broke her leg. She was rushed to a hospital but was shortly released and was declared to be okay with only a broken leg and some serious spooks from the show.  Definitely some scary pictures you do not want to see after this one.


Another shocking event that took place at Universal Studious theme parks was when police shot a man at a crowded club when responding to an altercation. The person they shot had a gun on him and was acting rowdy. Just goes to show that theme parks can be dangerous at times, especially when things get rowdy.

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