BRL Trust, Brazil’s Leading Investment Company

Founded in 2005, BRL Trust has quickly expanded to become the largest investment funds manager in Brazil. The company has its headquarter in Sao Paulo, the center of Brazil’s financial markets and also a major financial hub in the world. The meteoric rise of BRL trust can be traced to its original founders, who were some of the most brilliant financial experts in Brazil at the time. Mauricio Ribeiro and Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes co-founded BRL Trust together. Both men were highly respected in the field of finance, banking and investing in their home country of Brazil. They both previously worked for some of Brazil’s top financial firms such as Ernst & Young and Pentágono. Check out BRL Trust on LinkedIn.

The rapid rise of BRL Trust from a company offering loans to businesses in Brazil to an investment company involved in global operations can be explained by several of BRL trust’s policies and the ever increasing demand for such services in Brazil and abroad. In its first year the company only loaned money to businesses in need of credit for operations. BRL trusts first customers soon saw that they working with a highly credible, efficient and skilled group of managers. They quickly asked for additional services from BRL Trust and the rapid expansion begins from there.

Seeing a huge demand for additional services from the firm, Mauricio Ribeiro and Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes decided to expand the firms operations and offer an expanded suite of services. They brought it Rodrigo Cavalcante, a highly esteemed lawyer and accountant from one of Brazil’s major banks to help with new services at BRL trust such as fiduciary services and funds custody. BRL Trust’s fiduciary services remain one of its most popular and lucrative financial services that it offers. Clients of fiduciary services relinquish legal control of loan collection and management to BRL trust. Funds custody clients can select from custodial services or controlling services or both. Custodial services offered by BRL trust feature include clearing assets with banks and regulatory agencies, handling settlements with clients and other businesses, managing dividend payments to share holders of a company and being in charge of securities lending for companies. Some of the controlling funds custody services BRL Trust offerse is tax services and payments, share pricing, the creation of customized financial reports on profitability and ensuring compliance with financial laws and regulations.

BRL Trust also offers many of the services that traditional investment banks offer with an added edge. The company is noteworthy for its highly transparent business practices for both investors, debtors and managing partners. This is why the company has become a leading investment firm in country of Brazil. BRL Trust offers both asset management and asset underwriting services with complete transparency and with some of Brazil’s best financial managers at the helm.

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