Brad Reifler’s Investment Plan For The 99 Percent

According to a press release on Reuters, Brad Reifler has come up with an investment fund for 99 Percenters. He believes that Forefront Income Trust will help close the economic gap. Forefront income Trust is different from other investment plans in that it caters to non-accredited investors. The goal of the investment plan is to increase the savings of forty-four percent of middle class people with little risk. Reifler began developing a public fund when he found out that most investment options for 99 percenters were scarce as a majority of options are only for accredited investors.

Reifler feels that the 99 percent are overlooked because a majority of the investment world only caters to 1 percenters. Reifler feels that such an opinion is wrong. Reifler created the Forefront Investment Trust as a viable option for the middle class. It offers the middle class an oppurtunity to invest at least a minimum of $2,500. Although they are higher risk, Forefront Income Trust makes it so investers don’t have to worry about risk. Unlike Wall Street, Reifler looks out for the middle class instead of favoring accredited investors. He says that his company doesn’t make money until clients make money.

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