Betsy DeVos Develops A New Way Of Educating Students In The U.S.

As an educator, I have always been interested in making sure I was aware of the latest developments in the educational options available to reform the public school system in the U.S. Betsy DeVos has become an individual I have admired for the last few years after I, myself, became concerned the public school system in America was in need of reform and was not providing the best possible educational environment for students in mainstream schools; I have slowly become a fan of Betsy DeVos before she arrived at the U.S. Department of Education in 2017 as the choice of President Donald J. Trump as the Education Secretary.Secretary DeVos has impressed me with her dedication to the development of a new way of creating a public school system every U.S. parent can be proud to have their children pass through; each public school district needs to make the decisions that provide the best environment for their students to flourish for the future.

I agree with Betsy DeVos in her view of education is an issue free from party politics as the future of each student and the nation as a whole are at stake in developing the best possible public school system. As a leader in the education reform movement, Betsy DeVos has risen to a position of power that means she can now negotiate with politicians from each end of the political spectrum and have a positive outcome for the good of all students. In my own opinion, the U.S. Secretary of Education needs to be an individual who has a long history of providing success in the public school system, which I believe Secretary DeVos has in her role as an advocate for at-risk students across the Michigan school system.

Mrs. DeVos has spent a long period of time working to develop a new system of education in her native state of Michigan, a cause I believe has developed to become a public school system highlighting the success that can be achieved by looking towards a modern, digital educational culture. There are a number of areas where I agree with Secretary DeVos about the direction the educational landscape is moving in the 21st century, including the development of new digital aspects of education moving students away from being stranded in a traditional classroom that may not provide them with the best possible educational opportunities. I have closely monitored the success achieved by Betsy DeVos in terms of the establishment of new opportunities offered through the West Michigan Aviation Academy charter school that has become a flagship trades based school with an eye of establishing a new industrial sector in the coming decades.


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