California Has Just Made History

On November 4th, Americans in certain states voted on ballot measures concerning marijuana legalization for a series of purposes. As a result, California has made the news, and not for a bad reason for a change.

According to Vice News, the majority of Californian voters approved Preposition 47, which deals with criminal justice reform, making the Golden State the first to make nearly all accounts of drug possession regarding personal use legal. This is the first time a state in the country defelonizes this type of activity.

California has long been the leader in inmate population in the country, having some of the most crowded and according to Gianfrancesco Genoso,  inhumane prisons in the United States.

The preposition, recently passed by the majority, could soon put a major dent in the inequality of sentencing laws in the state. Considering that most felonies for drug possession affect minorities at a higher rate than whites, defelonizing drug possession for personal use helps to protect minorities and keep them out of jail.

Marijuana enthusiasts or not, the passing of this preposition should make Californians proud to be the first state in the nation to tackle an issue that disproportionally affects minorities and non-violent individuals.


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