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George Soros Dedicates His Life to Philanthropy

While there are other philanthropists who are a part of the political world, George Soros knows that he is doing what he can to be the most philanthropic person. He has a lot of money and he knows that his money will be able to make things better for him so that he can try different things and so that he can make things better for all of the people who are in the different areas. He can identify with different people and he can try different things so that he will be able to make things better on his own. There have been other opportunities that he has had to make things better for people and those have been able to range from things that he knows how to do with people who are poor to things that he can do to make things better for those who are in political positions.

As The Washington Times talked about, George Soros helped the people who were in Ferguson. They were struggling with the issues that they were having and that made it easier for people to try different things. It also made it easier for them to be able to protest and see the results that would make things better for them. George Soros knew how hard it could be to try and change things and wanted people to have a chance at change so that they would be enabled to try more options with the things that they were doing. Read more about George’s life story at

Another way that George Soros helped in the time that he was working with others was by donating to the Clinton presidential campaign. He wanted to show people that he was politically active and made a lot of money so he chose to spend that money on the things that he believed in. There have been other things that he can do and he has made sure that he is doing it all the right way no matter what is going on. For George Soros to be able to try these things, he has to make sure that they are working out and that he is growing his wealth.

Politico, an online publication, told people about the things that were going on in the world of politics. They wanted people to know about the way that he was doing things so that they could see that he was doing things the right way. As a philanthropist, he knows the right way to try things and knows that helping people out is the best way to make things better. All of this is something that has made it easy for him to understand the things that were going on no matter what happened to them. Visit his profile on Twitter.

No Proof George Soros is Bankrolling Black Lives Matter Movement


Is George Soros bankrolling the Black Lives Matter movement? Did he give $33m to the movement? As The Daily Beast reports (1), many right wing blogs, social media pages and groups and even Fox News seem to believe so. In July Bill O’Reilly on his hugely popular show, The O’Reilly Factor, made similar allegations and since then the rumor has gained a lot of currency in conservative circles.
Could the allegations be true? Is George Soros funding the movement through his Open Society Foundation? First, it is a known fact that through his Open Society Foundation, George Soros has bankrolled numerous organizations that advance causes that are dear to him in more than 100 countries (2). Most of these causes, like support for education of the underprivileged, integration of minority groups like the Roma people in Europe or support for pro-democracy groups in countries such as Russia are deeply rooted in his own identity and personal experiences. Born in Hungary in 1930 and raised at a time of economic and political turmoil in Europe, Soros survived the Holocaust during World War 2 and escaped communism in Hungary to England for his university education before moving to the US where he has amassed a fortune of around $24 billion from his work as one of the most successful hedge fund managers in history (3). This huge fortune has enabled him to not only give generously to charities he supports but also become an influential political activist.
In the US, most of his political activism has been in support of liberal causes. This has earned him the wrath of many right wing activists and groups. These activists and groups have no love not only for George Soros but for the Black Lives Matter movement and its tactics as well. Starting as a simple hashtag to express anger over the killing of an unarmed black teenager, the movement has moved from twitter to lectures, local organizations and protest groups. The disruption of political rallies of presidential candidates by some of these protest groups has particularly angered many right wing activists and opinion leaders who feel the protests have become a political tool of Hillary Clinton and his most prominent financial backer, George Soros.
As Ken Zimmerman, the head of Open Society Foundation’s US programs confirms, Soros financially supports many groups that address the central issue of Black Lives Matter movement- police brutality against blacks. However, there is no evidence that Soros ever donated $33m directly to the movement. According to the foundations 2014 financial records, the $33m it spent in the US in 2014 was distributed to many groups promoting social justice issues. Black Lives Matter is not among the groups that were funded. In any case, as Zimmerman argues, even if they wanted to, funding Black Lives Matter is almost impossible because it lacks centralized structures to make such funding possible.
These facts make the allegation that Soros bankrolls the Black Lives Matter movement untrue. Open Society Foundation’s financial records show that to be the case and even if Soros wanted to, the Black Lives Matter movement is so amorphous that such funding is not possible.


A Third Bush in the White House?

Jeb Bush has gone beyond the subtle hints that he is running for president. In a Facebook post, he admits he is actively “exploring the possibility” of a 2016 candidacy.

As the Republican faithful look over a field that includes Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Chris Christie, they may conclude that Jeb is the most qualified choice, by virtue of his experience, background and temperament. But Jeb Bush’s main problem is – well, he’s a Bush.

Jeb’s last name, at least in part, got him to where he is today. He never would have been elected governor of Florida and would not now be mentioned as a candidate for the highest office in the land if not for the fact that dear old dad, George H.W. Bush, was the 41st president.

“Old Man” Bush is now a revered figure, and that does Jeb no harm. Unfortunately, between Bush 41’s presidency and the present, Jeb’s older brother, George W. Bush, also served as president. When people remember Bush 43, they think of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the fumbling response after Katrina. History may be kinder to George W. than his contemporaries, but, for now, the Bush brand has been tarnished just a bit.

It’s no knock on Jeb personally, but Keith Mann and others have taken to Twitter saying that there may be some sort of “Bush fatigue” going around. Three Bushes may be one Bush (or even two Bushes) too many.

Child Homelessness Rises

Homelessness is a bug problem throughout the world. What many do not realize though is that this problem is real and alive and well in America as well. The rates of homeless men and women have surged over the period of the last decade.

Many don’t realize that many of these homeless men and women also have children. In the past year, one of every 30 children experienced homelessness. That means that these children did not have a warm place to sleep, good food to eat, or shelter from the cold and rain.

The issue also goes a lot farther than these children simply being homeless. Some like Lee worry about many other things as well. Health issues and long term detriment to their psychological health can occur when they are exposed to these extreme conditions. Homeless children often do not have the means to get the right kinds of foods, and they do not usually have the proper clothing.

A key aspect that needs to be addressed when dealing with child homelessness is domestic violence. Many of the children are under the age of 6 and their mothers are typically single moms who are fleeing dangerous situations. It is not simply the aspect of domestic violence here that is alarming, it is also the human toll it take on the psyche of the child.


The Problem of Congressional Efficacy: A Remedy From A Brazilian Living in America

PolitiFact Verified, the United States Congress has the lowest approval rating of all the government branches, at eleven percent. However, incumbents are re-elected nearly ninety-six percent of the time. Intriguingly, an explanation for this would be that Americans like their individual congress members because they feel like they represent them, but not the governing body as a whole, which is an interesting philosophy.

Paradoxically, this philosophy’s problem is that constituents reelecting incumbents are looking at short-term effects within their own spheres of influence. Localities take precedence over the nation in the mind of each constituent. Congressional members who can take advantage of this receive high marks, from what Jared Haftel has told all of us. These high marks pave the way for their own reelection. Once reelected, incumbents continue their term right where they left off, and install pork-barrel projects in legislations they support, which send money back to their districts, which later reelect them. The process repeats every election.

Nevertheless, there is an unexplored solution that may offer some solace to discontent citizens. They would only necessitate the opportunity to vote someone into their congressional district once per every two midterm elections, encouraging both parties to vie for each district and preventing one party from monopolizing a state on the federal level.

California Has Just Made History

On November 4th, Americans in certain states voted on ballot measures concerning marijuana legalization for a series of purposes. As a result, California has made the news, and not for a bad reason for a change.

According to Vice News, the majority of Californian voters approved Preposition 47, which deals with criminal justice reform, making the Golden State the first to make nearly all accounts of drug possession regarding personal use legal. This is the first time a state in the country defelonizes this type of activity.

California has long been the leader in inmate population in the country, having some of the most crowded and according to Gianfrancesco Genoso,  inhumane prisons in the United States.

The preposition, recently passed by the majority, could soon put a major dent in the inequality of sentencing laws in the state. Considering that most felonies for drug possession affect minorities at a higher rate than whites, defelonizing drug possession for personal use helps to protect minorities and keep them out of jail.

Marijuana enthusiasts or not, the passing of this preposition should make Californians proud to be the first state in the nation to tackle an issue that disproportionally affects minorities and non-violent individuals.


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