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How Equity First Holdings has been beneficial to the society

Summary of the presented article

Equity First Holdings was first established in 2002 with the aim of providing loans to members as they expand their operations. For the last 15 years, the Equity First Holdings has been under rapid improvement. Other than loans, the company has been trusted with different organizations to provide financial and investment advice. From the onset of its operations, huge financial institutions have been the biggest beneficiaries of their operations.

To the members, the company has very flexible terms. On offering loans, there are very few expectations. The company does not depend on the clients for the loan repayment. This means that there is no pressure at all from the company on the duration of loan repayment. Currently, loans are easily given to the members with shares in the company. The shares are used as collateral so that when the client defaults payment, the shares would be used to pay back the loan. With its current management style, the company is rapidly rising in popularity.

Who benefits from the company?

The company has a large customer base today. It has given over $1 billion in loans to individual shareholders. Their loans are issued based on the level of trust and amounts of shares that the individuals have. Big financial institutions have benefited too from these operations. Companies that are in need of loans for their expansion and improvement of their operations have received loans on different terms. The smaller companies that are struggling to find a place in the market have equally received some boost from Equity First Holdings.,34.htm for more.

New York Shared Office Space Offers Many Benefits


One of the biggest drains on the resources of many companies is the cost of paying for office space each month. Nowadays a growing number of wise business executives have found a way to lower this fixed cost. It’s called shared office space, co-working spaces or collaborative space. The companies that use this type of work arrangement gain quite a few benefits. Some the most important ones are low overhead, access to existing IT infrastructure and the flexibility of short term leases. This arrangement works for new or expanding companies of all sizes.

Shared office space is cost-efficient, convenient and smart. For a fraction of the cost and responsibilities of maintaining a suite of offices you rarely use, you can get all the office space you need. The price includes office furniture, access to business technology and connectivity, great locations and a wonderful working environment. Plus you can lease the space for as long or short as you need it. Many businesses even form lucrative collaborations with the organizations with which they share space. The concept is adaptable to any client’s needs.

Workville NYC is a company which offers shared office space NYC packages that include essential services, a professional, modern aesthetic, IT infrastructure and technical support, sophisticated entrance technology and excellent security. They also offer the flexibility to choose the appropriate hourly, daily or monthly package for your needs as they change. Their shared workspaces are conveniently located near major transportation hubs in Times Square and Bryant Park. The environment is inspiring, friendly and professional.

They offer move-in ready offices with access to private meeting spaces, desks, cafés, lounge areas and terraces. Tenants share space with talented start-ups as well as high-quality small businesses in a culture of success. Their locations offer all the amenities a business needs. They include central locations, fast internet, mail service, 24 hour access, private phones, daily cleaning, all the technology you need and much more. Plus you can name your own price and build your own package. You can choose simply a dedicated desk or rent a private office.

Using one of Workville NYC’s co-working spaces is the best moves many businesses can make. It can dramatically lower their overhead while providing them with everything they need to help their businesses to run smoothly and grow. If you want to experience the affordable future of modern business look into getting a shared office space.