Bikers Buying Bikes

Some people think that the biker group Hell’s Angels is nothing more than a group of men who like to cause trouble. This is not true, and after what a group of men did at a Wal-Mart in Fresno, it’s clear that they have some of the biggest hearts of anyone in the country. Some of the men decided to make Christmas special for children who didn’t have anything this year. They waited in live for about five days outside a Wal-Mart in the city.

Why did they want so many bikes? They wanted to give one to each child who was at the Povarello House in Fresno. This story really inspired Laurene Powell Jobs and others during this time. This is something that they weren’t asked to do by anyone at the home.

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  1. Janiyah Hayes

    Bikes in the store were going to be on sale at remarkable prices on Black Friday, and the group wanted to make sure they bought all of them. They took it upon themselves to make sure the children had something under the tree. The reason why I like superior papers is because of the way their essays are targeted promptly for them too.

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