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Roberts Ivy, AIA, and Professional Associations

Schools and worker training networks are both imperative to the professionals, but a connection to further professional growth and education is necessary. Enter the professional association. These are not the same thing as trade associations. These are associations that are geared toward whole companies. Professional associations are geared toward professional individuals. These organizations are a great place for professionals of a certain industry to gain further education and networking capabilities via a wide range of things like conventions, websites, webinars, and newsletters. More about of Robert Ivy at

Of these few examples mentioned here, the most important for networking is the conference. It is not uncommon for thousands of workers in a particular field to get together in them. Their many avenues of networking include the many happy hours, workshops, education sessions, young-professional networks, committees, regional receptions, and volunteer events. These organizations will sometimes even provide its own original researchers provided by its own full-time researchers.

If you are educated and trained in a particular industry but do not yet have a job, professional organizations are perfect for job hunters as well. Many associations host their own online job boards. Most associations also have frequent job fairs. But your membership of this organization should not stop after a job is found. Being a member will often boost your credibility in your chosen industry. It will prove to be especially helpful if you are active in the association. This will show the management of your company that you are leadership material.

One of the most prestigious and influential professional associations is the American Institute of Architects, led by its CEO, Robert Ivy. Robert Ivy says it is especially nationally esteemed for its strong upholding of a strict code of ethics and expecting its members to live by them. Like all associations, there is a fee to join Robert Ivy association. There are many chapters throughout the U.S. with some having very expensive fee, while other chapters have low fees. It all depends upon how active Robert Ivy AIA is in that area.



Robert Ivy’s Career And Lifetime Achievements

Robert Ivy was appointed to lead the Chief of Architectural Records in 1996. During his tenure at the firm, it won several awards such as the Premier Magazine Award. He was given the Management Excellence Award in 1998. The journal is read by millions of people around the world. The firm had several subsidiaries such as Constructor and Sweets.

Ivy was involved in the recruitment process where Frank Gehry was appointed as the designer of the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. He was the principal at Dean and Dale. He was always quick to respond to various publications on national matters.

Robert Ivy is a recipient of the Prestigious Crain Award in 2009. He is an associate of the Design Futures Council. He was named unanimously as a “Master Architect” by an association of architects. He was recognized for being able to employ effective communication among relevant stakeholders on the value of design. He is the chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects since 2011. He is also a recipient of the Noel Pork Lifetime Achievement Award by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. He was the first architect to receive the honor. The awards are meant for various artists from Mississippi who have excelled in their careers. Previous winners of the award include a writer known as Eudora Welty and the renowned actor, Morgan Freeman.

Robert Ivy has always focused on making architecture more accessible in the country. He is an author and editor on publications related to architecture. The growth of the American Institute of Architects can be attributed to his strong leadership. The membership has increased tremendously over the years. Currently, it has over 90,000 professional member architects and designers that are focused on transforming the construction industry. The organization has been operating for more than a century. To increase the awareness in architecture, Robert Ivy has been involved in various initiatives and advocacy through various media channels. He has helped to ensure adherence to industry standards and high-quality structures by various professional architects. He is considered as a role model by many people in the construction industry.

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American Institute of Architects: A Resource Center For All Designers

Professional architect Robert Ivy is the CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The institution is based in Washington, DC and has over 260 chapters world wide. It was founded in 1857 and currently has over 90,000 members. A major focus of the organization is to advocate for architects’ exposure as well as act as a resource center for architects all over the world. Much of the success of AIA is the result of Robert Ivy’s leadership.

Robert Ivy was born in Columbus, Mississippi. He has degrees from Sewanee University and Tulane University. He is the author of the book, Fay Jones: Architect and frequently speaks to audiences coast to coast concerning the role of architecture and how it affects our lives.

Robert’s reign at AIA began in 2011. While CEO, his focus is on changing the organization’s goals to reflect the needs of architects in the 21st century. For example, he desires to increase public awareness of architecture and the relevance it has to the world. Prior to coming to AIA, Robert Ivy was the Vice President and editorial Director of McGraw-Hill Construction Media.

As CEO, Ivy has been essential to the building of a new infrastructure that utilizes technology as well as initiating an award-winning public awareness campaign. He is currently restructuring AIA’s resources so that the organization can be used to better prepare architects in today’s world. Issues such as climate change, sustainability, and the impact of design on public health all affects today’s architects. and Ivy wants them to be aware of these issues.

Robert Ivy wants architects to be advisors, a “creative consultant” if you will. Architects should be available to assist in solving a wide range of problems that affects industries and companies. His desire is to be an asset, not only to architects, but to the general public as well. Issues such as public health and climate changes directly affect architecture today. Therefore, architects need to work hand in hand with the public on these issues.

Ivy stated in an interview with ZDNet that architects have been guided by different schools of thought generation to generation. These ideas direct how architects approach their work and, in turn, impact how buildings have been built. Robert Ivy is leading this new generation of architects by emphasizing the importance of social good and public health and how they play such a significant role in architecture.

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